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Many thanks for the info.
I've been getting some intrusive ads that open tabs with no redirect warning lately, and I really don't want to deprive Gaia of its income by blocking everything.
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As long as ads are viewable but out of the way (and don't invade any of my info or privacy), I'm alright with ads ^^ I wouldn't want to stop Gaia from getting the means to improve itself
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Since you might want to discuss this, we'll be leaving this thread open for a couple of weeks to get your feedback, thoughts, etc.

Take care 3nodding

I have always wondered where the ads I see on Gaia come from, and have been told that Gaia itself has nothing to do with which ads I see, but rather the ads are based on my browsing history.
Is this true?

Also, does Gaia get revenue for the ad merely being allowed to appear on my screen, or do I have to follow the link in the ad for Gaia to get paid?

Does Gaia get additional revenue if I follow a link?
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I will not view ads. -Swag
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Oh, fine, I'll turn adblock off again, but the hot minute I hear a talking ad on this site it's getting turned on again. I don't need that kind of aggravation in my life.
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I'm pretty apathetic about all ads EXCEPT THE ONES THAT POP UP in mid screen. D= Those I can't stand....
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This is really helpful! I know it is hard for you guys to tend to the problem of ads and it's hazards to some people and I appreciate all that you do to try and resolve things to help out.

Keep up the great work! mrgreen
I like supporting the site.
But, when I'm listening to music while perusing the site, I don't accept ads with sound. Soooo, Conundrum that ends in turning off the ads.
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I love this site! I have 8 accounts with you guys and I visit them often as I can when I roleplay! I really enjoy Gaia and I would hate to see anything disrupt our little community (that is growing ever smaller.. cry ). I will activate the ads thingy for all of them. I may hate the ads shown because they can be annoying sometimes, but if it will help the site, then I will watch them!
P.S. YOU ARE DOING GREAT WITH THE SITE ALL YOU MODS, ADMINS, AND OTHER FIGURES OF ATHORITY! (except for a few things that dont really matter atm...)
I used to use ad block. But I learned quite a while ago that many sites I visit use ads to support themselves. I've never used to it again. And honestly, I think Gaia's really good about keeping their ads from being annoying, so I don't mind at all.
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if i disable adblock on gaia, then i'll be stuck seeing stupid face pics in signatures again due to the retarded way the redirect works. no thanks.
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I understand why you have ads on the site, but the only place I absolultly can't stand ads is on the meebo bar. This is the only reason I have ads turned off. Otherwise I would keep them on forever. Just the meebo bar is so cluttered as is. No need to take up more just for the one constent ad. Just my opinion on things. I know there is only so much you can do and you have to cover sever costs for the site and other things. I love Gaia, but I hate the meebo bar ad. ^^;

Thanks for reading,

If they removed the ad from the Meebo bar I would have never turned them off.
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I do not like having the ads as they slow down the page load and some of the ads have all but killed pages before (I believe Discover card had one that did that).

I use to keep the ads on my mule account, but some of the ads (like the Discover one) started affecting my time on Gaia, especially with page loading that I now save up the free Gaia cash from the cash tree to buy something once a month strictly to keep the ads turned off.

The ads are also why I still use the old footer and why I turned off the footer on my mule (before I started saving Gcash to turn off the ads, which only started like December or maybe November last year).

If the ads were not so noticeable (as in noticeably affecting in a negative way) to my normal routine on Gaia, I would not have an issue with them. I do not have a problem with the replacement ads Gaia uses for those that have turned off ads from monthly Gcash purchases. They do not bother me while I am on Gaia, and I do notice them. Actually, I always thought they could have put them to better use advertising various things on Gaia, like particular items available in the gold shops (maybe from recent releases).

In short, I do not have time to waste on waiting for advertisements to load and play while I am on Gaia. Since they generally do slow down page loading (and sometimes worse), I do have them turned off via monthly Gcash 'donation'.

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