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Well I thought I'd add to this a bit; at least in my case the goo isn't just by the left arm;

User Image

as such, while changing the pose of the left arm fixes the worst of the mess, the other green bits still stay behind.

and another glitch with the same item? when [at least trying on] an item that alters the avatar's leg shape is equipped, the aura lines on the legs stay behind and float behind the avatar;

User Image

Item Name: Delphic Oracle

Pose Name: Delphic Oracle (glowing aura)

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: Large mass of green pixels around the left arm (avatar's right) when in the down position.

Screencap: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Item Name: Captain Ara's Nestegg and Arbiter of Pain

Pose Name: Captain Ara's Nestegg (Eyepatch) and the top in Arbiter of Pain

Avatar Gender: Female for sure, don't know about male but it's probably the same.

Glitch description: The two items will not equip together, even though one is a head item and the other is a torso item.

Screenshot: User Image

As you can see, it will equip in all the other poses, such as the shoes (shown here), the pins, the skirt, and all the hand items, but not the shirt. It also does not matter if those two items are the only ones equipped or if there are more items on the avatar, or if the arms are moved. It also does not matter which color eyepatch (white, blue, red), the end result is the same when tried to equip with the AoP top.
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Item Name: Pristine Gloves

Pose Name: Snood Cap

Avatar Gender: I don't know since I only have a female avatar
Glitch description: GREEN PIXEL!

Screencap: -points to Avatar-

BTW I know it's the hat. I take it off and the pixel is gone.
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Item Name: Pistolera's Revenge, Pierrot Piccolo

Pose Name: Quest Reward 1: Jerkin, Ruffle top

Avatar Gender: Female, possibly male.

Glitch description: Part of Pistolera Revenge shows through an invisible part of Pierrot.

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Item Name: Chyaku Norisu Scarf adn Sainte Ciel Agape 1st, Zodiacal 1st
Pose Name: Chyaku: Unknown Hero, Agape: Disciple of Saint Ciel, Zodiacal: Scorpio Determined Locks
Avatar Gender: Male maybe female

Glitch description: when you use agape to cut the locks off the zodiacal hair and then put on the scarf in the unknown pose the face is no longer covered
Screencap: User Image
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I'd like to report the green goo on my avi's legs. It's there no matter what I wear and its a bit annoying. P:
User Image

Also, It would be nice If I could wear more crown items. P:
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Roadside Necromancer is borked. The front part of the hat disappears behind the user's head.
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Item Name: Doki Doki Deito

Pose Name: Doki Doki Deito (CHU ^3^)

Avatar Gender: Both

Glitch description: Green Wisps appearing instead of the BackGround.

User Image
instead of being
User Image

Item Name: Doki Doki Deito

Pose Name: Doki Doki Deito (Rally Baby?) and Doki Doki Deito (Gift Me?)

Avatar Gender: Both

Glitch description: Background not appearing

Screencap: User Image when it should be User Image

and User Image when it should be User Image
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Item Name: Cutie Cowgirl

Pose Name: N/A

Avatar Gender: Both

Glitch description: I have this green goop on the lower portion of my dress. On the back side it does not have the glitch though.


User Image
User Image
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Item Name: Empress Cotton, White Swan, Runcible Spoon

Pose Name: Empress Cotton(Cottontail Skirt), White Swan(Position1), Runcible Spoon(Kitten Heel Booties

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: the legs options on white swan and runcible spoon are not compatible with the empress cotton skirt, they knock the skirt off.

Screencap: n/a
Item Name: Lovely Heart Clouds

Pose Name: Doesn't have pose problem.

Avatar Gender: Both, I think?

Glitch description: Well all I wonder if you could edit that item so your able to wear top (bra) and underwear (bottoms) at the same time because this what happen I brought two Lovely Heart Clouds and I try put them on but put the one of them on the other goes off. Not sure if me explaining this right but hopefully you do. Understanding and getting what I trying to say maybe.
I just wanted to be able to wear them at the same time. sweatdrop

I am not sure if any of the other Heart Clouds items have this problem.

Screencap: This is tektek of my dream I plan to get someday sooner or later. But as you look at tektek your able to wear them at the same time and that is what I want. But I as I said in the description as you put the other one the other one goes off.

User Image

I only asking if could do this please because I really like this avatar.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this item will be edit or fix or w/e you wanna call it. sweatdrop
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Shameless Man-Lover

I really like this hair glitch i'm sporting, don't ever let it go away please. lol
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Cryptic Niteshade
Item Name: White neko cosplay, Sienna Pascal l'artiste

Pose Name: (ears), (vested jacket)

Avatar Gender: both

Glitch description: Illogical item bumping. when i equip the ears to the outfit it takes the vested jacket off. i also found out that it dose that with all Pascal l'artiste (vested jacket)'s and most ears.
Screencap: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
April 25: still not fixed
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Muscular Bear

Item Name: The Lusty Scoundrel, First Frost, Glittering Carouser, Dangerous Denim

Pose Name: The Lusty Scoundrel (Glistening Skin), First Frost (Lacy Frost), Glittering Carouser (Pants and suspenders), Dangerous Denim (Jeans)

Avatar Gender: Male, possible for females

Glitch description: Green goo in the bottom area.

Screencap: User Image
Item Name: Horns Of The Demon.

Pose Name: Horns Of The Demon & Long Horns Of The Demon
Avatar Gender: Male

Glitch description: Green outline, & green spots.
Screencap: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. & User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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