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Tipsy Ladykiller

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lol finally
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Lonely Lovergirl

Can't waiiit! Been wanting this forever~ 3nodding
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Tricky Entrepreneur

I like the upgrades!
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Oh my gosh thank you so much! <3

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Shy Borg

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I approve.
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Magical Girl

nice yum_strawberry
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Is it possible that you could make it so if you ignore someone and they posted on your profile (Before being ignored) if the message could be hidden from anyone who views the profile?
And the same for a forum thread you posted? Because otherwise we have to unblock them just to delete them, like if they said something particularly hurtful that could affect a friend of yours or something similar...
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thank you for this update!! it covers many problems i've seen being complained about ^^
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to bad we cant figure out how to protect agiasnt mules, without compromising privacy of users
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I would love this. Soooo freakin much, Cant wait till it comes out ;D
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Star Star

I don't use Ignore much, but this is great to see.
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THANK YOU very much for this.

I've had problems in the past with ignoring people, and I think this will resolve all of them.
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Wheezing Lunatic

Sounds like a good Idea, apparently these updates are ~ were need , good work gaia .
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Desirable Prophet

Thank you smile

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