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Alchemy is too ******** expensive. >_<
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Please make all item components renewable

I see a lot of talk about components and formulas. I understand that these things are all renewable. What I mean is that if you need a certain formula or component you can craft philosepher caches or alchemist cases till you find it. Yes it might have to craft 500 alchemist cases before you get the backwings formula but you still have a chence and it will only cost 60000000 gold if you are sucsessful every time (included the price of the alchimist case formule from bitfrost) and you will have 499 other formulas as a bonus.

But what about the things that are not renewable? Here i talk about the item components that do not have their own formulas.
Take Wicked Car Horns for instance, it is not in the shop anymore and there are only a few in the market place. There are many other items that were rare to begin with. If they are used in formules they are taken out of circulation and we have no way of getting more. Then the formulas that need them as components are becomming useless.

Itmes like MANtis that are used in more than one formula are already not availble in MP anymore and not renewable.

Can't we bring all these alchemy component items that are not renewable through casses or any other way into the bitfrost as goldshop items. Make them crazy exensive if you have to. That way it will actually controbute to drain gold out of the system but atleast there is a way to get them....
If items are taken out of the system through alchemy they shoulkd be renewable!

This will become an especiallyt big problem if alchemy is made easier and more people uses alchemy
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Could the developers make the ingredients gotten through daily chance possible to gift and trade? That would be less annoying than the ingredients being crazy expensive on the Marketplace. Oh, and amend first statement with Please? Pretty Please? dramallama
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I think Alchemy is a great idea. However, the problem I have is that I just recently became interested in trying it out.

The first formula I was going to try was Formula 1 Underland, which requires 1o War Medals. And from what I could tell, they come from a RIG that is no longer available in the Cash Shop.

So I check the marketplace to find there was only 1 available, & just my luck that someone bought it right before I could buy it. x_x Since then, I have not seen any available to buy.

I am not going to spend a lot of gold buying the RIG from someone in hopes I'll get 1o of them. I've been wondering how I could craft this item if I can't even get the ingredients.

I think the ingredients should be items that are available in the gold shops. It would be a nice gold sink. I also think some of the ingredients we could use would be things we could pick up in Daily Chance, Dumpster Dive, playing zOMG!, & in Booty Grab when we get Enki's Catch or in fish drops.

I, personally, don't like the idea of using items found from RIGs as ingredients in Alchemy. Unless they will be re-released in future RIGs.....

(Also, maybe the pink boxes could be removed from Booty Grab & replaced with new boxes, like Enki's Catch, that can only be found by playing Booty Grab with new items that include ingredients & formula's.....then the pink boxes could be found like they used to when we would be surfing around Gaia....)

Anyhoo, just some ideas I had about it. In the meantime, I'll keep trying to find all of the ingredients I need for the formulas. smile
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From the ATA this week
We are making changes in Alchemy but CS based items will probably still require some form of CS items, as we're worried that it might affect the prices of existing CS items. Though we do have various ideas on alternatives. We will continue to improve upon the formulas and the system after the upcoming update.

I wish you people would stop worrying about that! Stop worrying about the marketplace value of these items! AI-ers rely on you doing that and is causing the rest of us serious issues! Seriously! Most of us are angry enough about the "value" and "rarity" you people keep placing on these things! I will never be happy about the rares unless there are at least 500, 000 of them existing (and I mean EACH). I will will always be even LESS happy if we have to keep using them in Formulas to create something else. What is up with that anyway? You serious?!

Somebody above me posted about needing CS items and other things that are needed to complete Formulas that are no longer available.
Well, Gremilkin (spelling - as well as being forced to use a rare CS item to create another rare CS item that does not, itself, even have a Formula to create it) is still a problem especially when it is needed in completing - which one was it? Lucky the black cat? (I know I complained about that already)
That is just one example of the tangled mess this whole thing is.

And we are in serious need of more things like Kitten Fluffs too.

Seriously, you guys really did not think all this through well enough.

And what makes you guys even think we want to spend 5 - 10 years to complete even one Formula anyway? I still cannot complete any lv 3 Formulas I currently have. And I am NOT willing to spend so much gold or spam up lv 3 Formulas that I do not even want and probably would not be able to sell easily. I would rather spend on things I actually want. I mean, I have spent so much Gaia gold already and have gotten... nowhere for any of my efforts, in months.

What is it I keep saying?

"to appeal to the 1%, you need to appeal to an actual 10% and appease the 65%"
or something like that.
I also said that many of us would rather level up and do Formulas by ourselves than being at the mercy of someone you don't know you can trust. Because you never really know. I would rather do it myself anyway because that is the way I am. Just don't want to sell off everything and my soul to do it. It isn't fair for you guys to expect that of us.

I know you guys are working on something. But please take these other matters into consideration as well.

My apologize if I sound mixed up
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Thank you so much for the new update.
Maybe I'll actually try alchemy now. heart
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Thank you very much for the newest change. Seeks to offer most of the components (out of 344... the count on a list I found did not own up. Need to read later and hopefully lists will be complete by then. If not, I will seek to remind you)

So now can you please take care of some other major problems?

Gremalkin does not have a Formula, but is needed to make Lucky the Cat. No one wants that to disappear.

There are other problems like this as well that needs to be fixed. (thank you for temporarily bringing back the wedding cake)
Things like the Princess items are not coming forth. Those will be needed in continual numbers.
Things like that.
Thanks again for fixing the caches. However, be nice if you put the smouldering helm back in Dernier*Cri! Kinda sucks that the only thing stopping us from finishing the demonic backings is a store item...
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I think it's overly complicated and a real turn off. It's not even fun in the slightest.
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Here is another problem that needs to be looked into.

It concerns the Bedouin items.

First: not enough of the items to create the items from Formulas. (no magenta tunics at all for weeks)

Second (and perhaps most troubling):
Concerning the Black Sultan's Turban. It requires a black Bedouin Tunic. Um... there is no Formula for the black Bedouin Tunic? There aren't any of those tunics on the marketplace either.

And should there not be a White Sultan's Turban? There are none of those either nor Formulas for it.
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You can't bulk buy formulas in the gold shop. Nor can you trade them. crying
I can't even get the alchemy page to load on my desktop OR laptop. No one seems to know why. gonk
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The concept behind Alchemy seems so good. Yet, every time I get excited about trying it, I am disappointed all over again. I see a formula that seems easy enough but when I look up the ingredients, they're either so rare that they're ridiculously over-priced or there aren't any available for sale. How can I be expected to craft items with other items that don't exist? Or cost more than the item I wish to craft? I want to get involved with Alchemy because I generally reserve myself to certain forums and seeing as I have no interest in zOMG, it would be nice to participate in something else on the site. I understand that Gaia has never and will never interfere with the prices in the MP or Exchange and that's not what I'm suggesting. Maybe make certain items more abundant or even available in the Cash/Gold shops. That would be really lovely. It just seems that, for the most part, Alchemy is greatly over-looked simply because it's just so darn complicated when it really doesn't have to be. Well, that's my 2 cents. Thank you for your time.

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