My idea is to make the min amount for body dye color ink skins to be reduce. Such a waste 500 inks are used in it. And white ink is rare as it is. So I say 150 ink total is more of a fair number. Rarly do people get ink in daily chances. I feel 150 inks per body dye is more of a fair number and less people feeling rip off.

Now then lets tallk about a new idea for zomg. Trading rings. Oh but no you can't trade rings outside of zomg. That's right it's built in the game. And only rings of 1.0 can be traded. That means cl rings of 1.0 and only in zomg can you trade them. There that doesn't break the game. And it allows rings to be traded. A much fairer way. And it doesn't break the game. I'm surprise gaia didn't think of this already. It would be like the summon system it only exists in the game and can't be traded out of the game. They are still are soul bounded. But can only be traded in zomg.