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Man-Hungry Demigod

Happy to see the no tip thing there.
Good job guys biggrin
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Thank you so much for this! It's most appreciated. heart
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It's to bad I use the ignore system a lot but these changes are great! C:
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•A notification is not sent to them if you quote them and a notification is not sent to you if they quote you

•Existing posts by you will be hidden for them in threads and existing posts by them will be hidden for you in threads

How would they be able to quote you if they can't see your posts?

There are ways, trust me.
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Dangerous Cutie-Pie

Lovely, I guess I can clear out my ignored list save for the ones who truly need to be there without needing checking back to see why I ignored them in the first place. Sometimes I forget why I ignored someone unless I recall the screen name but I'll adjust.

This will hopefully be much more pleasant, I think I'll love this then. <3
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Much appreciated changes
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Great...I know at someone that'll greatly benefit from this upgrade.
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Looking forward to this update biggrin
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Site Feedback Rules and Guidelines
Creating threads that bar other members from posting; example: "If you don't like my idea you can GTFO", will result in your thread or post being removed from the forum.

This also applies to using the ignore feature to block people that disagree yes? I thought it was an official SF/discussion forum rule, but could not find it specifically listed in the R&G. If I just missed it, awesome, if not, can this be made an official part of the rules? I think that abuse of the ignore system in discussion forms and SF specifically should be a reportable offense if it isn't so already. But, overall, I'm glad to see that things on the To-Do list (which must still be a mile long) getting worked on. Thanks guys.
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Some of those are nice, but most of it is a bit excessive.
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This update is going to be such a blessing in more ways than one. Thank you so much for updating this.
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Aged Phantom

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
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Il SeA lI
Why not take ignore completely off the site? What does it do to help you?

Ignore is very handy, really. It is great for preventing stalkers from following what you post, it can stop an annoying person from contacting you, it can prevent someone from harassing you etc. I've used it many times for all of those reasons I listed. Not everyone has this problem, that's certain, but the Ignore feature is nice for those of us that do 3nodding
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I'm glad gaia has decided to do something about this 3nodding
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Any plans to make the ignore list bigger? I noticed the cut off is 500... I... I ... need more slots than that for ignores.

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