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and even more Hatsya? I'm pretty disappointed that she's only shown up twice, in 2 CI's- once in the Lonely Star, and once In Arcana Break, and Saiph, not even in one, although he did get his own EI. You'd had many opportunities to put them in the few other celestial-themed CI's, like Neon Core or radiant Galaxy, or any other themed CI that has been out, since then, like a Love Charm or school-themed.

Saiph and Hatsya are supposed to be the ones behind the Animated Items, but we don't even get their NPC's announcing them, instead, Rigel and Mintaka's NPC avi's get to to that, the rare times you bring AI's to the table.
Mintaka: Hello, Gaialings! Flynn is off taking a permanent vacation, so Rigel and I are here to make the Cash Shop shine and sparkle like never before.

Rigel: Today we're busting out something new and glorious: limited-edition Animated Items.

Mintaka: Our dear sweet siblings Saiph and Hatsya made these shiny gems, but obviously they couldn't have done it without us.

Not to mention, that we don't evenn have Hatsya's hair or clothes, when we have Saiph's everything in a full EI, so I'd love to see Hatsya and Saiph come back, not only in more RIG art and mini comics, and Animated item announcements, but have Hatsya's items- hair, eyes, clothes, dragon form, ect, made in an EI or REI sequel to the Fallen Wish, please.
legal bump
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I am bumping for more Hatsya's goodness.
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100% agreed I second this motion!
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It bothers me seeing all those down votes emotion_donotwant

I like those two and you NEVER see them. They should have been part of the CS rather than those two jerks.
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I support anything that asks for more Saiph. <3
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What ever in the world could be the problem with seeing the celestial duo a bit more often? I dont think it will hurt anybody if they were given some limelight.
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I honestly forgotten about those two. neutral
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I don't get the hate for these characters.
Although I'm not a huge fan or anything, I support giving unused characters some more face time.
That goes for other NPCs as well. razz

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