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Dark Chaotic Nightmare
How about fixing the stupid "over 500 friends" glitch?

The over 500 friends rule was removed a LONG, LONG time ago, and yet we are still recieving "You have over 500 friends so you cant add this person" etc etc, messages SITE WIDE. (that means EVERYWHERE)

Can we get this fixed please? This should have been done a long time ago. It's starting to piss me off.

May I ask what glitch you are referencing?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

As you can see, this error occurs in all flash spaces of the website, but is not limited to flash spaces alone. It is also sitewide: any place I attempt to add friends:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Please look into this as it is very fustrating for me and many other Gaians. Thank you.

(note: This was me simply using an example. I was not intending to add the people in these images.)
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Uncle Kenny
Uncle Kenny

I say, brilliant.

The only thing I'm worried about is..
Brazekool: "I'll give 10k to the first poster on page 100"...
If someone I ignored posts on that thread, then my view of who the winner of this competition is, is going to be a little off compared to everyone else because all the posts are effectively shifted back one... Would this happen or is there something I missed?

Once they're on Ignore, they won't be able to come into your thread at all so they wouldn't be able to post in the first place. If they got posts in before they were Ignored, you just wouldn't see those posts. There'd still be 15 posts per page, you'd just see 14 or however many on some of the pages and would see "Blocked posts: #" at the bottom for any pages that had a ignored post on it. The posts themselves wouldn't actually shift in order or anything.
Ok that's amazing. All I wanted to hear. Thank-you for taking the time.
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This'll make avoiding a few people so much easier for me emotion_dowant
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Uncle Kenny

          Okay this is going to seem a little in the realm of "you don't know what you're talking about as you don't even use this feature" from me but I've been reading some of the feedback on this and while a lot of it is in the positive about these changes there's one thing that has some people bothered, the not being able to see what people on your ignore list are posting. I understand that there are a lot of people who have said time and time again that when they ignore someone they don't want to see their activity at all but I'm seeing people bring up very good concerns. First of these being that only they can report someone who's harassing them or using their art without their permission. They can't have someone do it for them and if they can't see the posts of someone they have on ignore then they can't report person. This seems to be a point of contention for some people and it bothers them that they have no way to report stuff or see if a thread has been posted so they don't go and make a repeat topic if they're logged into the site and one of the two people in question has ignored the other.

          What I'm suggesting is something that has been done on other forums I've been a part of with their ignore list features. Instead of making their posts hidden why not make it like a spoiler in that it's a collapsible box/link that says hidden/blocked post. It would be the to the discretion of the ignored party or the person doing the ignoring if they want to click on that box/link to see the post if it is made in a third party thread. Most of the time, people who are ignoring so they don't have to see anything by someone and don't want to deal with them at all aren't going to click on that box/link. However, if there's still problems going on such as using art without permission or using the fact that they're now ignored as a go ahead to defame the person through spreading lies and the like then they will have a reason to need to be able to see that post so they can report it.

          Like I said, other forum sites have done things similar to that in their ignore list features that I have used and it's worked perfectly that way for me. I could pick and choose at my discretion what posts I did and did not want to see. I hope you'll take this suggestion into consideration as it is a nice middle ground for the not being able to see their posts part of the changes.

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This is gonna be great! emotion_dowant

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so yes or no? if someone says something nasty about "after" i ignore them. how will I know?i think that's the point some people are asking. and now that you've done this marvelous upgrade........maybe you could fix the friends list issue in galaxy monsters while you are at it?

i keep getting friendships requests for galaxy monsters which i turn down because my friends list is missing! so its been like 2 and a half weeks since they posted that the lists went awol in the devs notices and no attempt has been made to address this issue. now that resort world is totally gone, my only other game to play is galaxy monsters and without my friends that is just no fun at all.
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So Guilds and the Inventory Arranger are big priorities to fix up? Yay!!

Back to the topic, I see some people have problems with the both ways thing. I could care less what people that I don't like and have on ignore say about me. If people are going to dislike me because of what people I don't like say about me, screw them. I won't waste my time on immature people that can't make up their own mind. Disliking something or someone because of what other people think of it is immature and clearly shows they can't think for themselves. Sorry if anyone finds this offensive. It's nothing personal to people I don't know.
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FINALLY a block feature that actually BLOCKS the person. I ******** love it! Thank you god!!!
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It's about time, guys! Thank you so much!

But...what about Guilds? Is the Ignore system integrated with Guilds like everything else?
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Chibi Halo

That's quite a stunning idea.
Thank you! I"m seeing several of the features that would have been useful in my little spat with Herald of whats-her-face in the ED ages ago, with her post-stalking and harassing me despite being ignored.

If you guys come to Sakuracon, remind me to buy you guys a soda or something.
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But...what about Guilds? Is the Ignore system integrated with Guilds like everything else?

Currently, this update won't have any changes for Guilds since we're still figuring out what we're going to do with it concerning its revamp. Since Guilds is largely optional in most things for each user it's not as high importance. Is there a specific issue Guilds has that the user can't control that Ignored users take advantage of?
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Rise of Kalas
Finally. Now to just wait for the needed changes to flash spaces. Hopefully you guys are already putting the ignore feature changes into Towns 2, so we don't have to worry about it being taken down once it's out just to add the feature. And one person on here gave me an idea for the ignore system: let us put a comment next to the ignored so we know why we ignored them in the first place so we can remember if we forget.

I've always thought that would be a good idea since the formerly-blocked person could take the opportunity to remind me why they were on there in the first place.

Plus it will help me gauge whether or not the "grudge" is worth holding for extended periods of time. On one hand, they were put there for a reason, but on the other hand, some people stop caring about the offense after a while.
Exactly. With a comment of mine attached to the ignored, I can know if the reason is big enough to keep them on there.
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That actually kinda sounds stupid but good, why do you wanna delete people from adding comments in the arena? (that's the good part cause some comments might be rude) why do you wanna delete friends sending gift's? that sounds dumb, well i do like that a bit that you won't have to worry about the rude person any more contacting you if you ignore that's actually a good thing 4laugh well i'll see next week if it's stupid or not so ignore me saying it, i'll be the judge. cool

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