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Please bring the old rally back
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They won't. They're far into the project and they have a major sponsor funding the project.
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and now they stalk your convos. :'D
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They will not change it back. The old Rally and VH (and Towns 1.0) weren't safe. They were one of the few ways people's account could be hacked.

This update was way over due.
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Let them know what needs be done with this new format (placed on different servers for better security - yay! ) and they will look into. I note from various posts that they were tinkering with the speed we can walk. Looks like they need to tweak it a bit more.
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their new rally sucks so bad

another feature ruined
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This isn't Site Feedback... It's more like asking what you want. You should tell them what you feel is wrong with it to you, other than that deal with it.
i still hate the new rally. I WANT the ability to get our own rooms back now!
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I dont understand why people hate the new rally. Everyone just keeps saying it's ruined and that it sucks, but for no reason.

Forcing everyone into the same room is a valid complaint.
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Kids miss the power to choose to be alone and cyber but won't ever admit it in forums. lol
for those users who want privacy this is the solution:

Need some quality time with your friends?
Friend Chats let you rent out a private chat space so you can hang out with your pals without all the noise and rabble. Once you choose your chat space, you can make it friends-only and invite your whole crew, or set a password for a private shindig

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The old code was years out of date and just couldn't be feasibly updated anymore. There were security holes bigger than a fist. Why should Gaia throw out all the work they did on the new version to switch back to an inferior relic a few months later?

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Wow, for once I see a Rally Feedback thread that actually has detailed feedback with what they think is wrong, what they are looking for, suggesting features, and being so clear with everything they want! emotion_kirakira


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