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Big Noob

Item Name: M's Sketchbook + Grimm Lolita

Pose Name: curly hair + shirt

Avatar Gender: both i assume?

Glitch description: the sketchbook hair and the grimm lolita shirt illogically bump each other off of the avatar and cannot be worn together

Screencap: not applicable
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Omnipresent Noob

Item Name: Madame's Glorious Wigs, Madame's Fantastical Wigs, S-Pop Club: Rayna, and S-Pop Club: Rayna 2nd Gen

Pose Name: All poses for Madame's and the dark and light crossed arms for Club: Rayna both gens

Avatar Gender: Definitely male, quite possibly for female too

Glitch description: The arm poses for Rayna layer over the hair on one of the shoulders, while Taja and Odele they layer correctly under the hair. Basically, the lock of hair on the left side layers over Taja and Odele but UNDER on Rayna.

Screencap: User Image

how the other two layer correctly:
User ImageUser Image

I checked to make sure this was the same for both sets of madame's wigs and all gens for s-pop club and the glitch is consistant
Item Name: La Belle Chanteuse

Pose Name: Lace Stockings

Avatar Gender: Female, as far as I know

Glitch description: There's a mysterious and not-so-appealing grey line creeping up the leg from the stockings. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

Screencap: User Image
Item Name: White Bunny Hoodie, Every Companion/Background Item Ever

Pose Name: Hood down, hands in

Avatar Gender: Male

Glitch description: Illogical item bumping. You can't really use background/companion items with this without it unequipping.

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Mewling Kitten

Item Name: Madame's Glorious Wigs + Erlking Ears

Pose Name: All Poses for both

Avatar Gender: Both

Glitch description: The hair should be layered over the bottom part of the ear but instead it's just glitched over top of the hair.

Screencap: User Image
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item: any of the right to bare arms mods + shirts with long sleeves
pose: all
gender: prob both
info: sleeves still show up. this is a thing that happens with some already existing mods, so w/e, but still. i'd like to be able to use most of my shirts w/ these arms. sad
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Timid Dabbler

Item Name: Galaxy Vest, miscellaneous jackets

Pose Name: N/A

Avatar Gender: Male

Glitch description: Certain pixels from the sleeves, collar, and even the sides of the Galaxy Vest in most cases can be seen through coats/jackets. Most notably the gold collar point of the Galaxy Vest.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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    Item Name: Sainte Ciel: Agape equipped with either Madame's Glorious Wigs or Madame's Fantastical Wigs (all hair colors)
    Pose Name: User Image Disciple of Sainte Ciel

    Avatar Gender: Female

    Glitch description: Naked/Topless Glitch Default bra is removed when equipping either of the wigs with the Disciple of Sainte Ciel pose. (I realize that without the scissors, the item removes the default bra... not sure if avatars are intended to remain topless when the hair is cut)


    User Image User Image
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Aged Gaian

Item Name: Asta-189: Mini Black Flapping Devil Wings, Astra-182: Whipping Black Devil Tail, and Astra-223: Horns of the Black Depths

Pose Name: Animated

Avatar Gender: Male

Glitch description: When these three items are equipped together in their animated poses the wings and tail do not show up on the avatar at all, despite still being listed as being equipped. If I equip the horns in their still mode then the wings and tail show up. They do however show up in the changing room as all being equipped. It is only after I click save that they disappear.
Item Name: Le Carousel Noir

Pose Name: Frame

Gender: Male

Glitch Description: Once you save your avatar with the frame pose of Le Carousel Noir equipped the frame becomes off centered when your avi is facing ----&; yet It's centered when your avi is facing <-----, regardless of what items are equipped along with it.
Any thoughts?
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Wealthy Fatcat

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Item Name:Astra-116: Full of stars,Astra-184:Whipping White Devil Tail,Astra-1:Spectacular Golden Halo

Pose Name:Animated

Avatar Gender:Male

Glitch Description:Whenever I equip Astra-116: Full of stars with the animation pose It removes my Astra-184:Whipping White Devil Tail and Astra-116: Full of stars.leaving the halo alone.If I equip Astra-116: Full of stars without the animation pose my avatar looks how it should(but without Astra-116: Full of stars doing its animation)

ScreenCap:User Image
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Invisible Flatterer

Item Name: Aika's Garden

Pose Name: Parasol

Avatar Gender: Both (it seems)

Glitch description: wearing long sleeved items with the parasol equipped causes the sleeves to stay on and hang off when it seems like it'd make more sense to just have the arms get cut off as they enter the sleeves of the gloves that come with the parasol.

Screencap: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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