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this is perfect and beautiful in every way.
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Site Feedback Rules and Guidelines
Creating threads that bar other members from posting; example: "If you don't like my idea you can GTFO", will result in your thread or post being removed from the forum.

This also applies to using the ignore feature to block people that disagree yes? I thought it was an official SF/discussion forum rule, but could not find it specifically listed in the R&G. If I just missed it, awesome, if not, can this be made an official part of the rules? I think that abuse of the ignore system in discussion forms and SF specifically should be a reportable offense if it isn't so already. But, overall, I'm glad to see that things on the To-Do list (which must still be a mile long) getting worked on. Thanks guys.
Being able to report somebody for ignore listing them would be self-defeating. As you could not like somebody have a thread, ignore list them and then they could say you're ignoring them from being able to post in your thread. This would get you in trouble, even if that wasn't the case.
You should view this, it's by an ex-moderator
You can add anyone to your ignore list for any reason you wish, this list is your own personal blacklist of any and everyone you don't want to deal with. There is no such thing as ignore button abuse.


^_^' I didn't really understand everything that you wrote. But, there is a such thing as ignore system abuse, it is reportable under certain circumstances, and unless a more recent/official link is presented, I'm afraid I don't see how anything I've mentioned would 'get me in trouble'.
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Finally! D: Thanks for the update. Much needed.
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yum_cupcake S-U-G-A-R...
Jump into your racing car

gaia_gaiagold Thank you, thank you, thank you! emotion_bigheart gaia_gaiagold

and say SUGAR RUSH!
SUGAR RUSH yum_cupcake
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Perhaps, & thus this is why I am here. ^^;; Hopefully a Dev sees my question about the announc
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actually like this idea! but still, in case if the person that you ignored for example, meet in places such as towns for example and you already added that person to the ignore list, will it be possible for that person whom you put on ignored can't chat with you? just wondering because in my opinion in possibly some cases the jerk will probably keep bullying and that isn't a good thing when you are in the same area in towns for example. That is my question Mr.Kenny
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mmm... neutral
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Oh thanks. That point wasn't clear that it referred to the preview window. My hopes have been confirmed. This is an excellent idea. I am so sick of the stalking and harrassment.

I had to re-read it myself. I think people who dislike each other should be able to enjoy the same threads. But if you're so angry with them that you can't stand to even see them, or if they're stalking you, you aren't going to want to post. This is going to make people happier I think. smile

Enjoying the same threads is okay, as long as they aren't causing a scene or quoting you so you get notifications.
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Card Statistics and Details - Compiled
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HoC Forfeit System Revision Proposal

Excellent. The only thing more I could want that hasn't been stated in one way or another (being effected of not) would be to have a small comment box on the ignore list to note why you ignored the person in the first place. After a while, it is easy to forget.... having a little reminder spot where you can write why you ignored them would be excellent in the future.

I can't wait until this goes live.

Guys, seriously... if there is a thread or a post around here that you don't like... leave it be. Spreading hate and trolling people has no place in this community. Certain people may have been in the wrong, but when you troll or hate on them you get in the wrong too. Don't prolong it or add to it; let it go. If it is blatant trolling, a misplaced thread or anything that violates the ToS, report it and move along. Don't feed the trolls and don't add to the hatred. This is a nice, clean and happy community. Please, don't dirty it.

I am Gavyn the Mighty and I approve of this message.
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Perhaps, & thus this is why I am here. ^^;; Hopefully a Dev sees my question about the announc
I'll cross my fingers for you. smile
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It was needed I guess... so awesome. (we need a thumbs up emote)
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About damn time! classified_fu
Shoo, there are some serious stalkers out there...*cough*
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this is too great
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If they don't see it here, I'll be a pest during the ATA this Monday. ^^
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Excellent news! Thanks for finally implementing these much-needed changes.

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