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Thanks so much for checking out this thread, and for considering helping Gaia by viewing ads we show on our site!

As we mentioned in the announcement, ads are a great source of revenue for us - the more ads people watch on Gaia, the more revenue we get. This money then allows us continue keeping Gaia up and running, and providing you all an awesome place to call home online!

Below is a Mini-FAQ with some answers to common questions you might have, steps on how you can white-list Gaia to see ads on our site, etc. We hope you find it useful! 3nodding
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gaia_angelleft gaia_kittenstar White-Listing Ads on Gaia Mini-FAQ gaia_kittenstar gaia_angelright

Q: Why should I watch the ads you show on Gaia?
Watching ads that we show via our ad providers allows us to help keep Gaia up and running! The revenue we earn from this goes back into all sorts of things such as staff costs, server costs, etc. which in turn allow us to continue giving you an awesome online home!

Q: Will Gaia shut down if we don't watch the ads?
Not at all - don't panic! Gaia will not shut down if people don't white-list the ads, but it does impact our ability to give you more new features, fix bugs, fill user item requests, etc. We just wanted to ask you to do this to help us help you have a better experience 3nodding

Q: I bought Gaia cash this month or have AutoCash and don't see ads - can I still help out by watching ads?
You most definitely can! You can allow ads to be seen on Gaia even if you have purchased Gaia cash for the month. To allow ads to be seen if you purchased Gaia cash, take the following steps:

a) Go to your Gaia Cash Purchase history page in your account settings. You'll find this at: http://www.gaiaonline.com/redeem/history/

b) Un-check the box beneath the "Disable Ads" option on the page and click the Save All Changes button!
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Q: I have AdBlock for Firefox - how can I white-list Gaia Online so I can see ads on Gaia but not elsewhere online?
Great question! You can white-list any site on which you want to see ads quickly and easily! Simply go to the "Tools" tab in the browser header, click on the "AdBlock" or "Adblock Plus" section in the drop-down tools list, and click the "Disable on gaiaonline.com" option. This will allow you to keep blocking ads elsewhere online, but see them on Gaia or other sites you want to support by watching their sponsored ads!
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Note: This is just how to white-list Gaia in the AdBlock Firefox extension. There are lots of other ad blocking tools out there for various browsers, but they should also have a URL white-list option. Check their tools and settings and you should easily find out how to do this! You can also Google the name of the application you are using and how to white-list URLs in this program.

Q: I'm happy to support Gaia by watching ads you show, but dang - I saw a horrible ad! How do I report it?
We get our ads from third-party groups, and sometimes you may accidentally see an ad that you feel is inappropriate for Gaia. If you do find such an ad, please feel free to report in the official thread here: Thread for Reporting Inappropriate Ads on Gaia!
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Since you might want to discuss this, we'll be leaving this thread open for a couple of weeks to get your feedback, thoughts, etc.

Take care 3nodding
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Sorry about that gang! I had this locked while I was making the thread, and forgot to unlock it XD It's open now, so you should be able to post biggrin
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/posts. heart
i have done all that you ask 3nodding
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I understand why you have ads on the site, but the only place I absolultly can't stand ads is on the meebo bar. This is the only reason I have ads turned off. Otherwise I would keep them on forever. Just the meebo bar is so cluttered as is. No need to take up more just for the one constent ad. Just my opinion on things. I know there is only so much you can do and you have to cover sever costs for the site and other things. I love Gaia, but I hate the meebo bar ad. ^^;

Thanks for reading,
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I don't like the ads on your site but I pay for GC so that shouldn't be an issue to keep them blocked for me. They can be very annoying and I'm sometimes directed to a different page if not careful. Ads tend to get in the way.
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While I understand that ads are annoying, I see their necessity. I will definitely keep ads up, if just to help this website develop in any small way I can. Proud member of Gaia since two years after it's release (Many accounts later, might I add, xd ).
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I will help.Happy too.
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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See, if I had AdBlock, I wouldn't white list Gaia.

The only thing you added since I been here that hasn't been messed with to the point of me not wanting to use it...well...I was going to say zOMG but ya'll have changed it enough that I don't want to play it. All ya'll seem to focus on is...how can we squeeze money out of our users? MORE ADS AND ONLY FOCUS ON CASH ITEMS

Though I don't have AdBlock so it doesn't make a difference.

Once ya'll decide to fix the problems that some accounts have with zOMG from 2 years+ ago...maybe I'd be more supportive of this (since over two years...you could have gotten the money to hire someone(s) at least temporarily to fix it)
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Mi reason for having the ads turned off is those damn noisy ones. Whilst listening to music or chatting to friends on skype, I don't want to hear these noisy things blasting off in the background, especially the ones which you cannot turn off sad

I've also had certain ads cause a lot of lag here on firefox, making it near to impossible to travel around the site. This was while I was only here on gaia, I didn't have any tabs open with other sites.
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I turned adds off briefly when I bought cash, but I found the add substitutes boring after a while!
Plus, sometimes there are adds you can click for gold! gaia_gaiagold

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