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So Gaia since the new Mortal Kombat game came out, if it would be cool to release some mortal Kombat cosplay costumes like Scorpion, Sub--Zero, Reptile, Ermac, Rain, Smoke, Noob and for the ladies : Mileena , Kitana , Jade , Skarlet , Sonya Blade. It would be AMAZING if it would happen. So if anyone is willing to brink MK to Gaia, write down what costumes u guys want thx smile
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Have you tried going shopping to see what we already have? Then make specific suggestions to fill in the blanks.

Some of us do not play that game and so have no idea about anything.
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Some mortal kombat items might be nice, but you have to provide examples of what you want to see.
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Thing is, you won't get the actual items like in the game. That copyright thing, you know? But, maybe they could provide us with knockoffs, but, you really need to let us see what you are wanting.
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If it DOES turn up in the gold shops, it wouldn't be a direct copy. It would likely be a knockoff. Even so, that sounds like a pretty fun update. Pretty much, it would be like ninja gear in different colors: red, blue, yellow... not just the black we have now.
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When making suggestion threads such as this,
it's always best to provide example pictures.

Though, I think we have some items you could use already for some cosplays ^w^

User Image
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I would LOVE THAT. *w*
I want Sindel's outfit, though. >.>;
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I would squeal out loud if we had knockoff's of Mileena or Kitana's outfits! <3 <3 Would love to see more MK stuff on here.
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I want the ninja uniforms and recolors of. Ninjas being Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Smoke.. or make up Gaia themed ninjas of different colors and put those in the stores.
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sure, but I want Ninja Gaiden items too. I rather like Ryu's oh so tight leather battle suit
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sounds good to me but you need to email them directly and say ya'll should advertise with Gaia and so forth then we would get official gear, but if not and MK was too popular we'd get GREAT knockoffs YAY!!!!!! stare
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