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Well that's just disappointing. I really felt they should've done more to drum up interest in the game. I suggested more events, people always crowd on zOMG! when it means getting a cool, limited-time item. They should try incorporating it into Alchemy more. After the Cache and Case formulas were altered to include zOMG! items, the price of those components shot up. There's a huge demand for the loot and more people are playing to get some.
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This is such a disappointment. Honestly, I am so sick of Gaia abandoning features so they can create new crap, that will probably just be neglected like all the other older features are neglected. Why can't they see that this pisses off the users?
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one of the only reasons I've stuck around gaia this long is due to zOMG! being so awesome... at this point with all the horrible glitches being left unfixed it makes me wonder if I will continue to visit this site at all...
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The amount of disappointment this news brings me.... I can't even say. And I suppose they wouldn't come out and tell us why.... We'll just have to take that and suck it.

Way to shoot yourself in the foot Gaia... u_u
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I am not a hardcore zOMG player, but I do think the game is fun and I would be sad to see it go. I think this is a huge mistake on Gaia's part.
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This breaks my heart. I really thought zOMG would last a little longer before it ultimately got shelved. I haven't been playing as much because I've been busy with work... but I bought the Bloodstone Amulet the day it came out. I even bought some of those buddy/pet things.

I sincerely hope Gaia changes it's attitude about zOMG. Because if it is shifting it's focus to less in depth Facebook games, that will just break my heart twice. sad
I'm really disappointed, but I can't say I wasn't expecting it.
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I'm really not surprised at all after DMS.
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This is mad disappointing. Please, please reconsider.
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Wow, this news is extremely disappointing. I've heard awesome suggestions from other users that would definitely get me more interested in zOMG (limited edition rings, recolors of rings, summons that fight, etc). I don't play too often but I do enjoy playing when I have a spare moment. It's sad to think nothing new will come of it indefinitely...

Please reconsider, Gaia. I like zOMG way more than Facebook games.
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Thank you Kestin.

Ever since making a thread here this past October, it felt like zOMG and the community would be fine. But now... -_-
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I can't say I'm surprised. I left after the bullshit with the integrity/abuse handouts. The game was stagnant and DMS was not interesting enough. DMS was just a bone to whoever is left of the zOMG community. Gaia's pretty cowardly not to make an announcement though.
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I hope that, while people are disappointed, they aren't actually surprised. zOMG hasn't been more than just another (if bigger) Gaia flash game for years. DMS doesn't even count as new content; it's not available to the public with any regularity, and it's set at an impossible difficulty. My main real disappointment in this happening when it did is that the difficulty levels that should have been part of DMS at release were never put in. Now it's a waste of file space that maybe 5% of players can get through, assuming they can even access it.

But really, it's not a surprise. Boardwalk still isn't finished. Sure, it's open to everyone, but those who paid for the headstart ticket never got what they paid for. There was no real finished content there, just some Beach monsters thrown in with higher CLs. No new quests, NPCs, no Cash Register boss as promised, nothing. Now it's just open to the public as a pretty yet redundant spot.

Gaia killed zOMG off years ago, they just didn't have the heart to finalize it until now. They killed Shallow Seas for soloing when they had difficulty levels and crew scaling to make that unnecessary. They didn't put in resources to get the game new events, much less actual permanent content. Glitches have abounded since it's release, major glitches with quest chains, and they're still here. Goof Ball is still gone, maybe the fountain game too (can't remember offhand, never played it personally). The loot for the mini-events never came back and we never got what was supposed to come of that. The only original "epic" recipe items were given out as contest rewards and now have no chance to be made. DMS is a complete failure due to developer pride and Gaia not providing enough time/resources.

This isn't anything but old news to anyone who knew anything about Gaia's flash history. It's not cool, but it's Gaia.
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Only one fate possible for a company that won't listen to its customer feedback........ emotion_zombie

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