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Update: Narumi Misuhara is, and has been, reading feedback on Alchemy throughout SF and in this thread. They have been updating us and they are being really understanding, so show them some love!
..As soon as I heard they were going to be released through Alchemy. Unknown to me, however, was the degree and severity of the ******** that had been dealt to us.

So, apparently these formulas have been in the alchemists case all this time. That means the odds are so impossibly low that in the months since alchemy has been released, so few people have obtained them that nobody knew where they came from.

These odds are worse than the odds for a RIG ultra rare. RIGs are out for 2-3 weeks only, and there will be a handful of the ultra rares circulating around.

The Alchemists case has been out for months, and it took a long time for even one of the wing formulas to be found.

Even worse is, just so you didn't "technically" lie, the formula has the word "quest" in it. How nice.

I am glad I gave up on getting the wings as soon as I saw they were gonna be released via Alchemy. I still can't believe you did this though. People have asked for these ever since Gaia existed, and this is what you do. It shows where your loyalty lies. Not with the users who support you... no, certainly not. Because if it was, the wings, while not easily obtainable would at least be a realistic goal to hope for.

Instead, the wings are a formula which we will have to spend countless millions of gold, countless hours of work to obtain and craft. That, or pay some rich guy who bought their way to level 10 our entire account's worth to do it for us.

Gaia has begun to cater almost solely to the ultra elite. The richest, the most "dedicated" users. Nevermind the people who are online every day, posting, discussing, enjoying the site. Nevermind the people supporting the site financially, the people who'd defend the site against any and all criticism. No, all that matters at the end of the day is the amount of fake shiny gold someone is willing to waste on a feature most people can't even use because the staff made it nigh impossible.

The only comfort the "lower class" has are gold shop updates and events. But, pish posh! Only worthless PEASANTS enjoy events and wear gold shop items!

It is clear that Gaia enjoys elitism and the dichotomy it creates between users. They have been subtly encouraging it with RIG ultra rares and now are outright, blatantly encouraging it via Alchemy.

I'm so disappointed Gaia. But who am I kidding... you don't care about me. My fake wallet isn't fat enough, nor is my real wallet fat enough to pad the fake one.
And that means I'm not to be considered by you, apparently. Nor are any of the people who actually asked for the damned wings in the first place.

Anyone who wants to rip into me about using the word "us", it refers to myself and my imaginary friends, obviously.
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Yeah. They need to define hardcore for the rest of us plebeians so we know when to give up.
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: : So I'll find what lies beneath your sick, twisted smile,

I couldn't have said this better, myself. heart

I think one of my wishes to happen for when I return from my forced hiatus is for there to once more be a flooding of threads about Alchemy here in the SF... Forget if they are all on the same subject, the Outcry hasn't subsided or vanished. ">.> It is still here, we are still waiting.

We won't give up, Gaia, until you give us what we want.

And damn me if you do for using "we" and "us", because I am just one of the many who knows that there are possibly thousands who are growing sick of the feature known as Alchemy. Hundreds are already fed up with it, and the staff may even be intimidated if the majority of Gaia speaks out once more, rises up and shows Gaia that they cannot ignore us when we still have that tiny sliver of hope. They cannot leave the matter be and let it get worse. No, someday they will be forced to listen to the majority of the users!

As I lie underneath your cold, jaded eyes. : :
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Alchemy has been nothing but a thorn in this site's side ever since it came out. From the majority of users they purposefully chose to exclude to the people who gave it an honest try to find out that they wasted however many bazillion gold and hours of time on a formula that left them with a generic quality item with one pose.

I wish they'd pen it like Old Yeller gone rabid and blast it in the face with a shotgun at this point. Not that they will.
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The moment the words "They've been in the Alchemist's Case the entire time" slipped out of artist lips I knew we were ********.

The odds must be microscopic for it to be un-found for almost a year. And yet the artists see nothing wrong with that.
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My pain due to disappointment is expressed so well by your words.
I want to hug you.

Oh, and there will probably be people posting here saying, "BAWWW. So what if you can't have backwings? There are plenty of OTHER types of wings available. BAWWWW."

So, just prepare for that ahead of time.
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Yeah. They need to define hardcore for the rest of us plebeians so we know when to give up.
I'm pretty sure someone, or two, already defined what Hardcore meant.
Then again I don't know, I'm not hardcore and too much of a plebeian to understand, obviously.
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CHANCE ~ biggrin

*readies a weapon meant to kill ladyluck*
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I wish I could tip the op 100k in gold. That's how much I agree. Us casual or even the semi-hardcore users who once tgought they were hardcore because they had a kitten star are just not hardcore enough for this aspect. Hopefully the system has such a low use that it eventually goes away and all users can be treated equally by the features again, based on their actual desire to use the feature (save for issues caused by hard/software).
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

*applauds and applauds some more*

THE MORE PEOPLE WEARING THE ITEM, THE MORE IT IS COVETED AND DESIRED BY USERS AND THE PRICE IN THE MP MEANS NOTHING AFTER THAT. Why can the artists not see this? I would rather enjoy playing with items and item combinations that are common and look wonderful than sacrificing my whole body for a single-posed item whose quality looks worse than older items.

I will be damned that my mouth even closes on this matter. I spent nearly eight hundred bucks on this site since September, and yet I am still far from "hardcore" enough to have backwings, let alone level up in Alchemy. emotion_donotwant I have been logging in almost every single day for years now. I have yet to craft more than two level three formulas since I became level three a couple of months ago despite spending over ten million gold that was mostly obtained by CASH ITEMS I SOLD ON THE MP. Is there something wrong with this picture, or am I just completely blind?

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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I'm pretty sure at least 3 people had the angelic key at least a month ago when I heard about it. I didn't know the demonic one existed though.
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So glad I've never cared much for backwings. I honestly feel terrible for those that have wanted them for the past (almost) 9 years. What a terrible thing to do to your users, Gaia. Seriously.
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Not often do I feel fed up or even a bit cross with Gaia, but this is one of those situations where I am.
It's obvious that my account and dedication to this site has all the worth to Gaia that a nineteenth century London street urchin would have had to Ebeneezer Scrooge before he got the sense kicked into him by a few ghosts.

It's really wonderfully nice to know how much they really care about us proles who make up most of their loyal user base.
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I'm not disappointed nor surprised. I expected not to get backwings or anything with a high amount of imaginary status on this site since RIGs came out. We've been seeing things like this since 2k8. How many times have we told Gaia to cut it out with chance and impossible odds? It's just what happens when a company grows large and forgets the roots from where it came. Still it's sad that I come on a site wanting to have some 'semblance of fun and leave feeling and wondering why I'm being "punished" to a degree.

That optimistic side of me is going "Pepper Tea is lying." Staff just popped those formulas in there right before putting it in BB XD

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