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Item Name: Will-o-the-Wisp & Apprentice Charm

Pose Name: Up My Sleeves (Charm) & Will-o-the-Wisp

Avatar Gender: Female (Unsure if it does this for males as well)

Glitch description: Illogical item bumping, equipping one removes the other.

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Item Name: Eloquent Cap

Pose Name: N/A

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: A small bit of green goo appears whenever a female equips the Eloquent Cap


User Image
Item Name: Limit Breaker

Pose Name: Jacket pose

Glitch description: When equipping it with the Heartbreaker Jacket, it bumps Heartbreaker Jacket off.

User Image
User Image

Item Name: Egyptian Silver and Gold Wristband

Pose Name: N/A

Glitch description: Green goo is seen when equipping the Egyptian Silver and Golden Wristband

User Image
User Image

Item Name:Starter Skater Guy Jackets
Starter Urban Guy Vests
Starter Skater Girl Jackets
Starter Athletic Guy Letterman Jackets
Pose Name: Defaults

Avatar Gender: Female, unsure on male

Glitch description: Layers under bra items (and any other items that bra's layer under), un-equips skirts

Screencap: User Image
Item Name: Bone Demon Mask | Snow Maiden

Pose Name: Bone Demon Mask | (Veil of Snow)

Avatar Gender: Irrelevent - Both?

Glitch description: The mask pops out of the hair and becomes visible where it should not be. It also occurs with various other hairstyles, especially those with bangs. | The Veil of Snow does not fully cover the back of the hairstyle. Probably occurs in other hairstyles with ponytails. The same thing happens with various other items, like the Bone Demon Helm, and any of the Embellished Veils. They don't cover the hair, or rather the ponytail does not disappear fully and leaves floating hair.

Screencap: User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Lemme know if you fix it please, I really appreciate it. [:
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Item Name: Sweet Lunarian & #FFFFFF Complex Band (and thus the #E8E629 Complex Band and the #000000 Complex Band are also effected)

Pose Name: Sweet Lunarian (default hair pose) & the bands only have one pose.

Avatar Gender: I haven't tested it on the male but I assume both.

Glitch description: Illogical item bumping. Cannot wear both the headband and the wig at the same time sad Such a shame!

Screencap: User Image
Item Name: SOF Taiga (There's many more other hair/wig poses that aren't layered for ears/headphones to be visible.)

Pose Name: Femme Fatale Wig

Avatar Gender: Both

Glitch description: Hair/wigs cover up Elven ears. (Hair covers any type of ears equipped.) Re-layering them would be very much thanked.
Screencap: With SOF Taiga - User Image
Item Name: Masquerade.

Pose Name: White Bangs.

Avatar Gender: Both.

Glitch description: There is some black on the Elven ears with the bangs equipped. This happens with any bangs from the Masquerade. (Not just the White Bangs).

Screencap: User Image
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Item Name: Lovely genie silver arm bangle

Pose Name: right

Avatar Gender: Male as far as I know

Glitch description: Green goo on the arm

Screencap: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
(Black wool top added for extra visibility)
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Item Name: Rose Throne

Pose Name: (Hairpeice)

Avatar Gender: Female confirmed only.

Glitch description: Item morphing; When you equip the Rose Thorne Hairpiece with the avi's arm in the {ba} position while you have the Sugarsweet (Marzipan Cincher), part of the Rose Throne morphs into the Cupcake Confection (Mini Cupcake Hat). It allowed me to save the avatar this way.

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Item Name: The Nightmare 3rd gen, Mister Giraffiday

Pose Name: The Nightmare Arachneros' Body, Mister Giraffiday SO HUGGABLE

Avatar Gender: Female, haven't tried male.

Glitch description: Part of the spider legs layer over the giraffe

Screencap: User Image
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Item Name: Mercury's Moon

Pose Name: Luxuriae (Cape) & Luxuriae (Winged Cape)

Avatar Gender: Male and Female confirmed

Glitch description: Disappearing act; when you turn the avatar around, the back of both cape poses disappear.

I doubt you need a screenie whee heart
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Item Name: Skinny Jeans (All colors from the Gold Shops + Skittles)

Pose Name: N/A

Glitch description: Item bumping/just plain weird; when the avatar equips the skinny jeans, goofs with anything that sits in the Leg Warmers/Legwarmers layer.

~ Just bumps off the leg warmers

~ Skinny Jeans on, then leg warmers = Warmers unequiping the jeans.
~ Leg warmers, then skinny jeans = Skinny jeans covering warmers.
~ Taking off skinny jeans = Warmers not there

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Item Name: Thief of Hearts

Pose Name: Bodysuit

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: Suit does not conform/layer to shoes correctly.


When equipped with heels....

User ImageUser Image

When equipped with buckled boots there is goo in the front (circled) and conformity issues in the back (has the same back issue with the Metal Heeled Boots from Faust's Curse (not pictured) )....

User ImageUser Image

It does not layer with Stealth EvoBlack Boots (back view) as well as the 2k10 Stomper Boots, Cool Starter Boots, and the Outlaw Biker Boots....

User Image

Leg mod issues with this item:

Leggings from Rogue Narok.....

User ImageUser Image

Xmas 2k10 Event Elftech Shoes & Stockings. Only shows the curled toe of the leggings mod....

User ImageUser Image

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