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I was on the new cash tree page, it said offer unavailable....as it has been for the past 3 days. i'm in virgina
2:30/3 pm
Google Chrome
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it shows to me that I reached daily limit and I didn't watch even one video.

main cash tree page I guess, it pulled me there.

same here
Poland, GMT + 1

using Chrome, but I've also tried IE and Firefox... still nothing
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Daily Limit reached, even though I didn't watch 1 video today >.<
Clicked on the tree and was only redirected to the main page >.<

Location: Great Britain, UK. GMT time
Browser: Google Chrome
Tried watching currently at 19:50pm

That is 11:50am to California
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My cash tree sends me to the earn cash center page and tells me Daily Limit reached (after 36 hours)
I'm in New Zealand
And i use chrome

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Whenever I try to watch a video at the main cashtree page it says that i already reached the limit, although i haven't watched any today.
Europe, Poland
Time zone GMT + 1
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my page looks like this: tree has a gaia cash, when I click on it, she's nothing to a page which has a picture that says loading. after the error, as if he had just advertisements. and do not get the money.
it appeared yesterday at around 21:00 pm.
- Google Chrome
- Brazil, South America
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I attempted to watch from the CashTree page, but it just simply shows "Daily offer limit reached" despite not getting a single offer. I am located in the Greater Toronto area, timezone EST, and is using Firefox 8.0 at around 3PM EST.
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- The main tree.. ie gaiaonline.com home page, clicked the little tree, took me to the 'new page', and I get "General Error Daily offer limit reached. Try again tomorrow!" even though I haven't claimed any free cash today whatsoever. It shows in in a medium sized box mini-window within the page where I'm guessing it is supposed to show a video offer.
- Alberta, Canada, MST
- Google Chrome
- First tried around 12:15 PM, tried again before posting this at about 12:56 PM

Thank you to the people that are working to get this fixed, it's much appreciated. (:
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My cash tree sends me to the earn cash center page and tells me i cant collect gold anymore
i live in Argentina. eek emo
I clicked the cash tree, it took me to a page with some earn gaia cash offers, but a screen with the text general error covers a part of the page.
I'm in the netherlands, timezone gmt+2 I think.
using safari and it was about 8:50 pm
We would like some examples of Cash Tree not paying out. If you could tell us:

- where were you watching the video (i.e., main cash tree page, offers page, whatnot)
A: I tried all pages

- where you're located in the world + timezone
Guam, Timezone: UTC +10:00

- your browser
A: Google Chrome

- the time of day that you watched the video
A: tried repeatedly when the daily chance restarts so around 5 or 6 Pm my time.

when clicking on the cashtree it takes me to the page and then it states

"General Error Daily offer limit reached. Try again tomorrow!"
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Cash tree says I've already reached the daily limit, both with firefox and internet explorer.
I am in the United Kingdom (GMT+0?)
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I click it and get offer unavailable, then I have to click the watch more videos thing in the more ways to earn area on the right of the page to find more, instead of watch only videos I am getting download this or accept this on another site kind of ads which I refuse to click on because my computer has been messed up by stuff like that before and I can't afford a new computer. Also what happened to the Blue noodle ads I can't find them?
Wow awesome change....not... I liked it better the old way don't fix crap that isn't broken please!!!!
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Clicked gaia cash tree, it opened "gaia cash offers" page, and it says that i reached my daily limit.
GMT +4 (Russia/Moscow).
Google Chrome.
0:05 a.m. that is 12:05 p.m.(GMT- 8 ).

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