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Feedback from Others
I am not a Verge member, nor will I ever be but with the direction Gaia Online has been going lately being a former gaian who splurged $30-50 on RIG Bundles for the fun of story and getting possibly cool items....

It's changed.

It feels like all Gaia cares about now is money, money and money. They don't care about what we say and they don't care about what we even try to do at this point, there's a ridiculous amount of gold being pushed out into the economy now and it's too much for any gold sink to handle now. Gold is becoming worthless, especially since after they apparently made Flynn's Booty's odds lower they release this new chest that guarantees you winning a large sum of gold..

They released it once which was.. fine, but they keep constantly re-releasing it and it's almost like this is their plan to create hyper-inflation and then overcharge pixels in Verge and LV.

It's disgusting, but ever since they started doing this crap I stopped buying GC and will continue to never spend GC on this site again.

Basically, people who don't purchase Gaia Cash are completely screwed at this point. Flynn's Booty/Chest is essentially this; either purchase them and get millions, or get left behind.

That is the business model that Gaia keeps coming back to, also them not seeing a long term effect on inflation is complete BS. Someone has already won 150,000,000 from Flynn's Chest, not to mention a chest (worth $10) will net a person around 4-5 million on average. 4-5 million, per chest, per person. Now multiply that by the amount of people who actively purchase Flynn's Chests that are a member of Club Verge (around 10,000 members) and add the influx of gold also being given off by Flynn's Booty and it paints a completely dismal picture.

We're talking hundreds of billions of gold being pumped into the economy as I type this. Not only that, but does anyone know how long this sale lasts for? Five days. Five days of billions upon billions of gold pushing up the inflation. The sale does not end until 11:59pm on Monday. The damage this will cause on top of the already severely damaged economy shows a clear lack of care.

The amount of gold sinks it'll take to fix this is ridiculous. There's no way the Gaia economy will ever be the same again, and I don't see a way to fix it. I just feel incredibly sorry for those who don't have the ability to purchase GC and have no option but to see their quests become completely unreachable.

I've been here since 2003 although this is my 2004 account (I was young and stupid, lost my 2003 account ages ago) and Gaia has taken a turn for the worst. Back when I started I quit Neopets because it became too much about the cash and nothing to do with the community.

Now I'm considering leaving Gaia too and moving to Subeta because I cannot stand idly by and watch this website crash and burn. I'll try and go down with the ship, but right now the lifeboats are looking very tempting.

Gaia used to be about the community, now it's about the cash.

"Getting annoyed with the lack of items for Alchemy? Just BUY your way to the top. Want lots and lots of gold? here, now you can BUY your way into the millions. Didn't manage to get that monthly collectible that we said we would NEVER rerelease? Well we lied, just BUY one! It's only $50! It's ok you don't need to eat or pay your rent!"

I'm sick of this attitude. OCCUPY GAIA ALL THE WAY

Aperture Sentry Turret
I realize that Gaia needs money to stay afloat like every other large site on the internet. And I personally had no issues in the past with donating my money to Gaia when I could spare money, or when I simply felt like it. But I refuse to spend a cent on this site forever more.

I will admit that I bought Gaia Cash in August, for the CI bundle. I wanted to test the "improved odd" which ended up being total bullshit. And for shits and giggles, I spent the $5 to get those 25 Flynn's Booty just so I could laugh at how much gold I made. And I feel ashamed for it. I am disgusted with myself for spending money on this bullshit.

But enough is enough, and I am officially calling it quits. Gaia is no longer a site deserving of my money. I will invest elsewhere, where my money is better put to use, where I am treated like a valuable member and not a cash cow. Gaia has made it clear that they do not care anymore what makes the users happy. As long as even a small fraction of the users are willing to pay their ridiculous prices, they will continue to do what they are doing. The rest of us no longer matter. They learn nothing from their mistakes, and they care naught for our feedback.

A company that will not listen to my complaints or hear my suggestions is unworthy of my money or even my presence. I do not support Gaia re-releasing MCs into the cash shop for nearly $1000. I do not support them allowing people an easy work-around to get the Alchemy Back wings. Those back wings were meant to require time and effort to obtain, not bought out the easy way. I also dislike how they have chosen to re-release Agape for $25 and the -originally- charity items for higher prices just to make a quick buck. Those charity items originally were meant for a good cause. Re-releasing them without giving the proceeds to charity is greedy and rude.

I hate that Gaia released Flynn's Booty the first time, let alone that they keep bringing it back. And it is not like I do not see what they are trying to do. And it will not work. The more they inflate the items, thus making gold useless so that users will turn to cash, I will push myself further and further away from Gaia Cash entirely in my own silent protest. I will continue to earn my items with gold, and gold alone, even if it takes me years to do it (or I quit because I have had enough of this site and the bullshit of the people running it).

As someone pointed out, Gaia could be making more money if they had chosen to keep releasing items at smaller prices more affordable to everyone. Sure, they might be raking in hundreds of dollars with one purchase, but from how many people? They are being so stupid about their methods of obtaining cash right now that I cannot even seriously view them as a legitimate business. And this new CEO is supposed to specialize in bringing in revenue? What a laugh. The only thing he specializes in is shitting all over everything that once had value and pissing people off. And the community continues to grow more and more divided every day with these issues. It was bad enough when users were calling others names over the Verge outrage, but the survey caused an even bigger rift, and I saw users saying things that were completely sickening.

If this continues to keep up the pace it is going, and things continue to grow worse and worse, I may have no choice but to leave for good. My absence may go unnoticed, but at least I will know that I am one less person putting up with Gaia's bullshit. I cannot turn a blind eye and pretend like nothing has changed, or pretend that Gaia is doing nothing wrong. I will not "stfu" if I do not like what is going on, and I will not "gtfo" just because someone feels threatened that I have complaints about this site. Nothing will get done if everyone bites their tongue. Nothing.

Things need to change, and whatever it takes for that change to happen needs to be done.
If it means shutting Gaia completely out of my life, not just my wallet, so be it.
This user has had enough.

While I won't sign, I will say this:

As a member of Gaia for about ten-ish years, practically since I had access to the internet, the site's become gradually more and more about money and avatars and less and less about community and events. I remember my distaste most of all when the awesome events of old were replaced with chance items. I remember when getting a PM from an NPC was a huge goddamn deal and not adverts! Hell, I remember when NPCs posted in forums and story events happened in the headers / forums themselves.

Not to sound like a grouchy old man, but what happened to community events that changed the site and the plot? Do you guys remember the insanity that was the tower of Gambino? Those AWESOME events that made you feel included?

I mean

Who even uses or looks at the world map anymore?

Rubai Sora
I have been a loyal user of Gaia since March of 2004. I remember saving $5 of my lunch money in high school for a Donation Letter because Gaia was worth it. I have only taken one hiatus from Gaia my whole time being a member and that was for personal reasons. So, I have seen Gaia evolve into what it is today. And I must say, it's not pretty.

Back when Gaia Cash was introduced, people were a little upset that some cool items were only available using Cash unless you went to the MP. But Gaia was still worth it! The items were cool and there were few updates for Cash items. It was a novel idea that didn't put a dent in our wallets.

Now? Well, I hate to say it but it seems that the higher ups want us to pay real money to get gold. With the Flynn's Booty coming again, there will be so much inflation. I had already put my quest on hold so I could start saving up for my traditional Anon gifts for December, yet I have doubts if I will do this because of the inflation Gaia has caused. If they really wanted to help combat inflation, they would re-release more items and not more Flynn's Booty. They have been doing this, but not to the extent that they pump more gold into the system. Not to mention having us to pay real money to get a chance to get gold in Smashblocks? That's just wrong.

Keep this up Gaia, and you are going to lose a loyal user. I hate to do that as this site has gotten me through some tough times because of the friends I have made here. And the year started off so well because it seemed you were actually listening to users. Now you gone and did this.

Ball is in your court, Gaia. What are you going to do?

I just spent 20$ to support Gaia, as with this release of flynn's booty that is bringing out 25million or more a pop I am deciding to just call it a end. I am hanging up my hat, and believing it is best I leave Gaia. Sad it had to end like this, as now I just believe it isn't worth it anymore. I won't be spending anymore cash, ever again. I'm holding on very weakly to staying with Gaia. But with this chest it seems pointless now, my horns are now 22mill... my face is 14million. I don't care if I am rich or whatever I am, I am thinking about the new users. Who have to save up for this s**t, if I joined this site, and saw items priced so high. I think I would just log in and soon never log in again. It seems pointless, I guess I joined before the hump. If Gaia is as it is now years ago, I don't believe I would even be active and a member. Coming from a poorer family, I don't have the money to buy
Gaia cash. I remember when my mom agreed in buying me a 10$ cash card when I was 14, I was so happy. I bought a evolving item and held on to it! I believe I still have it, yet it seems pointless. 10$ is nothing now on Gaia. Even today I have worked for all the money I have, and now I believe 20$ is nothing it is still something to me and my family. Not everyone comes from a rich, and decent income family... The users who have less money, won't be staying for the long run is what I believe. IF it feels like you have to spend real money, to get somewhere on the site. Item's are skyrocketing, gold is becoming less and less valued everyday. I don't care if anyone reads this, it's just my thoughts. Sadly, I don't believe I want to be apart of Gaia anymore is what I am feeling. What is the use when you can quickly earn 5- 1000mill using just 10$? That verge crap is bullcrap, if you spend 50$ you get a bundle of the chests. So if you get 5mill from each chest you have easily just made 30mill. Gold has no value anymore, I just don't see the point anymore.

So, I don't have a long rant or moving speech, but I have already decided to not buy any more GC until I feel like it's going to fund a reputable, reasonable, understanding, and caring site. I had not spent any GC before these past couple months, and I came here in 07, mainly because I didn't feel like I needed it to have a good time here.

But in these past couple months, I've definitely felt alienated because all the rich gaians were becoming incredibly rich, and me, a middle class gaian, was becoming poor. So I bought a RIG, and got some not-so-nice items, and I bought a Flynn's Booty Bundle the second time it came out, then I also got the $5 GC for 25 Flynn's Booties when that came out. And in that time frame, the sales were increasing ten fold, (and the old sales would sometimes get on people's nerves, but these sales drove people to quit) and everything got out of hand.

But what really drove me to decide to not buy any more GC was the fact that they're not listening to us. Sure, some admins comment on our posts in ATA, but then they go back on what they've told us. We've been stating quite plainly for a very long time now that we want the sales to stop, and we're okay with GC, but we don't want Gaia pushing and shoving and trying everything they can to force us into buying it. Making a few mistakes is fine, natural, and to be expected (I mean, who remembers the smoking ban a few years ago?) but when you refuse to listen to reason and resolve those issues, then that's going too far.

I am still considered "new" eventhough i joined in 2010 and went on hiatus in the same year. Returned in mid 2012, so a total of 1 year in gaia.

Not long and involved enough to actually say anything other haven't said already.

I who hasn't involved much felt the effect of all this flash sales and flynn's booty through the rise of marketplace. it's getting harder and harder to get the item i wanted. normally i would gather gold eventhough it's slow to get by. nerfed booty grab, removal of HoC, the recent unappealing smashblox that give no gold unless you paid. I don't get it why would you make it harder for us students and kids who has no work or job to enjoy this site. Look at your community Gaia, look at chatterbox full of thread about sex. is this what you wanted this site to become? look at artificial inflater case, user who take advantage of your action and worsen it. When all the sensible and good Gaian left, people tired of only buying and buying more item to pretty themselves up.

I care about this site, i don't want it to die out. The number of people writing feedback is prove that we are trying to help this site, telling you what's wrong and how we feel.

I do buy GC every month as support for MC or occasional EI/REI. But i no longer buy any since the last time. I am tired to buy items, to dress up my avatar. when most item is getting harder to get. i thought, what's the point of questing when what i quested for go double and double again the price. out of my reach. enough is enough, i have life which is more important than buying pixel and sitting in front of computer to get fake gold.

The rerelease of flynn's booty show the CEO doesn't listen to our plea and is destroying us. That is how i see it. That's not it? if this is what you say, then explain to us why? show some care with action,not just word and don't go back on that.

I saw some thread from happy gaia about this sales and flynn's booty. but that's for those with real money to blow and burn. they don't know the effect of that to the community or simply don't care. we who care will protest because of our concern to gaia's community and continuation.

Oh, i do understand Gaia need money, they need profit. but there is better way than this. Definitely not angering your community. What is your selling point Gaia? what makes you unique than other out there? Why we want to stay? the caring community, the developer and staff that actually come out and join in to talk with us. That is what will make Gaia succesful.

Now it's full of anger,of gaia /appearing/ as greedy and only care to milk us dry.

I came back to the site in 07 after I came home from surviving a brutal car accident and spending two months in the hospital.

This place provided the catharsis and escape that I needed. I had met a lot of awesome people at the time. Many of whom are now gone for their various reasons.

The only reason I log on anymore is because it is something to do. The love and thrill I got out of exploring Gaia and meeting new people is gone now. I just log on to talk to the people I know who are still left and that number is dwindling.

When I came back I spent as much as I could on monthly letters. I wanted the gold and I liked the idea of it. Something special to show that you supported the site. Plus the gold wasn't bad. I spent more than I should have. Especially when the cash shop first showed up. It was advertised as something that you could buy items from with the change you found in your couch. I remember the uproar that people had when the first 10 dollar EI came out. People were livid but we were mollified and let it go.

Each time there was an uproar everyone talked about how we needed to support the site. That if we didn't like it we didn't have to buy into it. The cash shop has now come to dominate everything about Gaia. It isn't about the community, it isn't about the monthly letters (which anymore I forget they exist until they are revealed on the 15th), and it isn't about the events. It's about the cash shop.

When we complained about the rate of updates initially it was the same song and dance as when complaints were filed about the growing cost of items. I sadly admit I was part of the group that fed the monster in its early stages. I have come to regret every dollar that I have spent on Gaia. I gain no joy from seeing the site flourish because it doesn't. The site has become stale and stagnant. There are so many things that need to be addressed and fixed. Frankly I am tired of being told that I am over-reacting to all of these things. I am tired of all of these things not being fixed while they continue to crank out all of these items and cash based things.

I used to spend my money on Gaia because it made me feel welcome and gave me an internet home. I used to spend money on Gaia because features were being fixed and fun and new interesting things were being produced. Now. All my money is doing is supporting the cash shop. I can't support it anymore.

I have quit questing and closed my quest thread. I opened that thread back in 2008. I can't keep up with this. I am liquidating my inventory and I don't know what I am going to do once the final nail hits and Gaia bores me. I hope to see a glimmer of hope between that point and now. I do not expect to see it. I am saddened things have come to this point and I know not enough people will slow down to stop it. I can still hope. I hope you change for the better Gaia though I know you will break my heart again. I miss what this site was but I won't miss it when it finally drives me away.

Know this. Gaia you only have yourselves to blame if this all comes crashing down around your ears. Yes we the users are partly to blame but that doesn't mean that you had to go down the path that you did.

I am Guilty as charged of spending money on gaia, Guilty as charged being part of Verge BUT Its my hobby....Its not a thing I MUST HAVE I will have it when I desire it to be mine.

THO Let me make things so clear all of you will agree.

- Gaia has been grabbing for our wallets with flash sales more and more now devaluing their own rare products making things worth nothing after they are bought with GC.

- They promised us nothing would change in the MP and now prices have doubled tripled and even quadrupled for some items and mainly ALCHEMY! Its taking a massive s**t on those things as now buying caches is near on impossible. It makes Alchemy a job for the elite rich ruling out the people that just started and this is UNFAIR!! This Equality has gone down the drain faster than my wee down a blocked toilet in a restroom XD

- To my fellow Vergians: Where we not promised gaian avatar art from an artist of our choice if we spent 150$ in August? Have some not spent that just for that chance? Have we not been promised discounts and items native to Verge only in those words? WHERE ARE THEY!! Where are the loyalty rewards for those that do spend their life on gaia cash and DO want to be rewarded for this hardship? If anything dear gaia we and ME keep you alive in a way cause we spend. Cant we be a little more respected? This is from my Verge point of view.

- Recolors of old items ergo Purple devil tail golden DJ studio headphones and pastel pink angelic scarves. OK GAIA if you need a gold sink Dernier Cri is perfect! STILL to make those sacred items into a recolored commodity I am shocked! (( Good for you if you have em tho <3 ))

- Flynns a** and rack =3= Gaia really gaia? You shitting on my head right now and asking me to love u after you did poopoo on my face?! NO MORE FLYNNS BUTT AND BOOBS PLEASE!! Kiro wants gaia back to the stages it was before all this inflation....People are questing people are wishing for items people are crying cause what USED to be free now isnt....If people wanna live gaia as free they have to either draw art to gain gold. Be able to make something to trade for gold services like making profiles OR simply be lucky!!! This is UNFAIR once more its making new people not wanna stay and old people are leaving.

Gaia is a place I met the guy I am falling for hard, I made life long friends here....I even made a well flowing RP thread that would love more gaians to join in and I always came here for my peace and offtime.

BUT now its caused me stress, I want all the pretty items but like hell will I pay 150$ for em and then in the MP they are worth crap...Or they shoot up to 60Mill overnight cause people are greedier now than ever.

Greed reaps greed gaia...Please think about this before becoming the company in the bad papers for costing to much.

that same 150$ on IMVU is like a fortune and you can last for MONTHS with that...Be more like that gaia....revert to what you was when we built u up and made u glow this way.....Have we created a monster spending our money?

I love you gaia...but dont break my heart any further...

Hey guys I just want to leave this for anyone to read.
It's something Gaia should really learn and take heart.
Quotes from the awesome Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezo:

"If there’s one reason we have done better than of our peers in the Internet space over the last six years, it is because we have focused like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter, I think, in any business. It certainly matters online, where word of mouth is so very, very powerful."

"If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."

"We have so many customers who treat us so well, and we have the right kind of culture that obsesses over the customer."

"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better."

"We watch our competitors, learn from them, see the things that they were doing for customers and copy those things as much as we can."

"You have to use your judgment. In cases like that, we say, ‘Let’s be simpleminded. We know this is a feature that’s good for customers. Let’s do it.’"

"I love people counting on me, and so, you know, today it’s so easy to be motivated, because we have millions of customers counting on us at Amazon.com. That’s fun."

"You can do the math 15 different ways, and every time the math tells you that you shouldn’t lower prices because you’re going to make less money. That’s undoubtedly true in the current quarter, in the current year. But it’s probably not true over a 10-year period, when the benefit is going to increase the frequency with which your customers shop with you, the fraction of their purchases they do with you as opposed to other places. Their overall satisfaction is going to go up."

"You know, if you make a customer unhappy they won't tell five friends, they'll tell 5,000 friends. So we are at a point now where we have all of the things we need to build an important and lasting company, and if we don't, it will be shame on us."

"If you think about the long term then you can really make good life decisions that you won’t regret later."

Source: HERE

You can be a successful business but at the same time be both cheap and efficient.
Because right now...Gaia is everything but.

Careful Knives
I registered back in 2006. I'm a foreginer so back then I couldn't even afford paying for MC items, had to save gold from posts and poll voting to buy an MC. For example it took me and two of my friends to save 20k to buy my sister a Gwee dragon for her birthday.
I have never obtained Gaia Cash by using real money, the only way for me to get is is to complete some of the offers- like watching a free video. To say it simply I'd be loosing money by changing my own currency into U.S dollars to obtain Gaia Cash and in the end paying more than a person from the U.S and I refuse to do so just because I'm not American.
The existence of Gaia Cash pains me because it's a constant reminder that I'm poor and less valuable user than U.S citizen with a credit card.
Another example - every time I try to save gold for buying item on a Marketplace it gets insanely expensive in a matter of days, sometimes hours. Dazzling Platinum Halo was at 3 millions yesterday. Today it's 5 millions and I'm sure nex week the price will be twice as high. It's impossible to earn such amount of gold without buying items for Gaia Cash and selling them for the highest price. You cannot win with the Gaians who use real money and the difference between those who can do that and those who cannot is vast.

Just this past week I got fed up (yet again--bad year) and started looking for another online home. I joined 2 sites and had a good look around and gave each of them a fighting chance. I met LOADS of fellow Gaians who were doing the exact same thing I was.

But there's one little problem: these sites are NOT Gaia in any way, shape or form. They (like so many others out there) stick to the same tired and boring way of making site currency and that is by (yawn) posting in forums. Over and over and over again.
I personally am uncomfortable with posting in forums and I love the fact that Gaia has so many different ways to earn your gold here.

I have made up my mind once and for all to stick it out and stay with Gaia to the very end. This is my home and I'm going to fight hard to see it returned to the Gaia I fell in love with years ago.
If this is not possible and Gaia sinks, I sink with it--no other site compares and BELIEVE ME I have really shopped around this past year!

Gaia, you'll get no irl money from me until you show us users you care about putting our happiness first. Listen to what the majority says and then carry it out respectfully--it really is that simple.

Virtual Victrola
When I joined in 2004, a friend introduced me to the site and I was like this is cute.
I never once thought about money.
I was a kid, so why did I have to?
I used to roleplay on the 4kids forums.
(Oh God why?)
When they shut down and reset, everything was pretty much lost for me.
So I remembered Gaia.
And I came in for real in 2007.
And I was so excited.
It was a fresh start.
The avatars and the community were better.
Everyone was a little more mature.
I started roleplaying in Barton.
My first RP was 300 pages and went to 2009.
I then started a new roleplay that has been slowly trotting forward ever since.

I made friends on Gaia.
Real friends.
I started to get interested in the avatars.
I liked the art.
I thought that the Cash Shop was interesting when it was introduced.
Ten dollars to get really cool items! A bunch of them!
I actually asked for Cash Cards so I could have my Gaia and my little sister could have her Club Penguin.
I snickered at how the latter practically needed a membership card.

But that's kind of what Gaia has become.
I used to buy a card to use some money,
but now I have much better things to spend it on.

Recently, I was so excited to crack a million gold.
Then it felt hollow.
I thought there'd be so much I could get with it.
But it's like I'm sitting on feathers, looking up at a huge sky.
Everything is still beyond my reach.

Sainte Ciels were one of the last things I bought.
And they both sky rocketed.
When Redemption came out I was so excited.
And now I can't even get it because of the ridiculous inflation.

I introduced friends here recently and they thought I had a lot of gold.
I laughed.

What is a lot of gold these days?
Real money?
I still love Gaia.
But now all I see are complaints instead of interest in the story.

b u n n y - l i o r e
I've been a member of this site nearly since the beginning, when it was first created (if anyone remembers the Go Gaia days...you have a special place in my heart).
However, I've gotten to see it go down the drain first hand. The only thing that keeps me coming back are the few good friends I've made on here & having an outlet for my creative writing. Otherwise, feh.

I personally had no issue with he GC items when first introduced. There were the monthly collectibles which made sense, which aren't expensive, & the first few evolving items. It was fine. However, as a graduate student, I will not spend money on items that are $10 or above since I feel that is...a bit asinine for pixels. That's all it is at the end of the day. Especially since I need that money to, oh, I don't know...eat or get a tank of gas. Yet I'm older, & I understand the worth of a dollar. I feel badly that there are younger kids on the site that perhaps get pandered to with these items, or the allure of club verge, or being an internet millionaire when really...it doesn't matter one single bit. I also have a big problem with those ads for 'free gaia cash.' Some of the offers actually require that you sign up for things, such as a satellite tv package (dish or something of that nature), & I think that it can cause issues for children or young teens who sign up for things without their parent's consent. Let's not all act as if that can't happen, or as if it hasn't, since I'm positive there are parents who see charges for random things on the internet on their credit card & have no earthly idea what Gaia is.

The monthly collectibles have been around for quite some time & are almost something that is rather endearing, something I would say is & was their signature. They shouldn't let go of that. However, these insane bundle packages & things costing upwards of $50 or $100 is just insane. I'm sure there are people who have spent money on it, & that's fine, but let's not make it the central focus. I truly feel as if the gold shops have been sorely neglected. When is the last time there has been a gold shop update that didn't have almost pathetic items for sale? Or a hair shop update? Now all of the hair is within the premium items or evolving items (trust me, I know, since I adore the hair changes but sadly they are not as readily available in the gold shop). I just play bootygrab for the bulk of my gold & will only buy monthly collectibles. I feel as if my $5 month should suffice. With as many users as they have, it obviously adds up, & I think greed has simply entered into the picture. It has become nothing of what it once was. My partner has already left the site since he hated the changes, & I know a lot of loyal people who have been there from the beginning have as well. The inflation is terrible, the focus is on money & not on the user, & I can only hope that they put some stock into what we are saying, if they truly do want our feedback.

Reen Star
I'm done buying Gaia Cash. It's only offers from now on. I've been here since late 2004. Bought Donation Item letters, participated in their events over the years, and watched a few great ideas come and go (Gaia Theaters, and no, not the anime one, the original). I've bought Gaia Cash before here and there, managed to get into Club Verge without trying. But now, there's just too much s**t. They don't care anymore. They've changed or moved on (they being the original creators and any staff that actually cared about their user base). I've moved on back to World of Warcraft. I would NEVER spend over $15 worth of Gaia Cash for ONE item. You people are on something strong. Step back, walk away, and clear your heads and remember what you used to be.

I've been told by a moderator or forum assistant in another thread that if I were to make an item (I want an item with a crap ton of different shoe style poses) that I don't value my imaginary item enough because I said that I would only charge 250 Gaia Cash - 499 Gaia Cash for it. You know what? It's PIXELS that DO NOT MOVE. Mass produced pixels at that. Cheaper it is, the more people can purchase it, the more I make for that mass produced set of pixels. Hell, I'm only paying $15 a month for World of Warcraft pixels that are of MUCH better quality and THEY MOVE!!!! OMGOSH!!!! They move all over! How the HELL are you guys pricing your Verge items the way you are? Ridiculous.

What happened to you, Gaia? You really want to leave this kind of legacy? You had / have the ears of thousands of people, some of us long-term Gaians. People that look / looked up to you and admired you. And you want to take greed over making thousands of people love you? Don't you miss that warm, fuzzy feeling you'd get when your user base fawned over you and all your efforts? I hope you once had that feeling at least. I used to revere you guys. You've been breaking my heart and destroyed something from my childhood from your recent actions. It's like, a little kid FINALLY meeting their hero, just to find out their hero is the exact opposite and cares nothing about those that love them.

Your Kinky Sex Fantasy
TL;DR: I sign and I think instead of CIs, Gaia should re-integrate the store where you could buy Gaia merchandise. Real items for real money, instead of real money for virtual items.

I joined Gaia on January 1, 2005.

Since then I have met friends that I have continued to bond with for years upon years. It's so strange that I've known all of them for so long and yet it feels like we have met, in some weird way.

Gaia used to be so much about the community. Remember the storyline? Remember when Gambino was presumed dead and the whole community actually cared about what happened to the characters on Gaia?
Remember when the arenas meant something? You got your avatar on the front page and everything.

Yes I miss the community being more tight-knit but I don't mind that it has compartmentalized.

I have, for years, been sick to death of the guilds going under. I would be a part of a guild instead of posting in the Chatterbox if the guilds had been updated years ago when they'd been promised an update.
Now nobody goes there so there's really no such thing as an active guild anymore. This sucks for me, because I prefer guilds over forums any day.

The straw that's breaking my back is that I can't do digital art very well and I'm lucky I have a talent (singing) that is good enough for people to donate to me.
Booty Grab doesn't grant enough, and vending is extremely hard to learn and you must dedicate a lot of time to it. That's time I don't have.

I used to like getting on Gaia for the community but now all of the friends I care to talk to I either skype with or text/call.
There's almost no reason for me to get on Gaia anymore other than the fact that I just derp around in the Chatterbox and that's literally it.

I come here out of habit, and frankly there is just no more draw to this site anymore.
I miss the staff talking to the users.
I miss the sense of fun within Gaia.

I was mad enough about Donation Items becoming "Monthly Collectibles."
In fact, once that happened, I'm surprised there wasn't more of an outrage. It cheapened the concept of giving back to the community. That's the instant it went from "fun message boards with games and guilds and avatars" (more like neopets) to "business".

In some ways, Gaia has the hardest type of job - it's a business that is meant to entertain its patrons. It must run the thin line between making budget while still being entertaining and interesting.

Honestly, milking all the items for what they're worth are not the best ways to go about making the site better in general. If you gave me time I could think of a system that might work, but for the most part, asking for donations isn't a bad way to go.
WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GAIA MERCH SHOP?? Yeah does anyone remember that other than me?
That would be a terrific source of income. Users can get real-life items for their real-life money and BOTH ends benefit.

Please, this is a much better idea than Gaia Cash items being pumped out each week. I have always had a problem with buying virtual anything. I have before, but for the most part, I think there are much better things to spend $50 on than something for pixelated avatars.
I would rather spend $50 on a hoodie and T-shirt from Gaia itself.

Links to suggestions: x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Items in green are more popular, reoccurring suggestions.
NOTE: Any and all semi-reasonable suggestions posted in the thread are listed here. These are not demands, just ideas. You don't have to agree with all of them to join the cause. This is just a starting point!

— An explanation from Gaia's upper management as to why so many GC items and offers are being released.
— An apology for not doing something about inflation and constantly expecting us to pay real money.
— We'd like to know where the money we're spending is actually going. Is Gaia in trouble or is this for the sister site?
— If there really are money quotas Gaia needs to meet, we'd like to be aware of this. It would encourage people to help and feel less used.
— More information about the kinds of games and offers being worked on to make sure they're actually things we want.
— Remove the GC option to promote threads and make them gold only as a sink.
— Make items from the Cash Shop and/or Club Verge worth a fair price of gold in Derner Cri or another shop.
— A promise to never release any of the Flynn's Booty or Flynn's Chest items again.
— Focus on a better balance between the quality of gold shop items compared to cash shop ones.
— An increase in the low to mid-priced GC items (under 2,500 GC) instead of so many expensive ones.
— More decent items available in stores in a high gold range, something like 100k to 1 mil.
— A better balance between gold shop updates and cash shop updates.

— Spend a month or so simply releasing Gold Shop items (other than MCs and evolutions of EIs).
— Close down Club Verge and the Cash Shop (other than MCs and current EIs) for a month.
— Get back to releasing more Donation Items.
— Bring user voting back to user-created items so Gaians get things they want put into shops.
— Put better, Cash Shop item-quality hairs and eyes in the salon as a gold sink.
— Try to rouse interest in decorating houses/cars/tanks again. Release new items. Make these features worthwhile.
— Bring community back to the site. An idea would be having the front page focus on NPCs and storylines rather than sales.

— Do not have events revolve around items you need to pay GC for. Remove the battle system for events.
— Implement a graduated tax system in the Marketplace so that more expensive items are taxed more to better improve the gold sink.
— Gain control of inflation by tying it into an event. Look here for a more specific idea.
— Quit re-releasing items and recolors of old, popular items for large amounts of GC. Items to spend real money on should be newer and better. Put recolors into RIGs or gold shops.
— Start clearing out the perma-banned and other dead accounts that Gaia knows for sure will never be used again. It will save space and money (we assume). * We are aware that staff have acknowledged and shot down this idea in the past due to technicalities, but it can't hurt to look again. *
— Implement a system where if users spend a certain amount of real life money, they receive a partial refund when Gaia bans the account for something other than profiting IRL from Gaia or threatening or other intense "crimes."
— Reevaluate the importance of customer loyalty and instill non-GC related rewards for it.
— Chance items should be gold shop items only.
— Close down the MP for a few days so that it can have a chance to reset.
— Put set pricing on certain, if not all, items in the MP.
— Make hoarding of large quantities of premium items a bannable offense. A serious warning system would have to be in place.
— Bring back the Gaia merchandise shop so users can spend their money on real items too, not just virtual ones.
— Be more reserved in the use of words like rare, exclusive, good investment or premium when describing items that are not.
— Create or find people that can do GC offers for everyone internationally instead of for just US users.
— Work on making more events available for everyone on an international level, not just US users.
— If GC is going to continue to be such a large part of what Gaia is, look into making the cash cards available in more places.
— Put all old fish back into Phin Phang.
— Work with more mini-game producers that will pay Gaia to host their games. It will give us more options and help fund the site.
— Add a "friends only" option to the stores in the MP. Look here for more information.
— Add more alchemy recipes to help people level up. Have these recipes require gold shop items only as a mini gold sink.
— Raise Gaian "wages" by upping gold rewards for posting, commenting, playing games, etc. to give gold-only users the advantage they need in the inflated economy.
— Come up with a way to buy GC with gold.
— Offer preventative efforts to avoid financial segregation on this site.
— Give Gaia a Kickstarter. Read more here.
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Sign the Occupy Gaia petition to stop spending real-life money on GC here.


Parents are finally taking a stand against Gaia consumerism. See what they're saying here.

Want to know more statistics about Gaia Online? Take a look here.

Take a look at these fantastic statistics put together by Rizrazzle.
Here's a few sources, although not all of them are complete as I didn't save all the links:

- Venture Beat
- Virtual Piggy
- Yahoo Finance
- Worth Of Web
- Alexa
- Crunchbase
- Wikipedia
- Massively Joystiq
- CBS Interactive
- Gaia Interactive/Gaia Online
- Public Broadcasting Service

“Paying Gaia users generally spend about $30 USD every month to purchase Gaia cash.”
“The world is akin to a fantasy world, offering a richer experience than a typical Facebook game. The average revenue per paying user is about $30 per month. Rivals include IMVU and Habbo.” Teen virtual world Gaia Online lays off 15 to 20 staffers - Venture Beat
“Paying Gaia users generally spend about $30 USD per month to purchase Gaia Cash, which is then used to buy virtual things such as evolving, chance, collectible, and limited edition items.” Gaia Online - Wikipedia

“[…] the agreement with Virtual Piggy inc. This means that 26 million new users are added to the pool of funding!”
“26 million registered members to be exact. They're an anime-themed community with very active and popular forums, in addition to some great games.” Gaia Online Signs With Virtual Piggy - Virtual Piggy
““We wanted a way to allow our younger users to safely purchase Gaia Cash,” said Chris Castagnetto, Director of Sales & Business Development at Gaia Online. “Virtual Piggy was the perfect solution, and allows all of our users access to all aspects of our online experience.”
“We are extremely excited about this agreement with Gaia Online, which brings our technology to 26 million new users,” said Virtual Piggy Founder and CEO Dr. Jo Webber. “Younger gamers want access to virtual currency too and on Gaia Online they’ll now be able to obtain it with their own funds in a safe online environment.”” Virtual Piggy Signs Agreement with Gaia Online - Yahoo Finance

“The old crowd is starting to get fed up and leave-” -
http://traffic.alexa.com/graph?w=660&h=350&o=f&c=1&y=t&b=ffffff&n=666666&r=max&u=gaiaonline.com& - Website Graphs & Charts Alexa Daily Traffic Rank Trend Graph (Max Years), current events and WorthOfWeb.

“What does it cost for Gaia to run a year? About $25 million”
“"We spent $35 million to get started and an average of $25 million on an annual basis to maintain Gaia," said Gaia Online CEO Craig Sherman.” - Gaia Costs 25 Million - Virtual World News
“When you take a look at the casual-focused Gaia Online, you probably don't think that the community-central site has been costing around 25 million each year […]They're reportedly starting to see deals in the higher six figures range.” Gaia Online Costing About 25 Million a Year - Massively Joystiq

“Gaia Online had raised $11 million in a third round of funding to merely complete 'zOmg!'.”
“Gaia Online, a virtual world targeted at teens, on Monday said it has raised $11 million in a series C round of financing from Institutional Venture Partners. The round brings its total financing to more than $32 million. Its previous investors include Benchmark Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and Time Warner. […] Gaia said it will introduce a casual (and free) Flash-based massively multiplayer online game, or MMO, that has been in development since last year.” “Gaia raised a second round of funding from Time Warner in January. The amount wasn’t disclosed.”
Gaia Online raises 11 million to finance massively multiplayer online game - Venture Beat
Teen virtual world Gaia Online raises $11 million - CBS Interactive Inc. News

“Quests on Gaia are now dedicated to profitable promotional purposes. Granting items related to sponsors.”
“Craig Sherman, CEO of teen virtual world Gaia Online. said they were very careful about inviting the right companies into the community to interact with residents — and that strategy paid off when they did the right promotions.“ “We [wanted] sponsors that made the world better,” he said.”
Marketers Grapple with Giving Teens More Control Online - Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)


Send Gaia your direct feedback. Thanks Flux for finding the thread where this can be found.
Hey everyone!

I was directed to this thread so I could provide you with a bit of clarification on the proper email and mailing address to use when sending us messages via these means. We want to make sure you have the correct info:

a) If you want to send us an email to let us know how you are feeling about Gaia, you should send it to usertalk@gaiaonline.com Spamming up personal business emails is not cool, and some of the emails posted before aren't even in use anymore so I imagine it would be doubly frustrating for you if you were to send an email to a defunct address!

b) Also, if you want to mail us a letter, we have a PO box to which you can send your mail. the mailing address is: PO box address is: PO Box 612680, San Jose, CA 95161-2680

Hope this is informative!

A quote from one of the forum assistants on our opening day 9/26/13.
I have directed at least one upper level staff to your thread, but unfortunately the mentality right now is that if Gaians continue to spend as much as they currently are, they really have no reason to change their practices. As is the case with most business models when they think they find something that is successful. If people want change, they will have to speak with their wallets as well. I'm afraid most of the complaints are going to just fall on deaf ears if the current business model continues to be this much of a success.


Can we still do GC offers?
Yes, Gaia needs money to survive, we accept that.
Supporting their advertisers by watching videos and such is something we all should be willing to do.

But you shouldn't do any ads or GC offers at all if you want to be real.
Well that's just not true, unless you think we all want Gaia to die in a fire.
Gaia SHOULD be funded and supported by it's advertisers NOT by bleeding us dry.
You can't depend on your consumers to foot the bill when you mess up, so you should keep a steady income.
If we continue to look at ads and do the offers, it's a way of telling Gaia, "Look, this is a form of funding we're OK with. Just don't abuse us."

Well if you still want to spend GC, what's the point?
The point is we're not giving our money to Gaia for it.
Take it from the advertisers but don't expect us to go crazy.

Why do you want to shut Gaia down and have people lose jobs?
We don't want any of those things. We just want change.
The crazy rate of GC items is all for the sister site I'm sure.
Gaia has suffered fine the way it has been up until now.
We just want them to get inflation under control and stop trying to get everyone to spend so much.

In order to support your cause, do I have to take Cash Shop and Club Verge items off my avi?
No, I know I won't be. These are items I worked hard for and I would like to show them off.
We're not saying these things always have and always will be horrible, but Gaia is abusing them right now.

If you're not protesting the Cash Shop and Club Verge specifically, what is it?
Gaia needs to take responsibility.
They said they wouldn't mess with the marketplace, which was good until they ruined it.
Inflation is out of control and non-paying members are concerned they'll start losing the free activities they had.
All we want is reassurance and confirmation from someone higher up that can say, "Yes, we hear you and we're doing something about it," and then actually follow through.

Check out our sister threads here, here and here.
And check out the other links below.

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Thanks Tala Grey and Miyuie!

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User ImageJester Indubitably Says...

          i haven't in 2 years. no sense in starting NOW of all times. .| i sign.
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Jester Jingles
User ImageJester Indubitably Says...

          i haven't in 2 years. no sense in starting NOW of all times. .| i sign.
Excellent. =]
User ImageJester Indubitably Says...

          it's sad that it seems like some of the users in sf have actually resorted to boycotting. that's CRAZY. i can't believe it's just gotten this bad. : if i get banned for signing, oh well. *shrug* i guess that just means moving to a new site, depressingly.
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Don't complain when the site dies.

Those that spend bc are helping keep this site alive.
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I haven't spent a cent since GC was released and I intend to keep it that way, another way to make a statement is to install ad-blocker.
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Jester Jingles
User ImageJester Indubitably Says...

          it's sad that it seems like some of the users in sf have actually resorted to boycotting. that's CRAZY. i can't believe it's just gotten this bad. : if i get banned for signing, oh well. *shrug* i guess that just means moving to a new site, depressingly.
That's how I feel right now. If I get banned for making this thread, then that just proves I'm not worth Gaia's time even though I've sunken years into this site. -shrug-

It's just too much anymore. All anyone even wants to talk about it gold and questing and the Gaian economy anymore. I miss this site when it actually had SOCIAL aspects.
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Don't complain when the site dies.

Those that spend bc are helping keep this site alive.
At this rate, the site deserves to die if you ask me.
This is not the Gaia I signed up to be a part of years ago.
This is an out of control, money-hungry piece of crap that doesn't care about the people who can't afford to drop real money on this site.
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I haven't spent a cent since GC was released and I intend to keep it that way, another way to make a statement is to install ad-blocker.
So should I add you to the list? emotion_awesome
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from love to pain
I haven't spent a cent since GC was released and I intend to keep it that way, another way to make a statement is to install ad-blocker.
So should I add you to the list? emotion_awesome
If you wish, I am a proud cheapskate since 2003. mrgreen
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from love to pain
I haven't spent a cent since GC was released and I intend to keep it that way, another way to make a statement is to install ad-blocker.
So should I add you to the list? emotion_awesome
If you wish, I am a proud cheapskate since 2003. mrgreen
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i close my wallet long ago, just want to see how it ends ~_~ "..."
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You realize you're appropriating the Occupy movement for something ridiculous. You're basically comparing the social and economic inequality that severely impacts a great number of people in society to "wah they keep releasing items on this website for cash prices and it angers me".
User ImageJester Indubitably Says...

          if gaia does shut down because we protested the way they're handling themselves, then that's just what happens. in the end, it's because we care, obviously, or we wouldn't bother to say something in the first place. they need money, yes, but they do NOT need to destroy the mp in the meantime. it's like they're trapping us into having to use gc because the mp is just so ******** up, there's no chance of ever affording anything.

          if they shut down, i'd be sad. but i'd move on and find somewhere else to hang out in the end, and gaia itself would be a standing example of what happens when greed grips a company.

from love to pain

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