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It's not super important, but it's kind of annoying when I'm roaming the forums, find something (e.i. Pink Link, Treasure Chest), and when I click on it, there's no "Back To Where You Were" button. Sometimes, I lose the thread I was in when that happens. It would be nice to have a back button n.n

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I actually have to agree on this one.

It tends to become annoying when you are "lurking" in the middle of thread pages and then all of a sudden the boxes just POPS right in. >_<

Sure there is a back page, but even when you do that, it drives you up the wall when the "ghost" boxes are still flying around in your view.

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I always hate it when you have to go to an extra page to "claim" our pizes and then have to backtrack to our previous page through internet browser back pages.

>>; They really should have done the: "Claimed your prize. Back to where you started?" back button automatically. /sigh
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Didn't there used to be a back button? I remember there being one awhile back, but yeah this does get annoying. I don't get them often but when I do I'm usually in the middle of reading a thread. sweatdrop

I agree there should be a back to page button.
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It's annoying so I have to right click the OMG event and open it on another tab so I won't lose my place.
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This would be a really neat feature and one that I think a lot of people would use if we had one.
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User Imagei found a way around that. when you actually click the box, and it says claim your gift, click the middle mouse wheel into a new window, and x out of the current box. then in the new window you can still claim it and not lose your spot.

but yes, i figured a back to what you were doing button would be pretty obvious. D:
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I just use the back browser function to get back. But I do agree there should be a function to take us back to wherever we were, it's odd that it doesn't already exist.

It's been suggested before and I have always been inclined to agree with it. I'd love to see it happen.

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I would love for there to be a back to where you were button for the random events ( pink links, boxes, fat cat) it would be very helpful.
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I use the back button to go back as well.
But I wouldn't mind a button where you could go back to where you were.
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Fully agree. It's not a huge annoyance, but it's an annoyance none-the-less
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It is especially obnoxious when you are mobile... my history on my phone only selects a few pages here and there when I'm browsing, so going through my history to find the thread I was on is usually impossible... a back button would make it so much easier.
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Renkon Root supports this suggestion.
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This, please. I'm getting random events much more frequently now and it's annoying that there's only a "go to your inventory" link.
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I still support this idea, especially because it has popped up so often.

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