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I understand the reasoning behind having them and I support that but do they have to make them so darn annoying? The ones i'm currently getting EVERYWHERE make noises whenever I move my cursor anywhere near them. If they were quiet ads it'd be okay but these ones are just ridiculous! I don't have adblock on right now and they're irritating the hell out of me. Kind of defeats the object when the ads are (pretty much) driving users away from the site.

I don't care what you do with the ad space, make it 50% of the screen, 10 in one place. I just want to listen to my music without a darn chicken/camel/whatever (current noisy ads i'm experiencing on Gaia) screaming at me, kay? No auto-playing video ads, no mouse-over pop ups or noises, no excessive flashing. Just no.

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You're doing it wrong. From what I've seen, people download adblock because they want to block ads from view.

What you need to do is provide people with incentives for keeping adblock off. The random item ad that gave away a unique item for having ads on (if you caught the ad) was a good stab at providing an incentive but you went about that the wrong way too.

You need to give people the opportunity to collect points to build up to something so that they keep their viewing of ads constant and feel that there is a game-like aspect to it that isn't hopelessly based on chance (to get a good item).

Maybe asking people to disable adblock for Gaia will help boost your ad revenue for a short while but people will go back to using adblock if the message isn't shoved in their face every couple of days.

in sum my advice is to give ad viewing more of a game like aspect - give it a scavenger hunt element that builds up to a reward every X number of retrieved Ys or something.

a stick needs a carrot in order to get the donkey to move
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I wish there was an easier way to report the adverts, like an (x) option in the corner of the advert that would bring up that advert and a box to right in why it is inappropriate. We'd n** a lot more bad adverts in the bud that way.

Though I can say that you should take the vertical adverts off the avatar designer page completely. As the ads activate if you have an item menu overlap them. Only put adverts on that page horizontally at the top.
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I buy your damn gaia cash.
For the people who are not gullible,
they make more money from gaia cash.

The gaia exchange.

I see no reason to view your stinkin' ads's
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I guess No Script also stops ads from showing too?

No Script is blocking:
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******** this.

If you want revenue, use your networks like google+ (see what I did there) to promote activity, and s**t like Summer Springs shutting down? If you want people to come to this site and spend their money you'd be more resourceful than punishing your already loyal customers with ads. I'll never disable ad-block, ads shouldn't exist. If you're stuck for ideas, feel free to PM me and get some, I've plenty of them, and in interest of a website's future that I've basically been raised on, I'll offer them all for free.
Main argument = don't shaft us, we want to help.
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I am really worried about getting a virus personally.
deviantArt and Bulbapedia were attacked,
Gaia could always be next to get a virus.
I did white list Gaia for the sake of loving this site to death
and wanting to support it as much as I can,
but I hope this doesn't come at a cost.
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Sisky I think you and the team are fantastic. I got a regular nine to five job a few months ago and now I buy GC with some frequency. I guess what I want to know is if my 'investment' is in danger. You guys have kept me entertained for the better part of a decade and since Tinier Me went down I can't stop wondering when Gaia will go too. I guess I just hope if I keep throwing money at you y'all will still be around.
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I look at ads through the gaia tree and I think that is a great way to get users to see ads but can you do something so it doesn't malfunction as often!!! There are just some ads that don't play or that aren't set up well so I can't even see what the ad is. Ads are important but ad quality can make a hell of a difference for the veiwer!!!
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I use AdBlocker on every site I'm on. Youtube, Facebook, Gaia, everything. Why? Advertisements are utterly annoying. The ones that have to load in order for you to close it, the ones that talk really loud and you can't mute, even the ones who you can't get rid of until you interact with it.

And I swear if I get another stupid advertisement about the athlete or something with a phone or that stupid pinball car one I'm going to quit Gaia again.

Needless to say I love you Gaia, but I Hate your ads. I'd MAYBE be more willing to turn off my ads, if you had a page just for advertisements perhaps. A page you can turn off your blockers and refresh the page for advertisements. Something similar to the video offers for GC, except you give gold or something and you have a limit of like 5k gold a day.
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Oh Also - you guys no longer have your gaia cash cards where I can buy them =| I'm not buying some random card and hope it works.

Otherwise I'd support the site like I use to.
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Sorry, Gaia. I feel that I have given a lot already by purchasing cash, and for my dedication to this site in general. I not only have ads blocked, but other site contents as well; (suggested friends and the thread voting system, for those curious). To enable advertisements means lifting those blocks as well, which I would rather not do. Nevertheless, I will continue to support you all in the ways that I can, even if it's not by watching/viewing your ads. ^^
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Eh I got rid of ads long ago because they kept blocking my inventory when I went to dress up or they would block other stuff I wanted to get to. If they can make then itty bitty maybe I would xD
Ok I will unblock it >w<

I hope i don't get a virus cause this laptop is nearly gone -getting a new one in 1-3 months-
I used to buy gaia cash but your cards are not in wal mart ; u ; ill probably will find a gaia card in game stop if I do I would buy it.
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Most of the ads are harmless. I white listed Gaia so I could get the ads that offer gold.
I saw one lately that didn't give the 100g it said it would give.
As for DC, I found I'd rather view a quick ad than see the same avatar again and again. neutral

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