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I'll disable my ad-block on this site the moment your ads become less aggressive and stop setting my anti-virus software off. There is no reason video ads should auto start or take up my entire screen, I should not get a "you will be redirected to Gaia in [insert] seconds" after being directed away from the site, and I should not have to worry about my laptop getting infected. Fix the issues, then we'll talk about my support.
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I will disable my ad blocker for gaia when you make the ads less intrusive and annoying. I can't change my shirt without hitting a loud ad.

Either give us an option to monthly disable them via some pay service like buying an MC used to do or maybe purchase 999 GC/mo or deal with the fact that I will not be viewing ads on your site.
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I'm not whitelisting anything from Gaia, and if I could block announcements I would, too.
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This thread has the best replies. rofl

I white-list Gaia for like ten mins for the free Gaia cash and then c**k block their ads again with adblock~

I don't think you understand how ANNOYING the roll over ads are.
Or the ones that just randomly talk/make sounds.

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Mono Monoko
I'm not whitelisting anything from Gaia, and if I could block announcements I would, too.

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Are y'all serious? Why on Gallifrey would I whitelist ads for a site that's done nothing but go down the tubes in terms of quality, as well as wanting a whole lot of something for a whole bunch of nothing?

I realize running a site/company isn't cheap, but there are better ways to go about it.

And for the love of everything unholy, stop spamming us with Announcements.

Gold generators need to find a fire to jump into as well.
I'll whitelist the day the adds aren't obnoxious and the day that this doesn't mean I also have to allow 20 different scripts to run in the background and thus slow down my page loading time never mind what sort of sneaky malware any of those twenty scripts may have. Because whitelisting doesn't just allow ads, you also have loads of trackers.

Also, it would be really nice if blocking scripts didn't also make the site glitch out and constantly double-reload for me. The site's running shouldn't be dependent on you guys selling space to pixel trackers :c.

I can say that even as I type this response adblock has three things blocked and ghostery is blocking two ads, two analytics, and the facebook widget (which also tracks your internet activity and reports it to FB so they can show you curated ads).

I have some places whitelisted even if that does open things up to trackers, because I want to support the creators. The fact that when I tried unblocking ads here suddenly we were in the double digits of various scripts/trackers/beacons/pixels/video ads all running... Not cool.
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I refused to whitelist anything on Gaia the minute they allowed virus-ridden adds to exist for months before the massive outcry finally forced them to act. Then they brought on a whole new set which caused even more problems all for the sake of extra money.

This site, its owners and staff have become utterly corrupted by greed as evidenced in the non-stop flow of generators, store items and the complete destruction of the gold-based economy. Not to mention the fact that now staff accounts are creating their own gold to further hyper-inflate the economy ala 133TGATE.

I'm not giving these crooks a single dime. Everyone needs to Adblock the whole site and Noscript all their information farmers like scorecardresearch.com!

If Gaia wants money, let THEM work for it for a change!
xd hello every one
I used to have all ads on. When I first heard of adblock, I didn't even look into it right away and kept on like that.

Then this site and only this site's ad began 1. lagging the hell out of me with script errors, 2. malware, including one of those fake virus scan things that inserted itself without me ever clicking on an actual ad. Gaia is the reason I got adblock.

All we ever hear is "they can't look at all the ads! just report them!" You, who does business with these ad providers are throwing up your hands instead of demanding they get better non-malicious ads. You pass this onto the users, you blame us for lost revenue when we won't take the gamble for you.

Since you let me know you will not protect me, I protect myself, especially because I am poor and I cannot afford to take chances with an expensive computer. I will not turn adblock off for your site.
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          Wow, Gaia. Look at all your upset customers.
          You should really do something..

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