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I only give money to those who earn it.
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Thanks so much for checking out this thread, and for considering helping Gaia by viewing ads we show on our site!

As we mentioned in the announcement, ads are a great source of revenue for us - the more ads people watch on Gaia, the more revenue we get. This money then allows us continue keeping Gaia up and running, and providing you all an awesome place to call home online!

Below is a Mini-FAQ with some answers to common questions you might have, steps on how you can white-list Gaia to see ads on our site, etc. We hope you find it useful! 3nodding

Wow, you realize people have Ad-block for a reason, right? We don't want ads. We don't want spam. We don't want this bullshit excuse for what used to be a really great site. How about you tell us how to get rid of Announcements? You know, something the community is begging for.
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This thread...
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whitelist ads you say
remarks to admins
no i wont do it
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nope not till gaia gets things fixed.
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How about a deal, dear Gaia?
I will whitelist and even click on those ads, if you will get rid of the gold generators and you make a real gold sink to reduce the hyperinflation. I think most of the users would do this. But I think it's useless to speak to you...

and they cut back on gaia cash items and do more gold items.

I would not mind a gold genarator if it was once in a blue moon thing.
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A big Vocaloid fan
An otaku and a nerd!
... wait, they're the same thing.

ahaha how about.... no?
Stop stealing money from us and maybe I will.

I love Japan and always will!
Need a Break From Ads?

Ads can be pesky, but they keep Gaia free and fund new features. There are two easy ways to disable third-party ads while still helping the site: purchase an item worth at least 249 Gaia Cash to disable 'em for 30 days, or sign up for AutoCash to axe 'em indefinitely.

Disable Ads:
Buy an item worth at least 249 GC to unlock this option.

Oh well if you don't pay guess you can't disable it :I
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No Gaia just ******** no. Fix the site and stop bothering us with all these announcements and ad staff updates.
Having to spend money online to block a feature you guys pushed onto gaiaonline just to make more money is positively idiotic. You all have turned into rip off artists in their finest form's and it's become sad. kuddos for you guys and your tactics on making money, but do some good for the site and its online community as well as make all the money you all are. It's no difficult chore.

Also, you should make the site more accessible for mobile devices because well, your app sucks wang. Conjure up a mobile site like most other websites have been? Make it an option for phones/ipads/ipods ect. I use gaiaonline with my iPad. I do not own a computer. And I've been doing this for about a year or so. Your ad's that you have set up in the shop's, make it impossible to go into any of the shop's. Like the Cash Shop for one.
So if you Developer's really give a single crap about your site/community and read your feedback, think about this. Because you're all just running it to the ground.

Why not make Gaiaonline.com a great site that it has the potential for, instead of making the people on it nothing but dollar signs?
You know that saying that children get told, ' treat others how you want to be treated. '
Stop being so childish and treating all of us like nothing but utter crap. Its our money that pays you, give us what we pay for and want.

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