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nie rozumiem
hey is this okay to post here?
like finding people that are in certain country, and can do a task that is to answer some question and submit emails.

in return i pay them in form of gaia gold.
lemme know.
Futo Maki
The Rules of Services

While in Services there are a few rules you should keep in mind.
  • Follow the TOS (you should know this already)
  • Do not advertise in another person's thread! Ever. Anywhere.
  • Do not harrass a user for selling "Dream Avatars". Gaia permits users to sell the Service of creating Dream Avies as the tools use Gaia's images.
  • Do NOT disrupt threads. Purposefully going into a thread to disrupt the thread is not permitted, this is considered trolling. This includes going into a thread and claiming a certain thread/user is a scammer/scam. Any posts of this nature will be removed and you will be warned.

Some General Recommendations
  • There is no need to bump your thread constantly here. Services is still a slow moving forum. A BUMP when your shop falls off of the first page is fine.
  • If you feel that your thread belongs in here, Report it and ask for it to be moved.
  • If you created a thread that you feel doesn't belong here, Report it and ask for it to be moved.
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ja rolleyes
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i think that mini shops r geinius.
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Is this the subforum to recruit volunteers for creating a Foundation, you know like a charity thread?
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ok, um, this sounds kinda silly, and i probably missed something, because im exausted, but um...

Is a service just doing something for someone, or do they have to pay you in accessories or coins?

Im thinking about doing a fortune telling service.
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Futo Maki
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Question to avoid future conflicts:
My cousin asked me to help her with a service in which people trade us their Pokemon over Wifi connection and we train the Pokemon for them, gaining Gaia gold for the service.
Now I know this can be tricky due to the ToS. In general, though, the service is selling my time to train their Pokemon. Therefore, being paid in this sense is no different from being paid to bump a thread.
Would it be okay if, say, Ash trades his Pokemon to me, then I train it, then I trade it back, and Ash pays me then?
I just need to know if this violates any part of the ToS, that's all.
Thanks for your time, and if possible, reply ASAP.
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thank u smile
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Futo Maki

My question would be this, and I'm its been answered somewhere but I haven't seen it.

Would writing count as a service? Say someone wanted to open a shop where poetry/custom short stories/etc. were sold. Would that go here?
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Yaaayyy, clear rules!

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