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Tell you what admins, I spend a lot of money Gaia Cash already, but I may be open to taking out my adblock plus for you guys. On one condition though, change back Virtual Hollywood and Rally like how it used to be, and especially change back that awful music in the bar.

AND LET US MAKE OUR OWN SERVERS AGAIN. Many people have been telling you this! Listen to your consumers! There was no need to change something already perfect. Should have just left Towns 2 has the testing for all of that to see how people would like it, if you guys did not that many people would be complaining. It's not cool to just change something without giving us a heads up.

Do that, and I'll be inclined to appreciate this community more than enough to take down my adblock plus, since I would see that you guys appreciate us just as much.
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Someone's gonna tell you who you should wanna be.
So you'll forget the vision that they didn't wanna see.

I have the ads on here blocked for 3 reasons:
1. The Meebo bar ads, especially the ones that pop up when you roll over them. My computer is 3.5 years old, so I sometimes loose control of the mouse. Having to then wait for the ad to load just so I can close it is too obnoxious for me to deal with.
2. Talking ads. I like having iTunes going on my computer when on here, and when I suddenly hear an ad start going without me even interacting with it, it really pisses me off.
3. As previously mentioned, I do have an old laptop, so it runs somewhat slow to begin with. Trying to load ads on top of that is frustrating for me.

I also know that I used to have problems with my computers on occasion telling me that Gaia was unsafe and that there might be viruses coming from it. Not just my lap top. The desktop and my neighbors desk top did the same thing. Each computer has slightly different settings/ different antivirus stuff. Since using AdBlocker I haven't seen that message once.

I do, however, do the GC offers.

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*silly fake-italian accent*

I pay you money for buying Cash when i want it

I paid you money for Autocash while i thought i could afford ten dollar a month on that

I visit the site every day, i post in forums, i complain about how item-focused the site has become and i secretly complain about the roleplay-limitations of the site since those last two might be reason why so many of your members go kaputt
*end of accent*
/too many Gaians cave in under the pressure of needing to make those hundreds of thousands of gold to wear something fancy -with no way to make those money in a fair share of time

I hate things startling me and disrupting my concentration while working, while doing Gaia at the same time,
I will not turn off any adblocks i might or might not have.

A citizen has spoken!

i'm also not apreciating the sexual-offers, or intimacy, ADs that show up on gaia...
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I would be willing to allow the ads if Gaia was the provider and if the ads originated from ads.gaiaonline.com instead of a random 3rd party known for the distribution of malicious code, pornography and other illicit material.
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Since you might want to discuss this, we'll be leaving this thread open for a couple of weeks to get your feedback, thoughts, etc.

Take care 3nodding

cat_stare This......does become a bit of a problem for most -- if not many -- of us here. For example, I use ABP not only to block offensive, annoying, or potentially obtrusive ads, but also to avoid having to see certain kinds of images posted by users in either their signatures or in their profiles -- images that just conveniently happen to fall into those same categories. Furthermore, not only is there no way for ABP to simply block those aforementioned images while disabling the actual ad-blocking functionality, that one program alone isn't the only ad-blocking browser plugin being used by many users on this site. cat_whee
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Sadly, I'm going to have to say that a couple of your ad providers are just too sketchy for me to feel comfortable whitelisting ads on gaia. Such as Euroclick or 24/7 RealMedia.

The majority of your providers aren't too bad, but those couple bad apples keep me distrustful. Replace them with ad providers with more positive reputations, and we'll talk.
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The ad in the Meebo bar is still there when I turn ads back on, its always those really annoying type ones where you hover over them and a popup appears.
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Both times I've checked since it's been updated, it's had ads. I will check again. If the ad doesn't appear then my ads will come back on.
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I have my ads blocked also because I get the autocash whenever I can, I too only use it because of those specific ads that bother me. The ones I hate are the ones that pop up in the dressing room that start videos if I scroll over it. I like to open my items and put them on the side while I create avatars, so the ads pop up a lot, and I find it really irritating. And as a few other memebers pointed out, ads are the reason why I don't use the Meebo bar and stuck with the older one. If you got rid of those two I would definitely turn my ads back on. The placeholders you guys have for them are really boring and I miss out on the chance at getting free gold from some ads.
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Thanks Sisky!

I feel slightly ashamed now sweatdrop
but I'm glad to know that watching ads can help
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I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice and I use a basic Ad Blocker.

I got Ad Blocker because I am on Youtube a LOT and I absolutely hate the ads on there. However, one of other primary reasons I even have it in the first place is because Gaia ads are ANNOYING. I got really sick of the meebo bar ads, and ESPECIALLY the video ads that would play and just completely disrupt my online experience. I HATE YOUR ADS. I love you Gaia, I really do, but I'm not sitting through annoying video ads just because you want to "better enhance my Gaia experience." Because it doesn't.

I'm sorry if it sounds bitter, or mean, but I will *never* and I mean NEVER whitelist Gaia ads. If you really want to make it about the financial issue, fine, I get it. Running a website isn't free. But What I don't understand is how you can be having money "issues" when people spend money buying Gaia Cash! Where does the revenue from that go??

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to support the site this way. If I want to support the site, I'll buy merchandise or go to a convention.
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I've had several bad experiences with advertisements on Gaia in the past. I wouldn't fault you guys for it, except reporting the problem ads has always been a drawn out process and never seems to be resolved. It's a LOT easier for someone to install AdBlock than install some program just to help give you the required information about the ad.

Since the ad situation on here hasn't improved, I'm not white-listing Gaia. I do watch sponsor videos for Gaia Cash to help make up for that, even though there's rarely anything interesting for me to spend GC on.
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Every now and again I pause Adblock to see what kind of ads are showing up on Gaia. I'd love to leave it that way and help support the site with no cost to me. But it generally only takes a few minutes for a ridiculously loud and annoying talking ad to appear, and half of them can't be turned off. It's just not worth it.
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Frankly, I think you guys are asking a lot. I would like to see the actual revenue that gaia makes, considering how expensive many cash shop items are and how many are still sold. I don't think it's wrong for us to decide to not deal with annoying ads, as well. Many of them are very intrusive, will open new windows or tabs, make loud noises or play music, or are just visually offensive.

I assume that you guys are actually posting about this because you find a problem with many people using ad blockers. Perhaps if you made gaia cash more affordable and then actually did good work while updating features, users would be more inclined to purchase and we wouldn't need so many ads. The disconnect between people who spend on GCash and those who don't is incredible.

Frankly, asking us to whitelist ads on gaia is a bit disrespectful, considering how users who don't buy GCash are able to do so much less on Gaia than those who do.

So with all due respect, buzz off.

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