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Services Rules and Guidelines

What is Services?
  • The Services Subforum is here for those that wish to offer up services that are not art related, such as Bumping Services, Programming Tarot and Divinination Services, and even Gaian run Image and Web hosting but only if its for Gaia purposes.

What Counts as a Service?
  • Any shop that utilizes a Skill/Talent and/or Time that is not Art related may go here.

What Doesn't Belong?
  • Art shops. Shops that deal with drawing, or general art creation usually have a spot in the rest of the Minishops Forum.
  • Roleplays
  • Actual Advertisement Threads
  • Picture Finding services(finder's fee). It is still essentially profiting from works that you did not create.

Post 2: The Rules of Services
Post 3: In Detail: What Belongs
The Rules of Services

While in Services there are a few rules you should keep in mind.
  • Follow the TOS (you should know this already)
  • Do not advertise in another person's thread! Ever. Anywhere.
  • Do not harrass a user for selling "Dream Avatars". Gaia permits users to sell the Service of creating Dream Avies as the tools use Gaia's images.
  • Do NOT disrupt threads. Purposefully going into a thread to disrupt the thread is not permitted, this is considered trolling. This includes going into a thread and claiming a certain thread/user is a scammer/scam. Any posts of this nature will be removed and you will be warned.

Some General Recommendations
  • There is no need to bump your thread constantly here. Services is still a slow moving forum. A BUMP when your shop falls off of the first page is fine.
  • If you feel that your thread belongs in here, Report it and ask for it to be moved.
  • If you created a thread that you feel doesn't belong here, Report it and ask for it to be moved.
What Belongs

Advertising Threads (sig/threads)
  • While a Service shop may take orders for an advertising thread, the thread that contains the ads must be in the Chatterbox.

Avatar Creators
  • Users may sell the service of making Dream Avatars. Gaia allows shops to create such things from the Creator sites since they use Gaia's graphics.

Banks and Loans

Bumping Shops
  • Threads for those looking to hire a bumper and looking to be hired as a bumper

  • If a shop chooses to sell the service of using CSS and NOT make the images, ex: Give me your images and I'll make a Theme from them.
  • The CSS/Programming must be related to Gaia, for use on Gaia.
    Image/Web Hosts
  • Website Hosts must own the domain/server. Profiting from Geocities, Freewebs, etc is not allowed.
  • Image Hosts must use their own server/domain and may not profit from Photobucket, Imageshack, etc.
  • It is recomended that you work on a monthly fee to avoid scam reports later on if you lose the means to host.
  • Image and websites hosted must be for use on or about Gaia Online. So no selling webspace for Personal or Business websites. Only Gaia material or Gaia related.

  • Language, Art, Programming, etc lesson shops fit in here.

Tarot/Runes/Advice Shops.
  • Please note, these are for Entertainment purposes only. Do not recommend harmful advice or advice/solutions to a serious problem that may need professional help/guidance.
Ok, now I know exactly what belongs in the service forum xd
Finally! A more clearer rules!

How about hiring people?
YES! CLear rules! Thank you.
Hello. >w< I'm a mule of ~+Jazz.Ma.Razz+~. I am exactly what I say, an advertiser. What service I was thinking of, was making it so I place peoples advertisements in my signature/profile, and go chat and bump around in the chatterbox to promote those businesses, in exchange for a (very) small fee. Would this be considered a service?

Edit: Ohh, ok, now I got it. The words confused me so! ><;
Nicely stated. Good rules, good rules. XD
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Dapper Gekko

Awesome. Finally a sticky in here!! cool
Easier to understand than some of the other sticky threads.
Awsome Stickys! Bumpety Bump Bump Bump!
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This should come in handy whee
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You learn something new everyday eek

Thanks, Futo Maki! heart
So that's a service now I begin to see this places signifcance on gaia.
Page 2!

But yeah, I really haven't been in this forum before.

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