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I don't really care for pirate items, but another skirt would be nice~
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Some new pirate outfits would be awesome.
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D; Dang. I love pirates. Would love some more things to work with. >,> I know...I'll be weird with a vamp pirate avi at some point, but let me have my fun. gonk

Also space pirates for the win...
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Invisible Cat

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I want this one
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I am not yet done.

More pirate stuff is good! Especially coats and vests and beards.


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I would love to have some of the skirts and coats and headbands. But please please can we not get ridiculous stripper-boots? T^T I want boots that look like they belong on the high seas! Not pencil-thin stiletto ankle-breakers.

I want ridiculous pirate-whore stripper boots AND non-stripper pirate boots. emotion_awesome
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I want to see all flavors of pirate. This, space - I even have a space pirate themed tank - digital... whatever. More items sound great to me!
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I used to be a Pirate like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee.
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User Image
ỳoύя jύsτ αs soƒτ αs α ℓíoи ταмe∂
ỳoύя jύsτ αs ωєτ αs τhє єvєиíиg яαíи


Cyber Pirates. That's what I want.


ỳoύя ℓovє ís ∂яívíиg мє…
ỳoύя ∂яívíиg мє íиsαиє

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pirate update is needed, double, now. 4Swarf and his asweomeness!
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Magical Girl

Arrrrg! Pirating for Swarf!
Arrrrg! Pirating for Swarf!
Yohoho! For Swarf!
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