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I wanted to suggest a change for the Arena Private Message system. Since the share link has been around users have been able to use this to send a quick PM to anyone and this would lead to an Arena entry.

The problem is that while the message is generic the avatar is not. And what I mean by that is there is no Official NPC to be the messenger and instead it is a Community Member's avatar.

E.g (short version)
Years ago my account was almost phished due to this, I spent a lot of time in the Avatar Arena so I didn't suspect the PM to be suspicious. The generic subject and message was displayed and of course what appeared to be a legitimate Gaia Online link to the arena entry. It turns out it wasn't.


  • Program the Arena PMs so that an Official NPC is the messenger.
  • Change the subject "I found something cool in the Gaia Arenas!" to something less personal.
  • Change the message "Check it out!" to something less personal or at least informing the user what the message is.

    In general, automated messages should always be done by an Official NPC.
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seems like a sound suggestion to my mind
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I can't help but agree with this. I can see how receiving such vague PMs can be irritating, especially when you use the arenas a lot. Or just downright confusing if you get one but have never been to the arenas.

And such vague messages are just begging to be used for phishing and scamming attempts. This needs to be dealt with.
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Yee! I got a reply about the possibility of the feature being updated. Ask the Admins 5/13
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