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Updates: Latest additions

24. Five What the Fluff! event achievements.
23. Three Easter 2013 event achievements: Thread Flip, Protector of Cuteness, and Destroyer of Cuteness
22. Partygoer achievement for Gaia's 10th anniversary. It's worth 500 points!
21. Two event achievements (for V-day 2013): Love Machine and Object of Affection. (Happy 10th anniversary Gaia!)
20. Four achievements in Heralds of Chaos. The first game achievements!
19. Two Christmas 2012 event achievements, Cheerbringer and Cheercrusher.
18. One Thanksgiving event achievement and achievement progress counter for selected achievements (This can be viewed by clicking on the badge you're questing. Go to your achievements page).
17. Halloween 2012 event achievement: Battle Hardened.
16. Another event achievement - Jolly Roger.
15. New achievements. More non-forum achievements. Guildmember, Ultimate Player, Swap Meet, Timid, Big Tipper, Millionaire, Lavish Tipper.
14. New achievements added: Loiterer, Tipsy, Inquisitor, Threadmaster, Firestarter, and Super Tipsy, Marathon, Perfect Attendance, Streaker. The last three are not forum-related.
13. Rebuilder achievement (event achievement).
12. Rejected Olympics achievements (4 achievements).
11. We can now add titles based on the achievements acquired.
10. Tycoon achievement unlocks ten marketplace slots.
9. Easter event achievements (3 Grunnygeddon 2012 achievements).
8. Nerd achievement.
7. Moonrise achievements (event achievements).
6. Pie Hard with a Vengeance achievements (event achievements).
5. Alchemy achievements (feature-related achievements).
4. Pie Hard achievements (event achievements).
3. Easter event achievements (event achievements).
2. V-day event achievement (event achievement).
1. Gaia has included an event-related achievement: Dogs VS Cats (event achievement).

Edit: Some users have been complaining about the pop-up. Checking the box doesn't work either. I tried this myself. Please fix the pop-up or if possible get rid of it entirely and make a notification for it instead so that we can also have the option of turning it off.

I also suggest that a reward system be introduced in Achievements (I think there was a proposal about it in Spring Cleaning forum).

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Option to Turn Off Achievements


There are several features here on the site that should be included in Achievements. Not all people who join Gaia usually frequent the forums, so it was a good move that you put emphasis on that last time. But it wasn't enough. Why not use Achievements to promote the other features of the site. If someone tries a feature for the first time, why not give the user a reward?

So here are some of my (and other people's) suggestions for Achievements.

zOMG! Badges
I hope zOMG! badges will be included in the Achievements. This is a great way to promote the game to existing users and Achievements lovers who haven't tried it yet. It would also be a great way for zOMG! players to show off their precious badges.

I have one suggestion though: event-related zOMG! badges (those you can get only during special events and those that are no longer available) should be included, but like the Beta achievements, they should not have points so it would be fair to the users who haven't played zOMG! before or are new to Gaia.

1. Edit profile layout once then save - the user should check his or her profile then click 'edit profile layout' on the upper right corner of the profile. This will encourage newbies as well as old users to actually put something in their profiles.
2. Comment on 50 profiles - this will let newbies explore and probably make friends in the process. It might also encourage people to make their profiles more appealing knowing that people might look at it in the future. I'm changing this to 'view 50 profiles' because some have pointed out to me that the comments will just open a can of spamming.

1. Upgrade your home - this can be a gold sink although 5,000 gold isn't that much.
2. Decorate your home - it will encourage people to visit their homes (I know a lot who haven't even used that feature) and will give you guys a chance to know what bugs to fix. Also, it can be a goldsink.
3. Visit 10 houses - this will make people a bit more conscious about the appearance of their houses, and therefore will try to decorate them.
4. Buy home item at the Faktori (at least 1 item) - will encourage people to buy items at a gold shop (another goldsink) instead of buying items at the marketplace.

1.Complete the car quests - this refers to the update in the Garage recently. If a person completes all of them, it's only right they get an achievement (on top of the gold they earn).
2. Fill in the 3 spots in the garage - when you guys updated the garage it has 3 spots. Why not encourage people to buy 2 more cars. It can be another goldsink.

1. Complete aquarium quests - some people don't even touch their aquariums. You guys should include this in the achievements.
2. Get tank health to 100% - I've seen tanks in booty grab threads that have their aquarium health to just 6%. It's a shame. Why not encourage people to like tanks NOT because they can be a source of income. This will force people to decorate their tanks, feed their fish and visit the tank regularly.

1. Customize journal - journals have been ignored. By asking people to customize how it will look, it will remind them that this feature exists.
2. Write 5 journal entries
3. Comment on 10 journal entries - will let people explore others' journals

1. Play all games at least once
And don't forget that the old users who have already decorated their home, completed the quests for aquarium and garage, got their tank up to 100&#xhe;alth already or have written 5 or more journal entries for example should get the achievement right away.

Here are some suggestions from other users:

From Jaxent:
I think we should be able to put our achievements on our profile. Having its own section (new profile code would have to be made), so we can public ally share all our achievements on our profile just for another useless fun thing on profiles. It's basically like displaying zomg badges except achievements.

Tiina Brown suggests:
Profile :
Additional Achivements
Fledgling Profile Coder: Edit Your Profile by using the "Code Box"..
Novice Profile Coder: Have 5 lines of Working Code in the "Code Box".

zhang he beautiful suggests:
How about 'tip a certain number of people in the forums'?

Dabogrl suggests:
It would be nice if they had a way for us to see how close we are to an achievement, especially on Mark Twain. zOMG: Get every ring.

melpy suggests:
I would suggest something like: collect enough bugs to make one ink of your choice, enough flowers for a bouquet, enough paper for a hat. Something to teach people how to use towns a bit.

Demon_Forevergress suggests:
I'd like to suggest the following:
- 'buy an outfit slot' = I think this costs 15k gold. Would be a good goldsink.

- catch 50 fish

- complete one trade

- exchange bugs once

- exchange trash once

- exchange inks for a tattoo

Diabao suggests:
It would be a nice achievement if people could explore the races that we have available in skin type. people might not know they can be something other than human here. why not reward them for becoming an angel imp or devil imp? or even an elf, orc, vampire, glompie, or centaur? There could be an achievement for each species, and could be a nice gold sink if people get all the potions to change into each one. Then there could be the ultimate achievement that you get for going through all of the entire races available.

RadiantFlare suggests:
They could easily make Achievements into gold sinks- two problems with one stone. Some Achievements like "Spend 10,000 Gold In The Gold Shops" or better yet make one Achievement per spending so much for each store. I think this would appeal to a great many users because of NPC loyalty (I would love love love love love getting an Achievement with Rufus heart ) and the fact that some people like to "show off" how much gold they have/have spent among other reasons.

I would like to see some Achievements that aimed at "acts of goodwill", like tipping and gifting and stuff like that- there would be people that would tip/gift their mules, sure, but I think anything that promotes users to interact favorably to one another would be great.

Suggestions from Lord Elwrind:
Equipping a pirate item to get Pirate

equipping ninja item for Ninja

We have those items really cheap in the Gold Shops. So it wont take much for that.
Dunno about any upgrades for Ninjas, but for Pirates there are Buccaneers and Privateers too.

And maybe somehow there could be swashbuckler by equipping a sword - which would be cheap too since we can get them from the Gold Shops as well.

Here are suggestions from Enitnerolf:
that anons made me think of something else:

give X gifts anonymously
receive X gifts anonymously

There is already a give a gift achievement (or was it receive a gift?), these could be nice ones to follow it up

A suggestion from Numero Deux:
own 500,1000,2000,4000 types of gaia item in your inventory

Suggestions by Sturmbringre:
1-sided Discussion - earned when you post 15 message on any page of a thread

Money Does Grow on Trees - earned when you successfully complete 10 of the daily GCash offers

They Love Me - earned when your thread receives 50 like votes

He Hate Me - earned when your thread receives 50 dislike votes

Dead Thread - earned when a thread of yours with 50 or more replies from other people stops getting replied to for 72 hours

Lazarus - earned when a dead thread gets replied to by someone other than yourself

Master Debater - earned when your thread with a poll receives 100 poll votes (NOTE: won't be allowed if thread is stickied)

King of Spam - earned when you only use the message "bump" 100 or more times on the same thread

Picking Up the Pieces - earned by successfully completing any jigsaw

Don't Bot-ter - earned by successfully completing any stage in electric love factory

In the Dumps - earned by successfully dumpster diving 5 times

I Caught One This Big - earned by successfully filling a bucket in fishing

Flower Arranger - earned by successfully exchanging flowers 5 times

Recycler - earned by successfully exchanging trash 5 times

Fish Monger - earned by successfully exchanging fish 5 times

One Man's Junk - earned by successfully exchanging junk 5 times

Henna (needs work on name ) - earned by successfully exchanging bugs 5 times

Suppa Chief - earned by equipping a native american item on your avatar

Hit the Nail on the Head - earned by equipping a construction worker item on your avatar

I am the Law - earned by equipping a police officer or law enforcement item on your avatar

In the Trenches - earned by equipping a soldier item on your avatar

Saddle Up - earned by equipping a cowboy item on your avatar

Biker Chic - earned by equipping a biker item on your avatar

Disco is not Dead - earn Suppa Chief, Hit the Nail on the Head, I am the Law, In the Trenches, Saddle up, and Biker Chic

Shiver me Timbers - earned by equipping a pirate item on your avatar

Stealth Force - earned by equipping a ninja item on your avatar

Fine and Dandy - earned by equipping an item of elegance and refinement of a time gone by

Neko (any suggestions for a better name ) - earned by equipping any cat item

Drink Me - earned by using any transformation potion (human, elf, angel, etc.)

Make it Rain - earned by tipping 50 or more posts in the forums

Working for a Living - earned by being tipped 50 or more times in the forums

Fashion Mogul - successfully sell 5 outfits

Style Maven - successfully buy 5 outfits

Taking the Garbage Out - donate 5 items to the dumpster

- fill up your mailbox! (haveover 9000 pms . . . this will encourage people to chat, sell anong other things, anything that means they will recive a pm . . . even from admin)

- zOMG!-er - finish EB in zOMG! (encourage people to play zomg)

- i am! - wear an item with a i am pose (makes people go on mp and buy things)

- GAIA IS MY LIFE! - visit gaia every day for 3 months

- look at me world! - edit your signature

- omg . . . POP! - win a gold medal on each omg pop game

- giddy for gaming - play each game on gaia atleast once

- eventer - take part in an event on gaia

- FRIENDLY - have over 150 friends on gaia

- recomendation - get your profile recommended by a fellow gaian

- good post! - get a post tipped in fourms
1st on the Scene - be the first to reply to a thread not written by you

Just a Trim Please - awarded when you change your hairstyle

The Eyes Have It - awarded when you change your eye style

Call Me Ishmael - awarded when you change your name

[repeatable award, if implemented should be small amounts like 5 or 10 pts.]
Thread Helper - awarded for any post that helps at least one person earn an achievement (this would maybe curb the problem of people of ruining threads intentionally)

[repeatable negative award, if implemented should be sizable amounts like -500 or -1000 pts.]
Thread Ruiner - awarded to any post that prevents at least one person from earning an achievement
(the point deduction would make people avoid doing it)

Suggestions from Michelle Chiba:
"YEEEOOOW! It's HOT!!"-this Achievement can be earn when you post in the hot topic forum.

"Drama Queen"-this Achievement can be earn when you post in Site Feedback forum

and this one:

"Henry the 8th"-this Achievement can be earn when take 1 friend off your list.

More suggestions from Kain-Senpai:
"Crime Fighter"
100 pts
Rewarded to those who help the Super Mods fight the Legion of Trouble Makers, by reporting over 50 times.

200 pts
Don't worry. I got this.
Rewarded to those who report over 100 times.

50 pts
I like you so much, here is a coin for your trouble.
Tip a post.

100 pts.
What smells like a penny-less hobo, but is so rich, they can buy ALL the hobos?
Rewarded by wearing a hipster item.

300 pts
I WILL become you.
Dress as your favorite NPC.

"Happy Gaiaversary!"
500 pts
Happy Gaiaversary! Thanks for being with us for so long!
Log in on your join date.

"Fly Like an Eagle"
100 pts
Let me fly like an eagle... to the sea
Fly like an eagle let that spirit carry me, I wanna fly
Fly right into the future...
Equip a pair of wings and Beach Day (out in the water).

"True Neutral"
400 pts.
What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?
Rewarded to those who have an equal amount of <3s and </3s within 24 hours.

"Roam Around the World"
1000 pts
Roam if you want to
Roam around the world
Roam if you want to
Without wings, without wheels
Roam if you want to
Without anything but the love we feel...
Rewarded to those who post in every part of Gaia's forum and post at least once.

Suggestion from Gunnisberg:
You know what'll be awesome/ if they mimimize the achievement to just pop on the right upper corner of the screen. kinda like the ps3 achievements except flashier.

Suggestion from JabberWookiee:
Maybe have avatar achievements like

Only wear goldshop clothing from a specific shop for a day and it'll grant you a punk achievement and wearing items of a different store would grant you dandy or victorian or ska or gangsta or hobo or hippie...
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These sound like good additions to the achievements. 3nodding Some simple ones to give new users more introduction and a few ones that take a bit more effort for existing users.

I particularly like the 100% aquarium health one.
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It would be a great way to introduce newbies to the site and let them explore some of the features.
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Those seem to be pretty neat ideas. I like the one with journals especially. They get so little love.
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100% aquarium health? gonk
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I love your suggestions.
What are these Archievements for anyway?
I was wondering, what we can do with these Points.
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User Image

I absolutely adore your achievements. They're a wonderful way to include the rest of the site. I definitely support this. And the best part is, it doesn't involve the CB. xD

Only thing is, housing is so old and glitched, it may be impossible for some people to do these achievements. I know that a lot of people's houses won't load, or will freeze when you try to save them.

Before housing achievements are created, I think that they need to fix housing. Which, sadly, includes rewriting the coding from scratch, since the original people that coded housing have long since left Gaia.
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... I have a few comments:
Profile :
Additional Achivements
Fledgling Profile Coder: Edit Your Profile by using the "Code Box"..
Novice Profile Coder: Have 5 lines of Working Code in the "Code Box".

..... What are the "Aquarium Quests"?
I don't think i have done them ..... ?

These ones might better wait until they've gotten rid of the "Garage Problems" that several has.

I agree on all the rest!
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Beloved Elder

I'm apprehensive about comment-based achievements. I've already heard of a lot of people being spammed with the "cool avi" achievement.
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Kleines Monster
What are these Archievements for anyway?
I was wondering, what we can do with these Points.

The idea, is that they will "Unlock" special things, like:
* One Badge allows You to some special Items in a Gold Shop
* At 5000 Points You'll ger to choose between 5 Header Pictures (including the current) ......
* At 3000 Points another Meeting place will be available.
and so on.
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I agree. It would be a good way to include the rest of the site. But, as someone else said houses needs a complete rewrite.
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~ ~ ~
I like these. It'll make me pay attention to my car and my journal.

I don't particularly support the idea of 50 profile comments. For one, it's too many, I think. And most would probably just comment 'cool avi', 'give me gold', or something that's thinly-veiled spam. I'd go for 20 comments...and if possible, word count of comments should be taken into consideration.
I'd never be able to complete half of those, but I'd damn well try xD
Wicked idea :]
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I love your suggestions! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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