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For those not familiar with the manga the tittle might sound strange XD;;; many vampires (or maybe all of them?) from the manga appear to be able to fly to places by dividing themselves in many small bats, I think that's very cool!, now this is where it gets a little confusing XD;;; let me try to explain the first image:

1st panel: shows Zhivago from the manga returning to his normal vampire form, notice the missing bits and how the bats go from black to whatever color would go there as they are all "merging" to form him back.

2nd panel: this shows my favorite pose from the "Vampire's Judgement" (Shadow Dissolve), it's sort of like what I'm requesting but I don't really like the blue thing that covers the legs ): I'd prefer a version more like that of Zhivago, missing bits and bats cleverly located in the avatar, the body of the bat (that would touch the body of our avatar) could be transparent, with a nice transition to a dark black color for the wings, this would mimic Zhivago's transformation perfectly, I believe C: we have many transparent items so I didn't feel the need to hunt for one to show that well... transparent items exist x 3x;

3rd panel: this shows the "Voracious Fog" (Heavy Burden), notice how part of the leg is missing, this is just to prove that we can have missing bits on our avatars C: so I think this item is entirely possible~

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The second body mod I'm suggesting is pretty simple, I'm surprised we don't really have it, the image above shows the sitting pose of the "Reve Rouille" (mechanical shark tail), I think that's pretty cool and I'd love to have that alone without it being attached to a tail C: it could have a similar "immersion" effect with waves around and just be around the same position, it could be worn with other tails and different items, the possibilities of use for this item are plenty~

Oh and before I go, am I the only one wishing for more ghost bottoms? O: similar to the one in the Will-o-the-Wisp (Apparition)?, maybe in white? C: it would be lovely if it matched the Imaginary Friend (Imaginary Form), as it is the only transparent skin we have C:
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Great ideas! Those look so cool.
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Love the ideas! heart
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Ooooh, I like both of these ideas a lot!
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Those would look really nice!

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