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Biggest gripe: not enough info, mainly:
- Not clear how/where you can find formulas ("all over Gaia" in games too? They just fall in your pockets? )
- Not clear how you gain many of the new base loot.
- How much xp to level, how much you gain from crafting.
- What exactly happens when your attempt fails. ( told in the forums/not hard to figure out but...)

Some of these details are being figured out and spread by the populace but it shouldn't be that way.
For now, I feel I can't really judge the thing.

Anyway, I'll be back once some user-made guide has filled up the blanks : xD P
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Guys...I just read the recent announcement about the starter kit error...welllll I had to buy the ocean top to make the first item and it WAS in my inventory and I blew it and now I have to pay like 15+k if I want to try again :/

ALSO I agree with Holy Batman PhD// those flowers and paper are useless...kudos for the clever bug and ink idea so....yah..
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I think the team working on this feature should have taken a look at the Atelier, Mana Khemia, and Ar tonelico games. These games have the starter recipes having easy to obtain/cheap items. Only until you get to the higher level recipes is when the ingredients become hard to find/expensive. Can you image playing a game where to make a basic potion you had to go and find an ingredient in a high level dungeon? Or to make a basic accessory you had to buy expensive jewels to decorate it?
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so over the four pages of previous comments we find the common complaints.

ingredients are too expensive / rare ( using ultra rare chance items / items no longer in circulation in large quantities to make crap you dont need unless its on your way to make more crap you don't need in hope you level enough to make one you wanted)

drives inflation in the mp as opposed to fixing the issue.

you cant find some of the ingredients because it wont tell you where to get them.

now on to the logical points.

alchemy is the art of turning plain ordinary stuff in to rare things ( lead into gold ring a bell?). so it would stand to reason that there should at least be starter recipes that take the basic drops (same things you use to make the zOMG recipes) and make rarer ingredients. i also noticed that the basic level 1 formulas take just about 100,000 gold to make if you don't plan to spend Gaia Cash. the devil imp recipes all take three devil imp potions at near 25k a piece. im not going to claim to be an expert on the topic but i find it silly that the market place will tell you the store value for the succubus bones and yet doesnt tell you which store ( i have no clue and hence i found this thread ) so those of us who dont know are left scratching our heads.

also when was the last time you found a good cake recipe and then tossed the recipe after you finished? maybe make the recipe more expensive and drop the ingredient cost? only have the recipe disappear if you botch the attempt?

but then from what it looks like nothing is going to change because i have found several complaints about the staff not listening to what its populous has to say.

my prediction...
lack of sustainability will be the death of this system.

figured i'd make a quick couple of suggestions and pray this becomes a more viable system before i just give up on the idea due to the disregard for what the power of alchemy is supposed to do.

nice idea though...
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So it's a cool idea, but there are a few things that bother me. For one, most of the alchemy items haven't even been released. WTH, don't give us a really awesome, shiny new feature and then have us not be able to use it! crying Second, too many of the recipes, even the LEVEL ONE recipes, require expensive or limited items to use. That's gonna destroy the market. Why not use gold shop items, zOMG! loot, game items, or really common DC and Overseer items? (like Langer the Dragon plush, the Octopus plushies, etc.) With DC items there's a big supply and it won't cause the items to go into tens of thousands of gold in the MP, and with GS items it's impossible to run out of supply. With the way it is now, though, only a few Gaians will really be able to afford this feature. I suggest making the loot for the lower level recipes available in the Bifrost for gold. Higher level loot can be obtained through other means.

Also, regarding the imp potions... The floaty legs are cool and all, but they make pants and other leg accesories a real b***h to wear. I'd like to see some seperate potions for them, if that's possible.
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This would have been more fun to use if the recipe items were easier to get.

And why use Rig items?

If the items were dropped as loot to in zOMG (Some of them of course..)

It would make zOMG more popular. There's still no guide on how to get the items.

And I thought you were trying to fight inflation.. and this seems you are in favor of Inflation..

People might tell me the marketplace is user run.. but in the end, Gaia controls the rarity of the item.

If someone gets a rare item, obviously they won't set it for a low price. xp
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[~. First of all, I LOVE the idea of this. I like sounds so much fun. Although I'm very sad that there's so little information about it. I mean, it should be straight forward: Get stuff, turn it into different stuff. But when half the users are confused about about the first step... it's a bad way to roll out something really super cool like this.

Second, what's with all the cash shop and rare items? By definition, rare/limited items that not everyone has access to, much less multiples of, especially when you get bulk RIG items involved. For example: Blue Glittering Stockings. Frigid Night Jewels seem to be a key ingredient since you need that I need 10 of to get this one item. As a RIG there are a very limited number of them in stock. Now, if I wanted one and I had unlimited funds, which I don't, there are only 7 current listings for Frigid Night Jewels on the MP. I checked. I also checked out the cash shop, there are no Frigid Night Jewels in stock. I really really anyone doubt has 10 of these Jewels just lying around. Based on my one semester of economics, with such a low supply, the price is going to skyrocket.

And that's just one item. I can make the same argument for the princess gowns and locks and some the other ingredients that are literally worth millions (combined or otherwise).

I don't mind Rare's being in there mind you, especially for recolors. That's fine. It's more the bulk fact that I have a problem with.

Alchemy is a fabulous gold sink. I know, cause I'm now broke. But I have no idea how this is going to control inflation and not increase dramatically. And, I know it's still early, but it also seems like something everyone can use, due to funds and time. And the way you rolled it out has most people confused about how to get these extra materials.

EDIT: Totally forgot, on top of spending tons of money and gold on these things, you also have idea what you're getting into. no item preview? Even when you have all the materials... (I think, I only got to use it once)? Come on!
pirate .~]
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This f'ing blows! Can't even get the ingredients to do the most basic formulas. What do you HAVE to play Zomg! to get this stuff. And now I have to sell all my super rare items before everyone has them and the price drops! This sucks!
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I'm really disappointed in how this all turned out.
At first I thought, "This will be like recipes, only better!"

First of all, I wish the alchemy created entirely new items, not old RIGs that weren't even that popular in the first place.

Secondly, it feels like us poorer Gaians are being kept poor.
How are we supposed to purchase these exponentially expensive items in mass quantities, to make an item that may or may not work?

Even the lvl. 1 alchemy recipes call for items over 100,000g, which have now inflated to 2x-5x their original price.

I can't even participate because it is so expensive. crying

Lastly, don't you think you should have released the new ingredients first? No one has the items necessary to complete the lvl.1 items, and therefor cannot progress to higher levels.
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This f'ing blows! Can't even get the ingredients to do the most basic formulas. What do you HAVE to play Zomg! to get this stuff. And now I have to sell all my super rare items before everyone has them and the price drops! This sucks!
god ******** forbid other people wear items on a ******** avatar website

grow up, and stop freaking whining.
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Chibi Halo
It will really help if we:
a. knew how to get loot
b. or have a place where we can get loot
c. have someone explain how to get loot XD
d. have someone explain how to get what type of loot XD.

This is hardest thing to understand for me. Plus, I still don't have any piece of loot yet XD.

          The answers to A-D is very simple. You have to be one of the super lucky people who get the new loot items from the Daily Chance. Though there are a few pieces of loot in the Bifrost shop but most of it is gained through the Daily Chance.

lol, i guess i'm really unlucky, because me and other 9 friends didn't get anything new for DC XD.
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My only complaint:
7+ years I have heard backwing excuses. How they wouldn't be an elitist item. Anyone could get them. Even that they'd be a quest reward.
******** you guys. after waiting through 3 accounts, 4 mules, and many years, I feel disgusted.
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My only complaint:
7+ years I have heard backwing excuses. How they wouldn't be an elitist item. Anyone could get them. Even that they'd be a quest reward.
******** you guys. after waiting through 3 accounts, 4 mules, and many years, I feel disgusted.

i was wondering how long it would be before some one dropped the word elitist. didnt you see this before? it takes forever for the poor gaian who doesnt want to blow his or her hard earned real world paycheck to keep up with the have no life do nothing but sit on this site kids who blow mommy and daddy's money on gaia cash cards. elitist is an under statement...
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let just say thus alchemy use only item like fish, junk, Beetle or zOMG item that no need spend gold to find it.

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While I enjoy the concept of this, and I would rather like some items like Jet Jet the Kitten Star and the Marionette set go down in price since they're ridiculously priced, but its simply not fair to the users that spend a gazillion gold trying to get it. Its simply not fair to them. And to the people who actually have the gold to spend and have nothing better to do with it - they have to go to ZOMG to get to the items. I understand trying to promote your own stuff... but... This just makes my head hurt.

You're taking items that are worth thousands of gold a pop, putting them into something that could FAIL (you don't get the items back PERIOD) and doing... what exactly. Making something with one pose that's going to be worth five gazillion bazillion gold? How is this HELPING Gaia? Its not in my opinion. While I'm not complaining either - I just thought that you were supposed to be helping inflation (I dont know if you would consider making thirty million gold items in the alchemy section helping....) and not making it worse.

And using cash shop items? That's worse - the cash shop items are already over priced (IE - Zodiacal - but that one's understandable if you do the math on how many poses there are) why make them over priced AND useless at the same time? People will just buy them for the making of the alchemy item and not for using them on their avi. It is a way to get more money or something? And RARE items at that? Its already almost not worth paying a million gold for a dress that barely goes with anything that Gaia has to offer but Jesus H. Popsicle on a Stick - you wanna throw FIVE or six of them in a formula that has 'low chance' to make it?

Again - I LOVE the idea... NOT the execution. Another useless thing.

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