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I was excited when it came out, then I saw the requirements for some of the formulas.

Seriously, 10 frigid night jewels for a pair of stockings? Too many of the recipes are inaccessible to most users, as well as hardly being worth making for the users that could afford it anyway. I can see perhaps 1 or 2 jewels being reasonable, but only if that item was reintroduced through CI boxes semi-regularly (which has already happened to some chance items already). Otherwise, the crafted items would probably end up cheaper than the sum of it's parts and not be worth making anyway. It would be a bit like opening an item box, but in reverse. Even recipes that use relatively "common" item like the Edwardian set seem out of reach, or more accurately, not worth reaching for, because of the excess item spam involved in the formula.

Basically, have more (or most) alchemy-unique items be accessible to more than just high-end users and based on a "renewable resource." It's one thing for something to be rare and awesome by costing 500 ink or hundreds of fish, those can be earned by any level of user through time and effort. It's another thing to try and manually inject "rarity" into an item by spamming other rare or limited items into the formula.

EDIT: This was typed on the idea that ingredients are only lost upon success. Also, some of the items have no place being alchemy items. Tsunami KO shirt recolors belong in the gold shop.

EDIT2: Some of the item formulas seem inappropriate for the item, like form of arachnae for cybergoth suits. More of personal preferance here. At least the fishing recipes used things that logically correlated with the result, more than just color.
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There's really nothing I can say that hasn't already been said or suggested.

I really like this idea but I'm not so keen on how it was executed.

Besides hoarding starter kits, there's really no other way for me to participate at this point.
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I dont usually post feedback, but this looked like a really fun experience, and...well..as many others have pointed out;

- the use of limited-edition and expensive items on a public marketplace is insane. While it makes the entire idea of alchemy more realistic (you would have to quest for those items you don't know where to find, or pay high amounts for components others already have), its going to end up being something only the rich Gaians will ever achieve, while it lays a hefty blow to the average Gaian's gold pouch and ego.
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It would make more sense for this feature if the more limited items weren't required for the formulas until around Level 5. As it stands right now, the only thing I can afford to make is the Starter Kit. Not a very nice way to introduce new people to the feature.

Ideally, I'd like the lower levels to use more common objects to produce rare objects or even RIGs. As you go up in levels, you are required to produce/acquire those limited rares for the formulas you are suppose to create. When you get to the Angelic/Demonic Back Wings, you should be able to get access to all the items you need to create those via the formulas only, forcing you to buy and/or create the items from the previous levels in a massive quantity that would be both challenging and yet doable for the task.

As it stands now? Pretty much everything in that store is impossible to make, including the Level 1 stuff.
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So I have everything I need to make a Goldfish Kimono, but I can't because it's way high level.

How about changing the fail rates to be directly linked to the levels, instead of the items? Allow everyone to craft an item at any level, but tweak it a bit. If I am level 5, and crafting a level 5 item, success should be high, regardless of the item. If I am level 5 and attempting level 6, then the success rate should be lower.

That would also be a more effective goldsink at this time, since I might repeatedly try something at a lower level.
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Take all cash items OUT.
Make all ingredients gold items.
Make the ingredients EXIST before putting them in a list.
Make a much more reasonable amount of items needed.

Problem solved.
Gold item ingredients = gold sink.
No cash items = everyone has a fair chance, and people who paid money for them won't feel cheated.
Ingredients existing = should be obvious.

I love this fix. It's the only fair way to fix it. Too bad Gaia is greedy and no longer listens to what the players want.

Though in the long run, gaia is going to lose money because people are going to stop buying RIGs, assuming they can make items from them with alchemy later on.
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I, like many others, would rather not have such limited items needed for the formulas. Let them be gold shop items or something attainable. If making money is a problem for Gaia, then they can always think of something else to push on us. It never stopped them in the past.

I do enjoy this idea, but the execution was terribly planned. I hope something can be done to fix these issues.
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in my opinion, it was a good idea, but the execution is wrong why not make them use gold shop items, and zomg loots, and crafts (aside from ones that don't appear for extended periods of tme ex: werewolf pelt, cheeps etc...) like I I dunno, ninja boots, plastic grass, common stuff, not limited addition stuff, like CI drops, and other stuff that will disappear forever if they are ingredients in alchemy.
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Hmmm, I think it's an awesome idea, but like others there are far too many RIG/CI items needed to make higher quality items, and MULTIPLES needed of more expensive items in the first place? As the rarer RIG items are rare as implied it puts a huge strain on the supply of them already which are limited as many aren't re-released at higher drop rates...

You could even have had an alternative route where shop items were used for level one items and for level two use those level one items to meld for a level 2 item.
e.g. Gold shop items > (qty:1) Level 1 item > (qty:10) Level one items > (qty:1) Level 2 Item > (qty:20) level 2 items> (qty:1) level 3 item >etc

It'd be better to use game items, gold items or even event items?? Older event items = higher rarity value?

Also, one of my main miffs is that we were always promised by Lanzer in AtAs that backwings (as hinted at in the announcement and comic) would be an item attainable by all, not for a monetary cost, and was envisioned as an item you could work for. However, looking at the ingredients for the rarer items, this is no way going to be the case. We'll be required at least a handful of expensive RIG items to get them... I'd always hoped that you'd have put back wings in the Wing Stickers shop for a high amount of stickers that way it was something we could all work towards, and once everyone had one even the newer members could buy them on the MP....
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let us try on the items so we can tell if we even want it. Its hard to really want an item if we can't see how it looks on our avies.

This, please!
Also, why not put all of the components in the shop? :/
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I agree with everyone else, the idea is great, the execution is rubbish.

Using RIG/limited supply items seems unfair and only serves to make even the more common RIG items rare to get/expensive. Using only gold or zOMG items seems like the better idea.
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how am i going to get the rest of the edwardian item? i only got 3 sets.i want to keep one.and the mp went crazy on the org 3 set prices? i like to get the red blue and black sets

release the orginal edwardian in the dailies this will help alot of people in collection them from red to blue and to black.

forget the paper, flowers in the dailies we can get them in towns any time we need them
More items that use brown inks. If you're going to give love to items that people don't care about (such as the summer top) give us brown items that use them. I've got 36 of them and I can't sell them.

When I buy CI items and whatnot, I generally want to keep them. I want to wear them. I don't want to have to buy 21 of them just so I have one to wear.
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I really think you needed to think this through more before you released it. This kind of thing was exactly the problem people had with their final projects in my science fiction class. Some people made their games insanely easy, and some, like item alchemy, made them extremely hard because they thought that would make it more challenging and thus, more fun, when really it's the same extreme as being easy. I was actually kind of hoping trash, flowers, and bugs would be incorporated into ingredients since, y'know, people have been wanting an update to an already existing exchange system since tattoos(or did I miss the formulas with this stuff in it? even if some exist, there should be a LOT more. THOSE items should be the ones you need a kagillion of). I've been on quite a few sites with item alchemy, and this is the only site I haven't wanted to try it on.
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A leveling system on top of the exchange system? I love it.
I can't get too critical yet but so far:
  • Option to try on items without having to rely on the MP. Maybe I missed something but I can't figure out how to try on the items in store.
  • If RIG items are needed, either limit the for RIG items or have the failure items dispited in other ways (ala overseer/daily chance/dumpster dive etc). It would limit the rage and would get promote activity in other areas.

    Okay, I had a bit more time and found out you guys are selling RIG formulas as well as giving out formulas via giftboxes. This is ******** genius. However, I'm hoping you did understand that without fully explaining this system (that it may turn most items into items to make items) that people will be angry for the time being (until people wise up and stop charging high prices). If I'm really off base, I would like someone to fully explain this system.

  • I am sorry if someone already pointed this out to you. To make any of the RIGs I looked into you need at least ten of particular item from that rig, so the supply will continue to dwindle unless these items are put back somehow.

    I know that. However the RIG in itself will generate more supplies. My issue I have is that how do they plan on balancing the supply? Weighing too much on the current RIG could work since the failure is no longer a "failure" any more.
    The new RIGs making more items makes no difference. A RIG makes one item, and to make a RIG you need at least ten of the items from that RIG, so they are still going away at a very fast rate. And that would even be if every new RIG made the one particular fail needed to make more, which will not be the case.

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