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What do you want the most?

More better, normal-colored curly hair 0.17857142857143 17.9% [ 5 ]
More curly hair for guys, in basic colors 0.035714285714286 3.6% [ 1 ]
All of the Above 0.71428571428571 71.4% [ 20 ]
World peace =W= 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 2 ]
Love me two times, I'm goin' away 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes:[ 28 ]
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I always liked that hair for males and it is sad that is not in more colors either. As for natural colors for curls, you're right there are not many, and those that are there are just plain ugly.
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I'd like more curls in Rina's hair color. My hair IRL is that color, and it's curly.
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Lady Strawberry

More vibrant, casual curls would be great. I have wavy brown hair irl and the options in the Salon are so washed out and blah.
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Tiny Evader

Yes. Just yes. Natural, normal curly hair... that's all I ever wanted. (Bonus points for fringes/bangs) emo
Ayame Howl's avatar

Smitten Cat

I would love more curly hair!
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Tiny Evader

Jazz on the Time
Yes. Just yes. Natural, normal curly hair... that's all I ever wanted. (Bonus points for fringes/bangs) emo

Perhaps they can make curls without bangs and curls with bangs, they look the same with colors but one has bangs and one doesn't! OWO
Then every one of us curly-lovers will be happy! 4laugh
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    I really, really, really, really want more brown curly hair.
    I also have brown curly hair irl. And most curly hair on this site either isn't brown, is a terrible shade of brown, or has bangs (not everyone has bangs, k? talk2hand )
    I would die for brown hair. I would die for curls. Combine them and it's ultimate death. burning_eyes

I have seen you in forums. I love tigers too. cat_ninja
Me too!!!! I couldn't believe at all there was no brown curls. I seriously couldn't. I never tried looking until a couple of days ago I was like; "You know what..? I should look to see if they have more options for my curly hair. OWO" but-..what I searched up-..just-.. cat_crying
The closest to the nice shade is the braids Rosamund has. I think that's a purtty shade of brown. also could come in other basic colors, too. but they really are in need of brown.
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    Hello, hello.
    It's always exciting when someone recognizes me. I'm not worthy of it

    Dainty Porridge has decent brown curly hair, but the bangs. I'd rather have side swept bangs - like in the ciels braided hair.
    Brown hair is pretty neglected which is a shame because people ask for it pretty regularly.

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