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where were you watching the video (i.e., main cash tree page, offers page, whatnot)
I click on the cash tree, and it took me to the following URL.

where you're located in the world + timezone
Sacramento, California [Pacific Time Zone]

your browser
Google Chrome 15.0.874.121 m

However I have found that this is not browser specific. After finding myself not being awarded cash at all, I checked both of my mule accounts using different browsers and got the same thing... no cash. I can verify that it also occurred with:

Firefox 8.0
Internet Explorer 9.0.8112,16421

the time of day that you watched the video
Early morning. Between 7 and 8 am.

Additional Info
I decided to check the Cash Tree again just now [about 12noon] using Google Chrome. I currently get the error "Daily offer limit reached. Try again tomorrow!" even though I have not been awarded any cash to this account. The page is keeping track of how many times you go to it even though it is not necessarily awarding the cash for visiting.

So I decided to check it with my mules again. It was working this time in both Firefox and Internet Explorer of the above mentioned versions [again about 12noon]. However I found that there is also currently a video in the cash tree worth 3 cash that is producing the error "Sorry, but this offer is currently unavailable." After completing only 4 offers using my mule to test out the Cash Tree, this is the only offer that comes up such that the daily limit of ten offers cannot be achieved.
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Says general error I reached daily limit. From Hungary. GMT +1. Oh and on Google Chrome. Time I've tried: 8-8:30PM approx.
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Ok, I'm not going to edit my previous post, because this time I actually didn't get my GC for completing an offer.

It's the last one on my list, Install Free Ride Games. I did. Selected a game, it installed and started up. I didn't really feel like playing it right at that moment, so I closed it for now. But it is indeed installed, and yet, it doesn't seem to have registered here that' I've put this software onto my computer.

Firefox 8.something
Central Time - 2:05pm

And the 3GC unavailable offer is still the only thing that shows for me if I click on the Tree to get to the offers. I still have to manually direct myself to the videos to get anywhere.
- where were you watching the video (i.e., main cash tree page, offers page, whatnot)
- where you're located in the world + timezone
- your browser
- the time of day that you watched the video

most of the time when i click on the little cash tree, it opens a little window, but today it took me to the main page, but never the less its always the same "Watch video for free cash" and its just a blank grey square, with no video for me to watch. Been like this for a month or so.

I live in Newfoundland, -3.30 GMT

I use firefox only.

I watch the video in the morning, afternoon or evening. I don't keep track, but I am on mostly every day.
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When i click it. it says daily offer limit reached, and i havent clicked it at all today.
It doesnt open in a new window. it opens in the same one.

~Internet browser ~Google chrome
From Canada
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I clicked the cash tree many times and watched all the videos all the way through, but I was not awarded any gaia cash. Here is some more information:

Where I was watching the video:
Several different locations, including the home page and my gaia. I do not remember the other locations.

Time Zone:
GMT-05:00pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Time of day:
Between 8:30 and 9:30 am this morning.

I hope you can find the glitch! Good luck!
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When I click on the Cash Tree, it sends me to the Cash Tree Offers page telling me "Daily offer limit reached" instead of opening a new window with an ad and giving me the cash.
I'm using IE 8 and live in Germany.
It happened today at 9 pm but I've had the same problem before at all other times.
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-Main Cash Tree page
-California, Pacific Time Zone
-watched Gambit's Gamewrangler but it didnt give me the GC
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I'm Canadian.

Soooo....Blue Noodle isn't available for me anymore?
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When I click the cash tree, it just says "Daily offer limit reached. Try again tomorrow!", even thought I haven't gotten any cash from it today. I'm in Finland and use Firefox 8.0.
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I live in Eastern Canada, and when I pressed the cash tree and was taken to the page it said "Daily offer limit reached. Try again tomorrow!" Even though I didn`t use it today...
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- Cash Tree
- Lithuania, Europe
- Mozilla Firefox 7..or so
- about 5 hours ago and now
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this is what it says wen i click to view the videos
Complete these offers and earn Gcash!
We are currently out of videos. Check back soon!
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Not paying out
I clicked the cash tree and it went to its new page. It said I could earn 2 gcash if I watched the video below. I clicked play and watched the video. When the video stopped playing, I waited for a bit and nothing happened so I clicked "Home" and I didn't get any gcash.

I'm in South Dakota, it was around 10:00 A.M. and I have internet explorer 9.
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-main cash tree page
-It never let me watch a video the page keeps saying Daily offer limit reached. Try again tomorrow!. I get that message even though I never did the daily offers from the cash tree because it keeps giving me that message even when I didn't do them yet.

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