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Okay, so here we go.
Ever look up at your name in the forums and say... man that's a good name. But even so it could use a little more pizzaz. Without changing your name how do you make it even better?

I've proposed the idea of items that affect the text style of your username, making it look less like


and more like

User Image
User Image

Keeping the same sizes as the regular username of course, just altering the letter style.
So gaia. Do your worst.
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Personally, no.

I find fonts like that can be quite obnoxious and frankly make it difficult to read the username. I don't see any real reason to "pimp out" our usernames on the forums. We can already add all that kind of junk on our profiles or our signatures. I don't really think we need it to be where our usernames are now.

It just seems like something of a waste of a feature.

User Image
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Naw, I think it would make it too hard to read.
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Things like that would make the forum look sloppy and inconsistent. I would want to adblock usernames that have an animated hue. sweatdrop
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Naw, I think it would make it too hard to read.

I mean they wouldn't be exactly like that. I'm sure the designers would keep that in mind.
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It would be a real hell to code for and a real hell for anyone not running with the fastest and unlimited internet provider. As hard as it is to believe, some people have a cap on how much stuff they can download. And loading a webpage full of names that sparkle and twinkle would take more than just plain, simple lettering. Even with unlimited downloading, it'd slow computers down if they had to load a ton of stuff like that. It'd be a hassle on both ends of it, and I'd rather they keep things simple for everyone's sake.
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Those two examples are so chaotic it's almost eye-bleeding quality. I wouldn't want anything like that represent on the forums. Having a static (non-animated) name is best. Also having a readable font is best too. I don't think having users adding 'bling' to their names would be the best thing.

I prefer it the way it is now. Easier on the eyes as well as easier on people who have to load the pages. Although, a slight bit more off-black instead of stark black may be more kind to the user's eyes.
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No thanks.

I have a hard enough time with text when people want it to be 8 points and in YELLOW. The last thing I need is some obnoxious, unreadable font and it flashing at me.
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holy s**t no
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I would...download adblock to block those out. Usernames are too small to effectively apply something like that and honestly, animated items and signatures lag my browser enough as it is, without animated usernames on top of that.

We don't need everything on the site flashing, sparkling or doing something besides just sitting there being legible and unobtrusive.
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I say no, those would make the forums look horrible, not to mention the fact that they’re harder to read.
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Ϲ ʀ ʏ s т Α ʟ ♥ ◕ ω ◕
            Another unmentioned issue would be that it could be used by password phishers.
            "Look at my username! It has sparkles and bounces around and is a different font! That means imma admin/mod/dev/whatever and I need your password!"
            It would just be too easy to take advantage of. talk2hand
            As others have mentioned, it would make the forums look sloppy and could cause major issues with loading.
            Even if your suggestion was to allow users to change the font face to other legible fonts,
            I'd still be against it for the same reasons stated above.
            The blingee gifs can be used in your profile and signatures (as long as they follow ToS & Guidelines)
            and keeping everyone's usernames looking the same makes the site more enjoyable.

            Just to add, I have never seen a forum that allows you to use crazy effects to "enhance" your username.
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User Image

            I don't see the point of this at all.
            All I see coming from it is a hard time coding this, a bunch of lag and then impossible to read fonts.

            I don't see why we need this, I dunno anywhere where you need to make your username pretty. You can customize your avi, heck even your post style. I don't see the need for anymore.

User Image
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Our font size is naturally a what? 12? Can you imagine trying to read a "fancy" font that's been designed and what-not in that size? It would be almost impossible. I don't want to have to quote everyone to find out what their name is because they wanted a pink caligraphy type of cursive font.
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What all of them said, and I don't think the usernames would be selectable anymore if they were images rather than text. That would be a huge pain.

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