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So it comes down to this;
Since even the simplest items in the MP are now inflating like crazy due to them becoming ingredients, why would I want to buy an overpriced item that I don't want only to spend more gold and gain yet another item that I probably won't use?

Sure the new alchemy items are nice, but would it be cheaper down the road to just wait until some other poor sap crafts it and sells it on the MP?

On a more positive note: I'm glad we have the old Imp skin back.
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Looks like a brilliant idea...as long as the bits aren't too terribly difficult to come by.
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have to say, I'm not a fan. this will destabilize the MP because of everyone buying the components, and will lead to gouging and exploitation. eventually, I could see people giving up on it entirely out of frustration leading to this becoming an unused feature. and having a chance for success keeps it from being a worthwhile investment, especially because of the high prices. I could personally live without this, but I dread the overall effects it will have on the economy.
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In the announcement, I noticed the Oni set. Will that still be soulbound?

My initial feedback, nice feature, going to cause havoc in the MP for a while but that will probably settle down eventually. Not too keen on the possibility of losing one's gold if a formula fails, especially since some items require a lot of gold.
Thanks for the free starter kit, very nice item biggrin
Will there be any way of acquiring the components apart from daily chance, which is totally random and one could get bugs and paper forever? lol
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Well, thanks to this, I will most likely NEVER get a Princess locks now.

Also, I thought Gaia was trying to HELP inflation, not cause it. Dear lord, the market will be a mess from all the limited-edition items you need to make something. I half hate you right now.
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User Image

I feel like this might end up hurting us more than helping..
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I don't think old chance items should be used as ingredients.

Other than that, this is an interesting concept.
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Nomy the Snail, a very low level formula, requires Cutin, which is currently selling for.......wait for it.......600k in the MP!
Low level components need to be more available, daily chance alone won't cut it, I think. I mean, the components have been found for a couple of weeks, I still have got even one from DC.
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I just started the alchemy, I'm enjoying myself with it. ^_^

But I have somethings I should say which is Gaiaonline might want to bring back some of the items that are required to make more items. And I heard from a few Gaians that it takes too much gold to do this so they might want to check that out also.

Otherwise I think it's doing pretty well with it. ^_^
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You guys should make the recipe succeed more often.
I tried to make the item in the starter kit, and even after TWO FREAKING TRIES I got nothing.
Let me remind that the success rate of this item is supposed to be VERY HIGH.
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I want to know where the freak i'm suppose to pick up ingredients at. I can't find the majority of them on the market, nor do I know where to even begin to try and to collect them.
I can understand taking gold, but why take the recipe? Okay, I get the failure rate and whatnot, but this is going to contribute to inflation on multiple levels, which we have been asking for assistance from staff to help control for ages now. Since the introduction of the Outfit-selling feature, this is becoming more and more of a standing issue since the is not any way of achieving a balance under the economy's current makeup.

~ There are not recipes for ingredients that are not readily available and come from RIGs:
~ This system is based too much on luck for there to be any decent amount of items
~ No one has stated how new recipes for the other stuff in the announcement are going to be released, and if they are not in the store, then items will be a lot more rare than what they need to be (based purely on my assumption)
~ People are going to have to fight against others who have the gold to afford rarer recipe ingredients for those ingredients, and will end up paying more in the end

I purpose that you release recipes through Daily Chance that will increase the chance of getting certain ingredients that cannot be gained by just buying them, letting fish die or playing zOMG. Rarity is only fun when everyone has a minute chance of making the item. As things stand, there will be a point where some items are going to run out or become unobtainable, period.
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I believe this feature and the items it yielded had potential, however, it's been entirely squandered by three things.

1) Use of RIG items as ingredients

2) Failure rates consuming formulas (why would that happen? It makes no sense.)

3) The experience system, Forcing you to spend thousands of gold on items you don't care about to have a miniscule chance at making one you -do- care about only to fail, save up to rebuy the formula, and have the reserve gold needed, fail, repeat ad nauseum. Not my idea of fun.

I'm going to be honest here, I have zero faith anyone who has the power to change anything worth changing cares about what I think, or even what the people blowing sunshine up their most private crevice thinks. And I honestly only expect Gaia to further abuse us through this feature by having rare/expensive formulas available for limited times or through chance, which yield a success rate somewhere around 0.001%.

Tell me I'm wrong.


And mean it too; If there is even one person who actually cares what we think that has the power to change ANYTHING to do with this feature, it would rekindle a long burnt out ember of hope in me for this site.

As it stands, I have none.
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The ingredients needed could be a little less I think. Especially on the newer add items. I was going to craft the Silver Emerald Princess Tiara but there isn't a golden emerald in the MP. The Chestnut hair while beautiful requires two of each Princess wig to make and the wigs are going for about 1-3 million a piece and some aren't even on the MP right now. I think if you're going to have those you might want to look into making the add rewards more frequent of a drop rate. This is just what I've noticed. Also I adore the White Biancamella I spied in the announcement and can't wait until the formula for it is released.
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There's seriously something wrong with the alchemy system, I've tried to alchemize the Aspiring Alchemist item and it's fizzled all five times. Also you shouldn't require items that you can only find on the marketplace, the rich people have hoarded all of the alchemy components and inflated it to where no one can buy them for a reasonable price.

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