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3g per bump (current rate) 0.12060301507538 12.1% [ 24 ]
Name your own price, but no less than 2g per bump 0.19597989949749 19.6% [ 39 ]
4g per bump 0.11557788944724 11.6% [ 23 ]
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              Welcome to TLC!
              TLC Bumping has been open since July 1st, 2008, making us one of the oldest bumping services open today. Since then, we have completed 431,725 bumps and 407 orders, so you know we are a reliable service. We are the highest rated bump shop in the Minishops Rating Center with 51 kudos. We also have three pages of good comments from employees & customers alike. TLC strives to give you the best service possible.

              Important Information
              Shop Owner: Mik Laid
              Shop Mule: Palpable Love
              Thread Layout: Delicious Coffu
              Regular Slots: Full
              Bribe Slots: Full
              Waiting List: Open
              Hiring: Yes

              Have A Comment?
              If you had a great experience, make sure everyone hears about it by filling out the form below! If you copy and paste it into a post in the Minishops Rating Center, you will receive 10% off permanently!

              [color=green]I LIKE THIS SHOP!
              SHOP TITLE: TLC Bumping
              LINK: gaiaonline.com/forum/t.43493453
              RECORD NUMBER: 17.5
              WHY I LIKE THIS SHOP: [Explain your experience. No length limit.] [/color]

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              Table Of Contents
              Frequently Asked Questions (F. A. Q.)
              Waiting List
              Hall Of Fame
              Past Customers
              Links In & Out

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              December 15th, 2011
              The holiday season is upon us! It's already December! I can't believe it! Palpable is busy setting up the Christmas Party that is coming up in just a few weeks. 5,000g has been donated thus far, but don't worry, that's not all the gold&goodies that are going to be there. We're still fund-raising, so please, if you have any spare gold that you wanna see given out, just send it Palpable Love's way&we'll put it to good use. If you have any suggestions for contests, PM Palpable with that too. Merry Christmas!

              December 27th, 2011
              I bet you're stuffed from Christmas dinner, I know I am. But, we're having a Christmas party here and you're invited! All contests are free to join. Tons of gold being given away. 50k raffle. Tektek contest. Best&worst dressed avis. Just go look!

              May 9th, 2012
              New thread layout is up for the spring. Enjoy!

              July 1st, 2012
              Happy anniversary, TLC! Still going strong after 4 years.

              January 21st, 2013
              TLC Bumping has been inactive in the past few months due to real life issues and conflicting schedules. However, Mik has finally got a new computer, so TLC Bumping will be experiencing some house cleaning. I appreciate all of the patience TLC's customers have shown us and we will soon be back to bump. I'm sorry for the delays. Employees, please post in the thread at least once to let me know you are still active and planning to bump.

              September 9th, 2013
              TLC Bumping is going through a shop revamp and for the next few weeks, the front page will be changing. Rules will be re-written. Employee rules will be re-written and pay will be changed. The prices may also be tweaked in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the front page and pay close attention.

User Image
User Image

              Rule 1
              Use the forms that are provided. We will not take orders/applications that do not use our order form. Fill them out as completely as possible.

              Rule 2
              Potential affiliates should private message Palpable Love with their banner&code. Read the links in & out post for more information. Do not randomly post in the thread with a link to your shop/site/guild/whatever. Your post will be reported immediately.

              Rule 3
              If you need to close your thread unexpectedly or you simply no longer need the bumps you have ordered, there are three different options. You can have the bumps put on-hold for a later date (they will be held indefinitely), have the bumps transferred to a different thread, or lastly, we will refund your gold for all uncompleted bumps.

              Rule 4
              All private messages should be directed to Palpable Love concerning anything about TLC Bumping and its bumpers.

              Rule 5
              TLC Bumping reserves the right to change anything and everything about the shop with or without notice as needed. We reserve the right to accept/reject any order from anyone for any reason we see fit.

User Image
User Image

              Who do I send the trade to?
              Palpable Love, the shop mule.

              Do I complete my side of the trade?
              Yes, make sure it is completed fully. We have had many customers (see first post) and we are reliable.

              I really like this bumper. Can I tip them?

              How do I apply for a job here?
              Read the front page from top to bottom, the employee's post and the bumper information.

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User Image

              GOLDEN RULE
              Whenever ordering from TLC Bumping, you do not, under any circumstance, have to give us a tip at all, at the beginning of bumping, and, if you please, may wait until your bumps are complete to give us one if you see fit.

              Bumping Rates & Limits
              Maximum per order - 1,000 bumps | Minimum per order - 50 bumps
              Standard Rate - 3g per bump | Bribes - 6g per bump

              Quest & Charities - discount of 1g per bump
              Employees - discount of 1g per bump

              Up to two discounts may be used within one order. Discounts can be applied to multiple orders when eligible.

              Will Not Do
              In order to make sure that we are able to complete orders in a timely manner, we will not:
              - time out our bumps (once every five minutes, once every other minute, etc)
              - bump other bumping services
              - bump as a means to increase your chances of winning prizes i.e. we bump a thread (that is not yours) and participate in the contests and should a bumper win gold (ex. a jackpot for 1mil gold), we split the gold with you
              - bump glow threads or threads in forums that are EXTREMELY slow-moving (day or more for a thread to fall off the first page)

              Please notify us if you are putting your thread on hiatus or closing and what you would like to do with the remaining bumps. You can post in your thread if you prefer. Our bumpers will notify us. Or you can send a private message to Palpable Love for a refund or for us to hold them.

              If you would like us to bump a maximum per day, we must be able to bump at least 25 times per day.

              Click "Show Spoiler" to view TLC Bumping's disclaimer.

              When TLC Bumping is bumping within a customer's thread, images used during bumping may or may not contain links back to our main thread. This is common practice among bumping services, however, it is considered on-site advertising. If you would like us to link your thread's main page in our bumps, let us know and we will happily do so, however, if you do not explicitly tell us when you post an order form, we will assume that you approve of this advertising and you cannot report us for on-site advertising when we are actively bumping your order. If you change your mind during the course of your order, simply PM Palpable Love and/or post within the TLC's main thread and inform us. Once we have had an opportunity to respond at least once to your post/PM (to make sure we have ample time to inform our bumpers), then you may report any bumps afterwards that do contain links to the main thread.

User Image

              Step 1
              Copy and paste the form below into a post and fill it out completely.

              Step 2
              Once you have posted the order, immediately send the trade to Palpable Love. If you fail to do this, we will put your order on the "on-hold" list until a trade is sent and completed when we move your order into a slot.

              Step 3
              Once your order is accepted, Palpable Love will complete her side of the trade once. You will complete your side again, making it green and completed on your side. When we move your order into a slot, Palpable Love will accept once more, completing the trade.

              Order Form
              Click on "Show Spoiler" for the order form.
              [size=11][quote="Palpable Love"][/quote]
              [color=#a75fb1][size=15][i]Order Up![/i][/color]
              [color=#a75fb1][b]Tired Owner[/b][/color]; (account we should contact if need be)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]# of Bumps[/b][/color]; (number of bumps)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]TLC-deprived location[/b][/color]; (thread link - link it please)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]Special Treatment[/b][/color]; (certain image you'd like us to bump with - if not, put n/a)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]Rushed[/b][/color]; (deadline - please give exact date - if not, put n/a)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]Amenities[/b][/color]; (anything you'd like for us to do - PM you about applications, <3 your thread, chat, etc.)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]Sub-Bill[/b][/color]; (without tip, if there is one)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]Extra Change[/b][/color]; (tip - not necessary)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]Total Bill[/b][/color]; (total bill after tip & bumps)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]How did you find us?[/b][/color]; (affiliate, used us before, service forum, advertisement, GJC, etc.)
              [color=#a75fb1][b]Wait List?[/b][/color]; (if our slots are full, would you like to be put on the wait list?)

User Image
User Image

              Note: This is only to record the slots we are working on at the moment. All bump counts can be found in the guild & only the trade part of this post is updated. The total bumps ordered here are correct. The user names are the links to the threads.

              Slot One
              murderthemoment - #338
              200 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Slot Two
              Geeklet - #330
              1,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Slot Three
              Miss Moka - #339
              1,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Slot Four
              Asdgaf - #335
              1,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Slot Five
              Sharima - #332
              1,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Slot Six
              iiMyungSoo - #340
              1,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Slot Seven
              2sarahgate - #209
              50,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Slot Eight
              Sullen Kiss of Death - #316
              10,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Slot Nine
              SilvyrRayn - #319
              50,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

              Bribe Slot 1
              Seracella - #334
              1,000 bumps
              Trade has been completed.

User Image
User Image
NOTE: These customers receive 10% off their order: RaineGush | tinali655 | Lilijoy | Pink Gumdrops | tani-chan 4 life | Cheru-Bot | ryukai-hitari | Kyuui Kiwi | N o h b u | Crazy_Kibsy | AfterDarkHours | Plumems | xMonstersxGoxRawrr | Toshiko-sama | SchitsenGiggles | -Naosuke Ibuka- | AngeloftheShining | naina XP | Maered_Mari | DigitalDayLight | Ceroe Hiem | The Rejected Unicorn | sakura_is_cute | mizoryluvsme | Crystal Terrace | momo the peachy | Noir Kalenthiel | Kolbrun | oOakemi_hotaruOo | Ms Minerva | XenialShot | haneiy | Lady Solarius | Mizz Chopper | xXRed Moon VampiressXx | Ella4fun | Sullen ForeverAngel | SpaceXCase | Mizz Chopper | iSweetii | The_Mistress_Of_Music | XenialShot | [Demona] | ICESYS | d e s s a b u n n e h | Sh4wny

              Slot One
              #341 authorific - 1,000 bumps on page 2503.
              Trade not sent.

              If your order has been moved here, it is for one of two reasons. You asked us to hold bumps for you or a trade was never sent before we moved it into a slot. Click "Show Spoiler" to see what orders are on-hold.

              #307 foxettes - 1,000 bumps on page 2413. Trade has been completed. Put on hold until new thread is requested to bump. "PM foxettes when there is a bid. Use the following bumper:
              User Image

              #298 MsKristen 60 // 1,000 bumps. Trade not completed. "Chat, <3 the thread. "

              #285 Meister Sierra - 1,000 bumps on page 2308 Trade not sent. Customer notified.

              #276 Whuddup - 800 bumps with a 3,000g tip on page 2290. Trade not sent. Customer notified.

              #165 SweetieMemoirs - 55 bumps. Order paid for. Bumps put on hold.

              MommiiDearest - 250 bumps. Paid for and put on hold.

              x x kit katt x - 860 bumps. Paid for. Thread was deleted. May be transferred. On hold. #271

              #210 Astrid Fay - 30 // 300 bumps done.
              Trade was not completed. Customer notified.

              #227 Dual Wave Behavior - 525 // 1,000 bumps done.
              By request of owner. (25 bumps a day; <3 thread and chat)

              #232 imTrollingYourReporting-x - 100 // 2,500 bumps done.
              By request of owner. <3 the thread.

              #233 Seamus Luck - 1,000 bumps with a 4,000g tip on page 2143.
              By request of owner.

              #265 cha - cha - CHERRYBOMB - 230 // 300 bumps done.
              By request of owner. <3 the thread.

User Image
User Image

              Pay + Bonuses & Rules
              Employees are paid based on a pay scale that ranges from 7g per bump to 20g per bump. Tips are given out weekly. Bonuses, discounts and awesome prizes are some of the perks about being a TLC bumper. You can read more from the bumper information here!

              Delete the parenthesis and notes & insert your own information. All applications are to be posted!

              [align=center][img]http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z313/twelvefortyseven/gaia/5-8-10 Mik Laid/givemeachance.png[/img][/align]
              [size=11][quote="Palpable Love"][/quote]
              [color=#f9a46a]Date of registration[/color]: (date through my gaia or profile)
              [color=#f9a46a]Past experience[/color]: (have you bumped in a service before - if so, who & how many; if not - put n/a)
              [color=#f9a46a]Amount of love able to give weekly & daily[/color]: (estimation on how many bumps you can do weekly & daily)
              [color=#f9a46a]Say hello[/color]: (say hello! tell something about yourself)
              [color=#f9a46a]Were you referred? If yes, by who?[/color]: (if no, put n/a)[/size]

              A text colored strike through your user name means hiatus. A purple colored strike means semi-hiatus. Bumpers are free to re-apply if they quit on good terms and post an application. If you were hired and do not see your name on the list, let Mik Laid know through PM. If you become inactive, your name will be deleted from this list. Again, let Mik Laid know about this.

              01. SilvyrRayn
              02. Kyuui Kiwi || Elemental Collision
              03. La Zombie Princess
              04. Captivative Cat
              05. - A l o r a a || Mule: xoalora
              06. skuldsama
              07. Etro of Valhalla
              08. Nagedasanai || Mule: Yuki_Nagato
              09. Aemsy_Love
              10. Coffin Made of Glass
              11. Daemon Prince || Mules: Lord Septimus Heap || Jam Soda
              12. dope hyung || Mule: er0gur0 || gaezo
              13. Amyrlin Seat
              14. Ella4fun
              15. xSarcastic Bliss June // School
              16. Sullen Kiss of Death
              17. FizzyTheBunny
              18. sakari_paradox || Feriya January // Finals
              19. Kyo_Haruka
              20. sicK pandaH || obelisK trimorpH || joysticK pharaoH
              21. Green_crayon42
              22. DarkAmitiel
              23. Flanexmist
              24. _xNeonFirefly
              25. Sharima || Sailor Sharima July // School
              26. Omnalu
              27. Snoozbie
              28. Knicolite
              29. authorific

User Image
User Image

              Highest Bumper
              This goes to the bumper who completes the most bumps within one week. If you do more bumps than one of these bumpers, you will receive a 50,000g bonus in addition to your regular pay and weekly tip. This is changed when another bumper does more bumps than the 3rd highest amount.

              1st place | dope hyung - 2600 bumps
              2nd place | XunOnline - 2560 bumps
              3rd place | Indian Muffin Princess - 2550 bumps

User Image
User Image

              Links In
              User Image
              [url=gaiaonline.com/forum/t.43493453/][IMG]http://i1141.photobucket.com/albums/n586/Kimberly_Dial/Thread Layouts/TLCL2.gif[/IMG][/url]

              User Image
              [url=gaiaonline.com/forum/t.43493453/][IMG]http://i1141.photobucket.com/albums/n586/Kimberly_Dial/Thread Layouts/TLCL1.png[/IMG][/url]

              Links Out
              Please only 88x31 or 200x40 links. Post or PM your links. Inactive threads will be deleted without notification. If you cannot see some of our links out, we suggest editing your image settings by going through this process. My Gaia » Account Settings » Show All Images.

              User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

              User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
              User Image

User Image
User Image

              User Image
              ~October 5, 2013~

              User Image
              ~May 12, 2012~

              User Image
              ~February 20, 2009~

              User Image
              May 7th, 2010

              All MRC quotes can be found here, here, and here while all other great quotes can be found here. We've put up our favorite for you to see here. All awards given to TLC will be placed here also.

              Yeah, and well, now TLC is a huge bumping service where everyone is super tight and close knit, and there's always friendly conversation, and people are always there to help out and thank customers and assure them of your return if you're away.

              It is literally the best bumping service on Gaia right now, because of that. So I guess by having its roots in A Little Bumping Thread, it is able to still give that kind of experience, even though it's one of three major bumping services. So crazy or not, you've created something special.

              *gets down off the overturned crate and puts down the megaphone of an unintended passionate speech*


              Rogue X
              Hey there. I hired you fabulous guys from A Prisonic Fairytale -- an OC Request Thread.

              I sort of went on a hiatus during the end of your work, but I appreciate everything you all did. You were all very friendly and always putting up with my thread's crazy antics, and for that -- I salute you. heart

              It was a pleasure to order business from you, and if I ever need bumping services again -- I'll be sure to come back.
              spamlove blaugh dramallama User Image wink cool

              XLady FortunaX
              You're the most efficient bumpers I've ever had.

              Yuuki-chan 2
              This is the best bumping shop i've EVER been to! you guys get the work done so fast i'm gonna have to order again soon!

              I really liked your services, I think its unique how you have several different people completing the order, so that it done soon. <3

              You've got an amazing staff here and moon-chan's an absolute darling. 4laugh 4laugh Thank you so much!! <3

              Rose Koneko
              =o I must say, most bumping services employ people who kind of ignore everyone in the thread... Your bumpers most certainly do not. If I hear of someone in need of bumps, and you're not full anymore, I'll definitely refer them here. Best bumping services I've ever seen.

              Kyosan Erixon
              Service was amazing last time and it feels dull without it, haha.

              Well, Service was amazing last time! You guys are definetly the BEST bumping service in ALL OF GAIA! Best I've ever seen! All the other threads are long replies and usually take forever or don't finish at all, Yet TLC finished my bumping in a week and a half with that long list!

              I said I would come back again if I wanted bumps, and I did. And I will again!

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