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Which Alice weapon would you wield?

The Vorpal Blade: Swift and Silent! 0.48547717842324 48.5% [ 117 ]
The Pepper Grinder: Shoots with Snuff! 0.062240663900415 6.2% [ 15 ]
The Hobby Horse: A Pounding Sensation! 0.22821576763485 22.8% [ 55 ]
The Teapot Cannon: It's a Blast! 0.22406639004149 22.4% [ 54 ]
Total Votes:[ 241 ]
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Sweet Glitch

sweatdrop I like the normal Alice...but the dresses are somewhat cute...
Lady Kayura
Yilanti Midnight
They've done it before with many other games, movies and books so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. 3nodding

Exactly. And haven't had any problems with those items. We don't have near enough darker themed/looking girly things, if you ask me!

Amen! There's already an evil hobby-horse item. I don't see why a vorpal cleaver is out of the question.
sweatdrop I like the normal Alice...but the dresses are somewhat cute...

Do you mean the traditional character of Alice in Wonderland, or are you referring to the Classic dress of Alice: Madness Returns?
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Invisible Giver

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Dapper Flip-Flopper

We still need the teapot cannon and vorpal blade!
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Apocalyptic Codger

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They could avoid the copyright mess by just contacting the company and having it as a sponsored item(s) like they did with Fullmetal Alchemist or as some of those "click the sponsor ad thing and get something" sort of thing.
And I bet the dresses and weapons would go fast. People are always looking for neat weapons and different dresses.
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Lucky Lunatic

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I am CRAZY about anything Alice related (videogame, movies, books, ect.) so any Alice items I snatch right up. These items are SO epic! Gaia has got to make these. heart
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Sweet Lunatic

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I am now obsessed with this game, they definitely need to get some of these dresses or weapons!
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Hilarious Fatcat


They definitely need to make these into items!

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