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Update as of 02/24/11

Newest Announcement/Update/Issue
February 25th, 2011:
  • The announcement has been pushed!
  • The Angelic Rod, finally, has been released!

Introduction: Why this thread exists
Gaia Fishing was Gaia's first game. It attracted many people on the site for many reasons. Some played for gold, others for the items. Some played to compete for the monthly trophies, and others just enjoyed the game and the friends that came from playing. Whatever the reason, Fishing has continued to hold a fanbase ever since it's release in late 2004. However, over the years the game has gotten little attention. Because of this, various problems have arisen that the community would like to see addressed because it is detracting from the experience of playing the game and in some cases, reaching out beyond the Fishing game itself. First will be presented the issues which we see as problematic. Following that will be our thanks for issues resolved recently as well as suggestions for the aforementioned problematic areas.

Small Note: This thread is about the bigger issues that the Fishing Community Faces. In case the powers that be do happen to see this, this thread has a compilation of the daily issues that we face on top of the ones presented here in Fishy Love.

Positive Feedback: The remaining parts of the Fishing Update
The announcement is still going out for some people as of this update, so you can see it here.

The long awaited announcement is finally here! With it comes public knowledge of the update we have come to love that was released in December (See section below for praise on that) along with the release of the legendary Angelic Rod! No word on the plus yet, but Gaia has finally come through with the biggest remaining parts of the update, thank you Gaia! The update for most people is now pretty much complete. Once we know if the Angelic Rod Plus is part of it, the vast majority of Fishers will be completely satisfied. As it is now we're ecstatic.

To make things even better since the Fishing landing page is not yet out, you can thank Panagrammic for making the Games Landing Page more multi-lake friendly. I do believe it is fair to say that we are definitely feeling the Fishy Love right now.

Problem: Bots
This particular issue has been a sore spot and problematic one for years now. Most people know about bots, and dislike them. They create many problems for those wanting to enjoy the game. Things such as clogging up the scoreboards, flooding the market with fish that should not exist, to even interfering with the chances of legit fishers catching rares with their masses of buckets. Even worse, they take this gold "earned" from botting these fish and put it into the economy. We would really, really like to see some kind of update to the game's security to actively hinder or eliminate botting. The CAPTCHA helps, but all that does is slow them down a little, and only by requiring them to spend a few seconds entering in the text before automatically fishing another bucket with no effort, and in half the time of a normal person.

Fixed: Hat Sellback
With the aforementioned item update, all items save those made with rare fish were given sellback values. Now we can finally sell the items, should we so desire, without settling for even less than what we would have gotten for the materials had we sold them back. Thank you very much.

Positive Feedback: Fishing Update
While there is sadness, frustration, and anger over issues with the finishing of the update, on December 15th, 2010 we DID receive the single largest update the game has ever gotten. Included were 27 new fish (doubling the current number of non-rare fish), 97 new exchange items, exchanges for 3 aquarium fish, a known way to exchange for rare fish, and a bit of an alchemy system (You can find a list of all new things here, or a more comprehensive list in the first post of the guide).

To say that this update was great would not do it justice. From what we have of the update, it is purely awesome. The fish are generally considered to be as good or better looking than the older ones. They have movements akin in difficulty to previous fish, preserving the balance and skill factors in the game. The items are varied (no more hat only selection!) and often very nice quality. The exchange rates for them run the gambit from 100 fish to as high as 1200. Generally speaking, the items needed to complete the recipes are easily obtainable. All in all, the update was a masterpiece, and will be beneficial to the community and Gaia as a whole for a long time (once all of Gaia knows these things exist, anyway). So again, thank you, thank you all very much heart

The Fishing Community's Suggestions for Item Updates:
While the exchange update was superb, there are always more things to suggest that we would like to see. There has been lots of discussion about this in this very thread even, starting around page 138 and goes on for a few pages before mostly tapering off. We got some awesome things, some of which were even related to or on the list of brainstormed ideas below. The possibilities are pretty much endless, so we continue to offer suggestions of things, especially since plushies didn't make it into this awesome update.

List of specifically suggested items that don't currently exist:
- Plushies!
- Armor (More is always good)
- Equippable Rods
- Equippable Bucket (Old Cans)
- Fish Slippers (We have bass now)
- Fish Bowls
- Striper Cloak
- Skins (Biter in particular, but all kinds)
- Fishbone Jewelry
- Worm in the ground
- Fish Balloons
- Fish in your mouth
- Bucket of Fish
- Fish Earrings
- Belt with Fish buckle
- Fish Ties (We have striper!)
- Contacts (More, varied fish eyes)
- Can of Tuna (Old Cans + Tuna)
- Palm Tree (From Gambino Fish)
- Lighthouse (From Bass'ken Fish)
- Sludge Pipe (FromDurem Fish)

Exchange rates for this latest update seem to have been handled well. However, we're always ready and willing to lend a hand with such things.

Since we know these can be tricky, below are some sample rates. Each of these would be applied to one item. That is, it would take the various amounts to make a single item, the ones you would want to be more valuable obviously taking the more difficult rates. It is generally assumed that all fish of a size (Small, medium, or large) are the same color in an exchange.

100 small fish (Current general standard)
100 medium fish (Current general standard)
100 large fish (Current general standard)

500 small fish
500 medium fish
500 large fish

1000 small fish
1000 medium fish
1000 large fish (For higher end items)

500 small fish + 250 medium fish + 100 large fish
1000 small fish + 500 medium fish + 250 large fish
5000 small fish + 2500 medium fish + 1000 large fish (For extremely special items)

Some Specific Example Suggestions:

Beginner/Casual Fisher Items

- All existing items
- Worm in the ground - 50 Guppies
- Lighthouse (From Bass'ken Fish) - 100 Guppies
- Fish Bowls - 200 Guppies (different colored ones for each color Guppie)
- Fishbone Jewelry - 50 Bass/Trout/Biters
- Fish Balloons - 25 Guppies, 10 Bass, 1 Striper
- Fish in your mouth - 100 Guppies, 10 Bass, 5 Stripers
- Fish Ties - 50 mediums (9 colors total)

Intermediate Fisher Items

- Equippable Rods
- Basic - 500 Guppies, 200 Bass, 50 Stripers (total, any color combination)
- Distance - 500 Seedkins, 200 Trout, 50 Tunas (total, any color combination)
- Strength - 500 Pebbos, 200 Biters, 50 Boldurs (total, any color combination)
- Performance - 500 Guppies, 500 Seedkins, 500 Pebbos (total, any color combination)
- Bucket of Fish - 600 Smalls (any color/lake combination)
- Striper Cloak - 250 Stripers (one color for each kind)
- Belt with Fish buckle - 250 Mediums (any lake/color combo)
- Can of Tuna (Old Cans + Tuna) - 100 Tunas + 500 Cans (one for each color Tuna)
- Palm Tree (From Gambino Fish) - 200 of each Seedkin

Advanced Fisher Items

- Fish Earrings - 2500 Smalls (one color for each fish in each lake, 9 colors total)
- Fish Slippers - 100 Mediums (one color for each fish in each lake, 9 colors total)
- Skins (Biter in particular) - 1000 Meds (one color for each fish in each lake, 9 colors total-skin would look like the fish)
- Contacts (More, varied fish eyes) - 2000 Smalls (one color for each fish in each lake, 9 colors total)
- Sludge Pipe (From Durem Fish) - 200 Larges (any color combination)

Pro Fisher Items

- Armor - 1000 large fish (one color/texture for each large, 9 total)
- Plushies! 5000 small fish OR 2500 medium fish OR 1000 large fish (one plushie for each fish in each lake, 27 plushies total)

These aren't the only suggested exchange rates, merely some examples of what we mean when we say we want items to take a little more effort.

Ending Note:
We know that nothing is perfect, and that those at Gaia's Office strive to make the site fun for everyone. Priorities mean that sometimes things get left behind, or forgotten, and that's understandable. However, Gaia Fishing has sat on the backburner for a good four years now, and people would like to see it get a little more attention. We are thankful for those things that have been done, and appreciate them, but I think it's time that Gaia Fishing got a bit of the spotlight again.

Brief Summation/List of Current Issues:
- Update not finished.

For thanks and specific suggestions quoted from the thread, see the third post of this thread. It has been converted to hold those things that are related, but are not the heart of, the feedback and suggestions presented here.
Good Call Gaidin, I was planning to fish for this month but fishing stats has been down for over half a month.

I don't know what is up with the fishing stats. neutral
Admins has been quite busy with the new profile system, word bump, and donation items.
But they should definatly fix fishing stats.
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Post Edited 5/22/10 to contain quotes/thanks.

Now now, of course this thread isn't all negative. Fishers are patient people, but eventually they feel the need to voice their opinions when they wait near half a year for something they earned. However, we are not all ungrateful. I'd like to take this space to give a huge thank you to the powers that be for adding links to the scoreboard back into the mainstream. For those that don't know, there is now a link to the scoreboard on the Games page, it's the "View All" button below the "Top Fishers" portraits. There is also a new button in game that takes you to the scoreboard, courtesy of Truantduck. Thank You! ^_^

Some Suggestions (Latest batch first):

Recently there have been suggestions of a few things in regards to bots and competition in general.

Captcha - Some type of possible captcha to deter bots. The general consensus seems to be that every bucket is too extreme, but that only once might not deter the botters.

Cap - There was also discussed the possibility of adding a maximum number of buckets that one could do in a day, with varying opinions on it. The best thing to do for this would be to read around page 120 onward.

Entry fee - Entry fee for the scoreboard basically. Details from each person probably differ, but it's a random thought. It wouldn't stop botters necessarily, but it would keep them off of the boards.


Lesigh **Wants new exchange items, fishing + Logan-run quests, the ability to exchange uber-fish for rares, and the ability to obtain the Angelic Rod** sad

Ditto, plus I wanna be able to equip my fishing rod, and equip a fish bucket, and I want waders for fishing in the high waters. 3nodding
The saving error fixed would be awesome too.

I'd like to see the packet loss issue resolved...and I'd like to see world peace...and I'm not sure which one will come first at this point rofl

But other than that, fish plushies would be great. Or at least another fish item release, which would help the fishing economy. I'd also like to see at least bait restored to those who lose their buckets. It'd be nice to be at least compensated for the cost of the bait.

Trophies are also overdue. Maybe a scheduled server reset for the weekends? If we knew about it, everyone could stay off so say at 5 am every morning, all servers would be re-set. That way any ones that crashed would be re-started, even if no one was around to fix it. I know Truant's good about fixing it when he knows, but it's not reasonable for him to be here 24/7, and sometimes the competitions end on the weekends and that really screws things up.

DJ Trouble
DJ Trouble
DJ Trouble
idea I just realized something. Since quests is independent of battle, we very well could be able to fish for the A and A+. That possibility makes me happy. whee

I personally hope it's by the stats page. Otherwise non-fishers (Read: Exchange/Vendwhores) will dominate that too... That or I hope I can fish by then sweatdrop Let's just say i'll be livid if it requires actively fishing and I am held back by Gaia to fulfill those requirements >_>

I find it funny that you think your stats page wouldn't automatically qualify. xp

Do the admins even understand why we want fishing items to come from the game? I don't remember if they got that when the DC glitch happened. If they do though, then I'd like to think there's a good chance we'll be fishing for our rods.

Good idea... I should really mess with that once I can type normally, too cold in here.

And yeah, that WOULD suck. I've fished over 11k games on Gidi alone, and over 200k fish/junk if I remember right, so unless there is a certain number of each fish on the page required, I should be set. That's if they do it like we would want sweatdrop

w00t!!11!1 for good ideas >.>

They claim to love us, and they've been showing they do recently, so I'm going to stay very optimistic about this and say that they'll do it. It's not like they have a reason not to or anything, so yeah. *idioticoptimisms*

Broken Jazz
Can we get another item update? A better update? One where the exchange rate is higher? I'm still loving the 5K for smalls, 2-3K for mediums, and 1K for large set-up. It would set the fishing economy straight for a long tme. We have lots of ideas, too, just in case you need help with that. Some of us would love fish based weapons, and plushies, and of course the 1K larges for 1 rare thing is always a crowd favorite. You could even have the fish turn into fantasy fish items, like nova's sapphireback as a plushie. Come admins! Give us something to work with! How can you completely ignore your first game like this? Especially when it's loved so strongly by us?


Make rares worth points again. As it is now, in terms of competition, rares are worth LESS than trash. Here's a few ideas so that it's not unfair to other competitors.

A) Make them worth the same amount of points as large fish.

B) Follow the point incrementation of fish and be worth 10 points more than a large (ie: guppies worth 6, bass worth 16, stripers worth 26, rares would be worth 36)

C) Worth 2x the amount of points as large fish. That way it's a lot of points in relation to the other fish of the lake, but still insignificant to making the competition unjust.

Next Suggestion:

Add a "Fishing Statistics" tab/button like the "exchange fish" and "talk to Logan" buttons in the fishing store. 3nodding

Apparently you can't use gift credits to upgrade rods. Therefore I suggest making it a possibility! 3nodding

General Thanks:

Aquafire and Josef Meixner - For putting up with our repeated pokings, and helping us how they could with asking what was up, and telling us what they could.

Truantduck - For taking an active role in working with the fishers to create a better working game. He has even been personally working to help find a fix for an error that prevents many users from even being able to save 1/2 of their buckets.

kaia9 - For taking the time (From other projects) to bring the stats page back up in working order and being responsive.

Nikoita, terradi, & SevenTen - For picking up the Fishing Forum on their lists for modding. It's great to know we can have mods to help keep our tiny corner of Gaia from becoming a second Chatterbox.

tiranaki - For the idea of this thread in the first place, and urging me to start it, from which many good things have come about for Fishing.

Any other devs working on fishing - We thank you for the game, we truly do. We don't hate you, we just want to get some answers and updates to things left to sit, ya know?

And finally, thanks to all of the Fishers(And others) out there who contributed to this, and help keep it seen.

Thank You Quotes:

Thank you to Developers/anyone involved with getting the Fishing Stats back =n____n= <3


DJ Trouble
Thanks Truant and kaia! heart I'd get more sentimental, but I have to go fish to celebrate. whee heart

Hedge Witch
Truant and Kaia,

Many heartfelt thanks for lending your ears to the fishing community, and not only working to fix the errors and bring our stats back, but bringing it all back better than ever. This is the Gaia Fishing I've grown to love spending time on. Thank you! heart

Positive Feedback: CAPTCHA
So, after about 8 months, you guys fixed the CAPTCHA! While it did take a long time, we thank you immensely for this. This broken feature was literally affecting gameplay itself, and keeping the game from fully functioning in the way that it should. With this fix we are one step closer to having Fishing where it should be. Special thanks to 8elly8eans, who wrote the fix. I have a feeling you are quite a few Fishers' favorite dev at the moment.

or, in some cases, if something is happening. ^_~
I can try asking some mods. Because I'm curious also. (Mods have a better chance of contacting an admin, no?)

I have polite rants to say, but it's best I not post it here.

I wish you good luck to finding your answers. gonk
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I can try asking some mods. Because I'm curious also. (Mods have a better chance of contacting an admin, no?)

I have polite rants to say, but it's best I not post it here.

I wish you good luck to finding your answers. gonk

Thanks. We've already poked some, but the more the better I suppose, until someone can come back with answers.

As for your rants, well, it's up to you.

many people can't get to gambino or the d.r.f. period. i can get there by modifying the launch link, but that isn't exactly condoned by the gaia staff that i know of.
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I think mods have already been contacted. I dunno what happened with that though...

Nothing to add really. Give us the fishy lowdown, someone. domokun

EDIT: Doing stuff before posting stuff makes other people say stuff first. :B

~ aqua heart
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also, as far as i can tell, the port and the d.r.f. both just need the additional "l=" tag back in the "launch.php" link.

it's not that hard to implement: just changing the links on the world map would work.

*Adds to first post*
Just adding my voice to what is written here. We'd really appreciate all of this being looked into and someone to let us know what, if anything, is happening concerning these matters. As it is now, it very frustrating trying to fish even for profit, as it takes so much time to load, if one can even get into a fishing area. sweatdrop

Thank you to the moderators that have responded, with what information they had. I'm just hoping this will be noticed and possibly some assurances given where fishing is concerned.
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Ariela Steadfast
Just adding my voice to what is written here. We'd really appreciate all of this being looked into and someone to let us know what, if anything, is happening concerning these matters. As it is now, it very frustrating trying to fish even for profit, as it takes so much time to load, if one can even get into a fishing area. sweatdrop

Thank you to the moderators that have responded, with what information they had. I'm just hoping this will be noticed and possibly some assurances given where fishing is concerned.

Want that in the first post there Ariela?
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*Moves this back to the first page to be seen*
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*Moves this back to the first page to be seen*

And again...
Apparently people are still too caught up in Word Bump problems to look in here.
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My new home, till fishing works correctly! I'm sure I'll have a few more well thought out things to say later...
Thanks for posting all this stuff Gaidin!

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