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Frolicking pastel socks and porcelina boots glitches terribly!
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Item Name: Gray Brisk Day Coat

Pose Name: N/A

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: A section of the coat is missing.

User Image

Item Name: Bao

Pose Name: N/A

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: From the back, the bao item doesn't layer properly with the bao hairstyle. The same layering glitch is also happening with the bao recolors.

User Image
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the green background glitch on flash spaces for i am items that could be avoided with some items is GONE!!

but now we has a white background glitch!!


link cause image is big
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Nightwind Dragon Slippers are female only and should be unisex, and searching for "slippers" in the marketplace doesn't turn these up. The marketplace listing says it's available in Global Imports but it's not.

Item Name: Nightwind Dragon Slippers

Pose Name: Nightwind Dragon Slippers

Avatar Gender: Male

Glitch description: This item is only equippable on female avatars. It should be unisex like everything else. Also this item doesn't turn up when searching for "slippers". The marketplace listing says that it's available in Global Imports but I don't see it.

Screencap: There is no need for a screencap.
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Item Name: Antique Shop (two of them in a combination)

Pose Name: N/A

Avatar Gender: Male

Glitch description: Illogical item layering. The green shirt-like vest should obviously go beneath the brown jacket-like leather vest. Not to mention the green vest colliding with the gem of the other vest.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Example of how it should look like, Tektek.org seems to lack this problem completely.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Quoting since it hasn't been addressed yet and it's been a while since it was reported.
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Item Name: The Wasp

Pose Name: The Wasp(Shady coat)

Avatar Gender: Male, unsure about females.

Glitch description: Green goo on the lower tip of the coat.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Item Name: Bao (ANY color)

Pose Name: N/A

Avatar Gender: Female (Not sure about male?)

Glitch description: The bao hair is still not covered by the bao item.

Screencap: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Item Name: [Ty.Go.li Embryonic Vial]

Pose Name: [Ty.Go.li Embryonic Vial( I am Juvenile)]

Avatar Gender: [Female]

Glitch description: [Green goo]

Screencap: User Image
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Friendly Explorer

Item Name: Grace Meow

Pose Name: i am Grace

Avatar Gender: Female or maybe Both

Glitch description: when walking upwards or leftwards in any hangouts (Rally, zOMG, Virtual Hollywood, Towns etc.), the tail duplicates, one of them moves as the cat walks and the other one stays still. The legs seem to "behave" the same way when going upwards or leftwards. This glitch was already present when the I am items still had the green goo, so I think this isn't caused by the green goo cleanup. It seems like as if the cat duplicated itself to a still and an animated version at once.

Screencap: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Item Name: Sienna Bebe

Pose Name: Sienna Bebe (painter) and (big mess)

Avatar Gender: I don't know, mine is male, I didn't try it on a female.

Glitch description: When the skunk is standing by me alone, for some reason, it unequips my earrings. Do not understand the relation between a skunk on the floor and earrings on ears. If she's equipped with the canvas, it doesn't happen, but the pose of her alone without the canvas makes my earrings fall off. And I have multiple sets of earrings and she eats them all. Also happens in reverse, equipping earrings = skunk vanishes. Apparently (Painter) pose and the pose of her with the paint bucket toppled over both automatically unequip ear items.
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Item Name: Seracila Pendant

Pose Name: Pan

Avatar Gender: Male only

Glitch description:
A green pixel appears on the side of the right boot. It appears, whether items are paired with it, or not.

User Image
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Item Name: First Frost, Custom Cut

Pose Name: Lacy Frost, Leather Pants and Boots

Avatar Gender: Female

Glitch description: Green goo/Extra Limbs

Screencap: User Image
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Many many many many items work improperly with the "Monitor" items which I have equipped.

Item Name: Monitor Jaws, all colors

Pose Name: All poses with the avatar facing the viewer seem to do this.

Avatar Gender: Female, have not tested this with a male avatar.

Glitch description: The muzzle layers improperly with many many many many items, far more than I could ever post here. Glasses, face tattoos, blush, eyes, etc. will layer under the eyes and get cut off. Many scarves, hoods, and collars will layer on top of the end of the muzzle improperly instead of being on top of it. Some headpiece and hair items will cause the Monitor Jaws to completely vanish.


User Image

This screenshot shows many bugs at once related to this set - the Monitor Facepaint and Monitor Top disappear while the Monitor Jaws layer improperly over the tattoo - Queen Doraro (War Tattoo).

User Image

This screenshot shows how the Monitor Jaws totally disappear when equipping the hair portion of First Frost.

User Image

This is an example of more improper layering. The chinstrap part of Cockerel's Waltz (wing) layers improperly over the Monitor Jaws, passing over instead of under them. This happens fairly frequently as well.

Item Name: Monitor Bottom, all colors

Pose Name: Standing poses, front and back.

Avatar Gender: Female, have not tested this with a male avatar.

Glitch description: The Monitor Bottom will sometimes disappear when equipping certain skirts and wraps in ways that don't make sense.


User Image

The Monitor Bottom has vanished from under the A-line Dress.

This is just a small sample of the many layering / disappearing problems related to this specific set. There are many items that I want to wear but do not work correctly with the Monitor items, so I don't want to equip them. Thanks!
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Item Name: Lady Lunar

Pose Name: Sash

Avatar Gender: [Female]

Glitch description: GOO!!! D :

The treacherous green goo hast infested the splendor of my and very many other Lady Lunar sashes... It completely saturates the sheerest part of the delicate silk sash... beyond the loveliest part of the item and an astounding example of a technological breakthrough in the history of Gaian-item-making.

And it's there.

In all it's hideous glory. It is there.

Why Gaia?........




-P.S. I and many others in Gaia thank you personally for some of the royal-themed new Radiant Galaxy items... especially for the accessories.-

Cheers >< heart

Empress Laurella VII
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User ImageUser Image

Item Name: Dark Star Cygnus
Pose Name: Hooded Shirt
Avatar Gender: I'm female, but I assume both.
Glitch description: green goo around hood when turned backwards

User Image

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