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Item Name: Imaginary Friend

Pose Name: Imaginary Form (The white/transparent skin)

Avatar Gender: Both? Haven't actually tested it on female avatars, so just guessing.

Glitch description: The base legs remain visible, even if one is wearing a leg-mod that should cause the legs to disappear.

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Females as well.
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Thankful Lover

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Item Name:Valhallas Obsidian Armor

Pose Name: When faced backward (Head piece only)

Avatar Gender: Both

Glitch description:Whenever you turn around, this big blob of green appears around your head and to the side of your avatar

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Ruthless Survivor

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Item Name: Nano-C, Order of the Iron Rhino and Boldur Chestplates (all)

Pose Name: Nano-C (Firmware Rev. 5.0) Visual feedback Mk.ii (both wired and wireless)
Order of the Iron Rhino (the one that's the armor shirt)
Boldur chestplates (only has one pose!)

Avatar Gender: Male (could be both?)

Glitch description: Can't use the Nano-C eyepiece with either of the armors, it unequips. Since one's armor shirts / shoulders, and the other is an eye thing, seems like they should be able to layer.

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Item Name: Shadowlegend

Pose Name: Tenkaze Village

Avatar Gender: Male, possibly both

Glitch description: When the avatar faces the "Back" position, the green goo glitch appears in the transparent background of the Shadowlegend (Tenkaze Village) when saved, but not while previewing the avatar in the avatar editing mode.

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EDIT: This is not a glitch

Item Name: pistolera & sugarsuite 2nd gen

Pose Name: pistorlera: level up: gunner's hair & sugarsuite 2nd gen: white chocolate peineta

Avatar Gender: both

Glitch description: when i put the sugarsuite 2nd gen on pose white chocolate peineta, it cuts the hair off from pistolera gunner's hair

Screencap: User Image
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Moonlight Werewolf

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Item Name: Cybertronic Layer plus leggings, including: santa baby leggings, blade's leggings, compass of seidh (owner's leggings), spacey bodysuit leggings

Pose Name: cybertronic layer (computerized suit)

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: Illogical item bumping - the top unequips the leggings listed. Other leggings equip over the top just fine (like the snug leggings)

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Item Name: its happen at panda slippers,metal last hop and checkred nitemare

Pose Name: bottom.. or shoes..

Avatar Gender: male

Glitch description: when i wear metal last hope, got green colour. and panda slippers too when i wear it

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Inquisitive Sage

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Item Name: Wonderful Green Wizard

Pose Name: Wonderful Green Wizard (Vest)

Avatar Gender: Male, need confirmation on Female...

Glitch description: Layering Incosistence with Coats/Jackets - There's a portion of the vest that overlayers unnaturally a huge number of Coat-like layered tops when turning back the avatar. Example with the Grave Danger Stuntman's Jacket in the below screencap show the biggest layering mishap area possible.

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Sweet Glitch

Item Name: Hats (Starhat, Collection from chess item,Ninja Hood [ZOMG], coal newboy cap,XMAS 2k10 Elftech hat,girl gun xi hat,) scarf (SIMs purple fringe scarf) EI (Titan's Legacy) and hair :Girl's Valentina Purple.

Pose Name: head and torso

Avatar Gender: [Female]

Glitch description:Hat and scarf doesn't layering fit with the hair.

Screencap: [x]
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Unbeatable Seeker

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Item Name: Girl's Bard hairstyle, Bellissimo Pianoforte, Winged Hankerchief (or any scarf, I believe)
Pose Name: Coat
Avatar Gender: Female
Glitch description: The hair doesn't layer correctly with the coat, it should be over the coat. The same goes with the hankerchief.
Screencap: 1 2
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Golden Star

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Item Name: Light Spirit , Jack Frost

Pose Name: Light Spirit- (innocent Blush) Jack Frost -(Wintery Boots)

Avatar Gender:

Glitch description:
Green outline Glitch at Feet / Boots

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Lonely Noob

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Item Name: White Swan

Pose Name: White Swan: "Position One" (and also) "Position Two"

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch Description: green all around the foot and leg area

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Tricky Bunny

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Item Name: Light Spirit, the Sandman, Tomorgenne Maid

Pose Name: Light Spirit (Innocent Blush), Sandman (Legs), Tomorgenne Maid (Boots).

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: Green Goo Glitch appears around legs and feet area. Happens when you equip leg modifying items with Light Spirit (Innocent Blush) pose.

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