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A lot of stuff we don't have. Make them, please, Gaia

Pie in your face- a pie gets thrown at the avi's face and splatters
Cup o' tea/ coffee- a hot, steaming cup of tea or coffee you can hold
Dazed- confused swirlies and stars around your head, like you've just got K.O'ed in zOMG!
Gold Grows on trees- a tree full of glimmering gold coins. All of a sudden, the leaves shake, and the coins all drop!
Pants Party!- ever wish there was a party in your pants? Now there is! Streamers and confetti explode out of the crotch of the pants.
comet with tail streaking through the sky
background with volcanoes erupting
a planet- maybe Saturn- with its rocky rings spinning slowly
balls of gases and dusts swirling and compressing to form stars
a large planet as a background behind the avi, where sun rays start to show over the side
aurora borealis

Jack o'lantern- a spooky pumpkin by your feet, with glowing eyes, nose and mouth
Bursting bag- an overstuffed candy bag with candy spilling out of a rip in the bottom or on the side
Cursed Candies- a spirit, ghost, demon, ect. coming out of a half-eaten candybar/ box
Nyanpire- A little black kitty with bat wings, in a cape. It flaps its wings, or with a twirl of its cape, it shifts into bats! Careful it doesn't bite you, it's out for blood!
Creepy Cobwebs- There's a bunch hanging overhead. Spiders crawling everywhere!

CornucopiaCat- a frisky little cat in the cornucopia that playfully paws at some maize corn
Traditional Turkey- a live turkey that walks around. It was spared from becoming a holiday meal

AI MC remakes
Elemental Hair
AI MC: (essence of fire)Volcanic hair spurting out fire
(essence of wind) Wind hair being blown and small clouds being cast off from it
(essence of life) baby birds pecking at the nest of hair, or bobbing around
(essence of earth) butterflies flapping and landing in the hair, or flying away, or the leaves falling from the hair
(essence of ice) the ice hairs glimmering, then starting to drip water
(essence of water) small fish plopping up from the hair and landing back with a little splash
Panda Hat/ Kodiak Grizzly Hat: sparkling “Kawaii” eyes, twitching ears, and maybe a mouth that moves and emits a little heart
DJ Studio Headphones/ Portable Stereo Headphones: remade into ear buds. music notes or loud noise marks float from the ear piece
Mini Angel/ Nightmare wings: mini wings that are sleeker and sharper fan out on the head. Feathers could be strewn off and blown away
Devil Tail: the tail twitches occasional, like a cat's, or wags in wave-like motion
Angelic Sash: cloth shimmers and emits an faint aura around that back that resemble wings
OMG/ AFK: eyes blinking, with tail or ears twitching, or a skull/ heart being knocked off from the side
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I hate pants. I don't even wear any!

We coul use some cup of joe, though. Maybe some handleless tea cups as well? The Nyanpire souns adorble!
sure. and thanks.
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Beloved Elder

omg I love the pants party idea. xd
I also love the kitty santa idea. Sounds adorable.
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Barton Pirate

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With how popular tea cups and things seem to be, the cop of tea/coffee idea seems like it'd be pretty popular. The only thing is that it'd be a fairly small animation/item.

Dazed is my favorite.

I would kind of like twinkling stars in the background or something. Lightly falling snow and flickering beams of sunlight seem like they would be nice as well.
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I would get the pie in the face one!!!!!! xd xd xd
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Peaceful Explorer

I want the Pants Party item so ******** badly now. User Image Gaia...MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
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Distinct Pumpkin

i like your ideas, i would get them ^.^
i would also like snow falling
Pants Party.

Like someone mentioned above, we need animated snow as well.
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What about for Halloween, a little demon dog (or cerberus) digging its way out of the ground, running a circle around your avatar then jumping back into the hole?


ghostly/skeletal wolf pups appearing in one spot near your avi then vanishing/walking or running away slowly, only to appear/come back in another spot?
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I like the pie idea. The one in the event forum that shows when you get pied looks nice.
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