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I am sorry but I was browsing the forum and I saw a LOT of negative feed back and very little to no good. Well I love the new layout for My Gaia and I hope they improve upon it. I for one would like to see the Inventory value that they had in the screen cap. It would be nice to see all that info at a glance. What most of you don't seem to realize is you can still get to your subscription page to view your threads.

Really one little Change and it's like your entire world is going to end. Well I like it and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

People always complain and rarely compliment that is why it seems everything gaia is doing is bad, however they must be doing something right they are still here after 5 years of users bitching.

- Jessy Rath
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I'm with ya mrgreen
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I love the new layout, it actually brings actual VALUE and useability to the My Gaia page...let's face it (and I'm not speaking for anyone, just my opinion) that the old My Gaia was only visited so people can grab their daily chance (and I bet Gaia can prove that with their web analytics on visited pages across the site)...

Anyways to OP, Good feedback, but I suggest placing them in the Stickies at the top of SF so the devs and admin can have all info consolidated:

- Post HERE with any Feedback on the New My Gaia Layout and Tabs

- Post HERE for suggestions on News Feeds you'd like to see added
Oh yes, Gaia really is doing something right to still be here for 5 years 3nodding

Gaia is of course still not listening to its users but are making topics for users to say their view anyway.
Why would Gaia want to make something and then have users moan about how they do not want it?
Well Gaia does it because Gaia can.
Gaia can ignore users all the time and just tell them to shut up and just accept what they have done to the site, as they normally do.

Also I respect that a dev will reply to this topic or a good topic saying good things.
Remember that Devs only like to hear good things 3nodding
You may get a Dev in here because you are saying a good thing.
Unlike all of the other topics which are moaning because why would the staff want to hear users moaning when they can listen to users saying how great their new feature to the site is.
I love it as well, it's much easier to navigate now, in my opinion :3
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It's something new. That can polarize a lot of people. I don't mind it too much.

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