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Welcome to.... B3WBZ 4 GOLD

              Okay, so this is a sign shop. I will be offering ONLY Cleavage signs and they will have absolutely no faces. I do offer pictures with lips (I know the lighting washed that one out quite a bit though). Now, I'd like respect, I don't want any ridicule, if you have complaints, go else where.

              Poses can vary. If you want a picture of me leaning forward or something, I expect a little extra. The standard is a peak at my bra with a black lace top on.~ I have crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Those are at no extra charge. So... Send in some forms? Pms are welcome but I will not do anything against TOS. Don't even ask.

              O R D E RXXF O R M S
              [Size=17][color=darkslategray] [b]I want some[/b].... [b][Color=Teal]B[/color][Color=#EEB4B4]3[/color][Color=Maroon]W[/color][Color=#CD00CD]B[/color][Color=#FF9912]Z[/color] [Color=#FF6103]4[/color] [Color=DarkGreen]G[/color][Color=#A2CD5A]O[/color][Color=DarkMagenta]L[/color][Color=black]D[/color][/b]
              [list][list][list][list][Size=10][Color=black][b]O F F E R;; [/b] Put your offer here.
              [Color=black][b]P O S E ?;; [/b]Now I have the regular pose, a pose with some lips in it, or a custom pose. Anything but the regular pose will cost extra.
              [Color=black][b]W O R D S;; [/b]What so you want written on the sign?
              [Color=black][b]C O L O R S;; [/b]What colors do you want?
              [Color=black][b]O T H E R;; [/b]Anything else?
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i <3 B3WBZ xD
i <3 B3WBZ xD

Thank yewz. @-@ heart
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I want some.... B3WBZ 4 GOLD
          O F F E R;; 10K (its all i have)
          C L O T H E S;; Bra
          P O S E ?;; regular
          W O R D S;; my username "PinkLemonaidX"
          C O L O R S;; Anything
          O T H E R;; Can you write it on your skin?

I'm sorry, there's no way I'm doing a bra pic for 10k. Dx Save up I guess?
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