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About time that my ignore list can actually mean something.
I don't use it much before because it was so porous.
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Just whip out your d**k and

Thank you for finally updating it!

Piss on all of them!
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Love this ~
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No more stalkish creepers now 4laugh 4laugh
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I wanted this done for a very long time, thank you.
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Thank you to all who were involved in making these new ignore features possible. I know some gaia users who are being stalked, harassed, and threatened. This new system will help those people from experiencing any more pain.
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This is an amazing update. Thank you!
Awesome news. I don't use my Ignore list much (and hopefully never make frequent use of it) - but these additions and changes sound promising.
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I'm really glad to see a lot of these changes!!
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lol that is random that someone would want to put gaia staff on ignore. but that's a fair option to put out along with us being able to ignore users XD
i don't use this option anymore but thanks for giving it an update.
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I do not like this. A user can ignore another then post harrasing comments about then and the second party would never know. If you ignore me everything should be on your end. I should not be effected. I should be able to </3 your threads and see them. Pming/gifting/trading removed is fine.
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thats absofabulousytastc. now I can turn all those continuous jerks to ghosty nonexistent thingies! YAY!
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