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Dear Customer,

We are trying to run a business here so we please ask you not to bump or spam the thread. In order to have things run quick and smooth, we ask you not to post in the thread unless you have a legit comment, question, or order.

Thank you



Hello, and welcome to the Tarot Cafe. You can call me Larri, and I am
here to help you uncover the truths of the present and the mysteries of the future through Tarot.

What is Tarot you ask? It is simply fortune telling with cards. Tarot consists of a deck with
seventy-eight different cards, and depending on which spread and how they are laid, can be
used to answer any question ranging from love, money, fame, or any other problem that might
face you.

A lot of people believe Tarot to be the work of the devil, but this is not true. The Tarot is simply a
tool that can be used to help solve complicated problems that plague our minds, or just for fun.

I have been reading and working with the cards for almost ten years now, and I started the first
Tarot Cafe six years ago as a way to both share my talent with the world and to learn more
about these fascinating cards. It has been has been a great opportunity to help out
so many fellow Gaians, as well as make some great new friends. I hope to be here as long as
Gaia exists.

Feel free to take a look around. I hope you enjoy the shop.

The Old Thread.

~ Laria K.
Feb. 15, 2012


Reader: LariaKaiba --------- Manger: WindyBakura --------- Bouncer: Snow-chan
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You will listen and obey these people, or else! mad
We'll spam you're YouTube account!
Ava art by Kiruanna, banners were made my LariaKaiba.
Stop asking. >.>;;

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4/5/12 --- Sorry! I had to cancel my orders and close the shop for a bit. I just have so much going on right now that I don't have ANY time to put into the shop -.- I will still be around so feel free to stop by and say hi! If you have any questions I can do my best to offer advice without doing readings 3nodding There's just a lot going on in my life right now.


316/12 --- Bye bye Reincarnation spread!

3/5/12 --- 550 CUSTOMERS AND 900 READINGS!

2/21/12 --- NEW LAYOUT! heart

2/8/2012 --- After two years of nothing... I'M BACK!!!!

Started a brand new spread just to keep everything clean orderly. So if you remember
The Tarot Cafe from back in the day, don't fret! This is still the original, not a copy!

So let's get some readings done =D

6/1/2009 --- 500 customers, and 800 readings now. sweatdrop Wow, it seems like just yesterday
I opened this place. Lol!

1/10/08 --- 400 ORDERS COMPLETED!

1/6/08 --- Two years, and still going strong!

Don't forget, I'm giving free readings to everyone who orders on page 500.

And also: 600 READINGS!

10/25/07 --- Well the first National Reading Get Day went very well. I
can't wait to celebrate it again next week!

10/22/07 --- 500 READINGS! 500 READINGS!

10/12/07 --- Wow, today has been a good week for the Cafe. Not only did we have our 300th
customer and 450th reading last night, earlier this week we broke the 200k mark for totally
profit. That is over the past almost two years though. But I think 50k of that was made in the
past month. Thank you all so much! You're all helping my quest out so much I feel the need
to give back to all of you. How does free readings on page 500 sound? Or how about 1/2 off
ALL readings on Thursdays? .

10/9/07 --- After nearly TWO YEARS of the exact same look in the shop, it's FINALLY changed.
And it is so much better, that old layout was bringing me down, now I can't wait to open the
shop to the masses! The top banner was actually a logo I made for the Business Identity we
had to make in school. That whole project was really one of my best.

I hope you enjoy the new look. Viva la change!

10/5/07 --- I am becoming stricter with the orders!

Also! You MUST use the order form coding. Keep it
exactly how it is, don't change the font size or color. I do this also so I can find orders quickly.
It makes it stand out. I will ignore order forms that don't have the right coding.

10/3/07 --- Oh wow, yesterday was crazy. @.@;;; The Cafe made it to the top of the "Top Rated
Forum List" and exploded with people. Twenty-Two orders before I had to start denying people.
Well, all the readings has completely drained me and I have a cold now, so I'll be taking the
day off before I re-open the shops flood gates for more orders. Sorry for the wait everyone!
Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow! heart

9/23/07 --- Over 200 customers and 300 readings since the Cafe opened. Thanks everyone! <3

2/25/07 --- 200 READINGS! 200 PAGES! Today is a special day! Also, I've started a brand new
contest, which can be found at the bottom of this post. A Weekly Card and Monthly Drawing.
Learn in depth information about all kinds of different Tarot Cards (information brought to you
from LearnTarot.com) each week. And if that card come up in your reading you get entered in
for a chance to win a Donation Letter!

1/14/06 --- Congrats to therougeslytherin for being our 20th costumer in little over a week of
being open! Me and Windy are working on making smaller banner for siggys they should be up
by the end of the weekend (or week (or whenever, stayed tuned for them))

Also, today we hit 50 pages! Wootness!

1/5/06 --- GRAND OPENING! heart

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Ordering Info

Post your order in the thread and send your payment.
Post the page that your order is on in your trade subject.

Example: Tarot Reading --- Page 3

After I have accepted your trade and found your order, I will do your
reading and PM it to you as soon as I can.



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Sample Reading

My friend came to my house one evening very upset. He had just had a
fight with his parents and had ran away. He came to my house looking for some advice on to
what he should do.

Past - Queen of Cups - You are protected by love, warmth and
caring. Good time to pursue the creative arts - poetry, music, literature. Open yourself up to
new visions, new possibilities. Follow the prompting of your heart.

Present - II of Cups; reversed - Arguments, disputes, distrust. A relationship out
of balance. Inequality among partners - one is putting in more then is being received. A
relationship in jeopardy of coming undone.

IX of Swords; reversed - A sense of hope fills you. The doom and gloom of the past are
fading. The pain will be replaced with joy. You must have faith. Time will heal all wounds.

Temperance; reversed - Lack of control in your life. Close-minded. Not comfortable with
what's facing you. "It doesn't feel right."

Future - The World; reversed - You are not there yet. Goals still elude you.
Not committing yourself. Running in place, not moving forward.

The cards show that my friend is protected by love, which is true because he as
many great friends, and a loving girlfriend. Even though there are many problems between him
and his parents, there is still hope that things will turn out right. The future however, was not
very clear, but it shows that he needs to try harder if he wants to accomplish his goals.

Waiting List

Too many to list @.@;;;;

Welcome --- Announcements --- Ordering Info --- Spreads
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Rider-Waite Deck
Manga Deck
Egyptian Deck
Tarot Classic Deck (cards are in French)

My french deck will be back March 18th
when my bf comes to visit! whee

General Spreads:

Yes/No Spread (simple, one card)
simple Yes or No answer only.
Question required.
Price: 50g

Yes/No Spread (extended, six cards)
Yes or No answer, plus a slightly in depth look into your

Question required.
Price: 300g

Past, Present, Future (simple, three cards)
One card for the past, present and future.
No question required.
Price: 150g

Past, Present, Future (extended, five cards)
One card for past and future, three for the present.
No question required.
Price: 250g

Celtic Cross (ten cards)
In depth look on your question.
Question required.
Price: 500g

Horoscope Spread (twelve cards)
In depth look on twelve different aspects of your life.
No question required.
Price: 600g

Birthday/Year Spread (nine cards)
Where are you now, where you would like to be by next
year, your current states, What you need to do this year to make your
dreams come true.

No question required.
Price: 450g

Love Spreads:

A New Lover (six cards)
Will there be a new relationship for you soon? Will you
compatible? Will this person be your soul mate?

No question required.
Price: 300g

A Romantic Attraction (ten cards)
What is the attraction? Is this person loving? Can you
have fun together? Will this be a last relationship?

No question required.
Price: 500g

Lover's Spread (ten cards)
Does your lover care for you? Is your lover faithful and
true? Will your lover consider marriage? Will your lover stay with you or

No question required.
Price: 500g

Magic Love (Seven cards)
Will I ever find my true love? Is marriage a potential for me?
Can the magic last between us?

No question required.
Price: 350g

Guide for Lovers (Nine cards)
What type of mate am I seeking? Will this person be
nurturing, loving, and supportive? Will our attraction be sexual,
emotional, or mental? What can I do to make this person part of my life?

No question required.
Price: 450g

Home and Family Spreads:

Family Problems (eight cards)
Who is invovled with the problem? What steps must be
taken to resolve the matter? What situations should you avoid?

No question required.
Price: 400g

Health Spread (ten cards)
Should I worry about my health? Will I ever be happy? Past
health problems? Do I need formal medical attention?

No question required.
Price: 500g

High Finance Spreads:

Career Spread (seven cards)
Is the career I have chosen what I really want? What steps
can I take to improve my career? Do I feel I am doing my best at my
career? What blocks in my past are affecting my career now?

No question required.
Price: 350g

Money Spread (eight cards)
Concerns regarding money? How can I manifest money to
make me happy? Issues regarding responsibility financial well-being?
What future plans am I contemplating regarding money?

No question required.
Price: 400g

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Tired Alarm ClockUser Image 381. wise_ninja_person 382. GrnGriffUser Image 383. D o l l ! e 384. Blue Stem Cell 385. Blue Stem Cell Return Costumer 386. ChocolateZombie Return Costumer 387. ChocolateZombie Return Costumer 388. myst_rivan Return Costumer 389. Salinga San 390. Kahiara User Image 391. ChocolateZombie Return Costumer 392. night_mare 393. Resh_449 394. Miss Maru 395. Xx_Morbid_Angel_Xx 396. illustratinloue User Image 397. Captivated Darkness 398. Kyjoto User Image 399. Rukasu 400. J.a.y.n.e Return Costumer User Image Free Reading 401.WinglessArrow 402. TriangularDice 403. myst_riven Return Costumer - Free Reading 404. ChocolateZombie Return Costumer - Free Reading 405. Kahiara Return Costumer - Free Reading 406. Skarlis Free Reading 407. midnightblue_butterfly Return Costumer - Free Reading 408. bohiemian_wild_child Free Reading 409. - Analgia - 410. Yora User Image 411. Lanae of Lost Hope 412. ensoul User Image 413. 8 ) Porno Return Costumer 414. omg ily hair User Image 415. The Space and Time Witch User Image 416. SugarBurst Frenzy 417. [Pookie Face] Return Costumer 418. Laok 419. Cucumbercake Return Costumer User Image 420. xXLoveBunnyXx 421. Salinga San Return Costumer User Image 422. Orikami 423. J.a.y.n.e Return Costumer User Image 424. Iceis Inscent Sama 425. Goddess of the lunar 426. Lebiram 427. Black Duvet User Image 428. omg ily hair Return Costumer User Image 429. Celithia User Image 430. Celithia Return Costumer User Image 431. Diclonius Nyuu 432. Togesteph Return Costumer 433. omg ily hair Return Costumer User Image 434. Twilight Summoner` 435. J.a.y.n.e Return Costumer User Image 436. Kik0u Return Costumer User Image 437. autumn-lamb 438. Koibito_no_Kurama_kun Free Reading 439. Pot Flavored Pocky Return Costumer User Image 440. Flutterby Smiles 441. StreetchIck123 Return Costumer 442. Rehabilitated Reject User Image 443. Justin the blademaster 444. JadenMarie 445. astute 446. evilmonkey123 User Image 447. Controller_Tamer User Image 448. Marjosa User Image 449. Archer_UBW User Image 450. purplekitty User Image 451. I C E D C O L A User Image 452. ichiailc 453. StreetchIck123 Return Costumer 454. snowyskies Return Costumer User Image 455. Minako Blackrose Return Costumer User Image 456. J.a.y.n.e Return Costumer 457. Arix de Lestat User Image 458. Snow-chan Return Costumer - Free Reading 459. xXClockwork_RomanceXx 460. Fangx610 Free Reading 461. babyturnsblue User Image 462. seko User Image 463. Katie Ren'ai User Image 464. Mixed.OhGod. Return Costumer 465. StreetchIck123 Return Costumer 466. Avis-yam 467. BlackFireGeisha 468. loontje 469. cucumbercake Return Costumer User Image 470. StreetchIck123 Return Costumer 471. chiharuwind 472. The Red Butterfly User Image 473. Celithia Return Costumer User Image 474. Lost Siren 475. StreetchIck123 Return Costumer 476. lol gay god User Image 477. yeonhwa 478. blue_mufflins12 479. selrnity2010 480. Kaldeagirl User Image 481. Togesteph Return Costumer User Image User Image User Image 482. Togesteph Return Costumer 483. Rainy-Desu User Image 484. Laravinya 485. Triangular Dice Return Costumer 486. StreetchIck123 Return Costumer 487. StreetchIck123 Return Costumer 488. Koto O-o User Image 489. shattered promises 490. Trocks345 Free Reading 491. Beautiful Propaganda 492. LariaKaiba User Image 493. Malice Payne User Image 494. Tamara Filipovic 495. ___F a l l i n g Skyward 496. Trocks345 Return Costumer User Image 497. Horse Lady User Image 498. Flying Dicks 499. Mystic Words 500. Tortiurr Free Reading 501. Danaidae User Image 502. WindyBakura Free Reading - Return Costumer 503. Miu aka Mii 505. Ziansu User Image 506. pbbunnie User Image 507. P a r a d o x i c a t e User Image 508. Miu aka Mii User Image Return Costumer 509. Himiwiri-Chan User Image 510. --MIROPPA 511. Zainsu Return Costumer User Image 512. Vault User Image 513.Etoileq User Image 514. Twilight Tsuki 515. Seems Legitimate User Image 516. Twilight Tsuki Return Costumer User Image 517. xSharinax 518. Skyumi User Image 519. Himiwiri-Chan User Image Return Costumer 520. The Lady Librarian User Image 521. RainyBby User Image 522. i P e t r u s h k a User Image 523. Miu aka Mii Return Costumer - Free Reading 524. Chiinator User Image 525. Dorinkingu User Image 526. Likana Lonewolf 527. cg54 User Image 528. Rawraphobic Dinosaur User Image 529. Ashlizzle User Image 530. myclubistheclub 531. Ada Satin 532. xSharinax User Image Return Costumer 533. Seems Legitimate User Image Return Costumer 534. Sheva Das 535. -oO_ToyLeafo_Oo- 536. H3lloKitt3n 537. Swurge User Image 538. Vault User Image Return Costumer 533. Miu aka Mii User Image Return Costumer 540. Hannah Yeager 541. Beautiful Propaganda User Image Return Costumer 542. XxLexxyKinnsXx 543. Himiwari-Chan User Image Return Costumer 544. ichigostrawberryred 545. A Two Headed Cat 546. xXbubbleteaxX User Image 547. IKaden 548. 0423kap User Image 549. ichigostrawberryred Return Costumer - Free Reading User Image 550. Paloola - Free Reading 551. Cannibal Apocalypse 552. Alllfredo User Image 553. Grey Cross User Image 554. Leii_Leii

Total Readings: 910

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Thank you so much! ^^ I am happy with my result and would be happy to rate your cafe 10/10...^^ I am very satisfied and you may use this as a quote telling others how good you are.

Thanks again so much!

No, thank you for the
wonderful reading >w< A lot of them were really accurate and helpful~

Omg you are like so awsome gonk
. You went more into detail then my friends normally do.

Thanks a lot! It's more accurate than what I
do for myself domokun <3 I'll be back xD

Thank you for the reading,
it's absolutely suberb! ^_^

all I have to say is..ooh my god.... The past
and present were right on the damn money.

I didn't expect so much detail! surprised

The past/present readings were scarily accurate, and the future one was
really helpful. Thanks!

Wow, that was a very helpful
reading smile

Meep! You did wonderful! Will
DEFINATELY come back again! -adds thread to subscribed-

heart OMG!! that's so true. Thanks!! I'll order
again!! heart

Thanks agian for the readings! I'll
definatly recomend you. 3nodding

[[The Fallen Sheep]]
You did a good job.
It is like you read my mind and told me what I thought.
Creepy... xd

Oh my god you
gave me chills whee Thank you so much, This was actually a really
awsome experiance! Frighteningly accurate, and also insightful.

I thank you a million times over, you are quite awsome heart

Thank you very much for your
reading. It was pretty accurate. I hope to seek you for your services
sometime in the future.

amazing. thank you. this has
given me a lot to think about. your tarot readings are always the best.
well worthy the cost. thanks very much! 3nodding

Whoa...that is scarily accurate...

my charlotte
i really don't believe in this, but i had a
delema, so i tried it out. you made me a believer. thank you so much,
and i will be back. [sorry my shift isn't working]


I must comment that I am quite impressed with the accuracy of your tarot card readings! Thank you very much! This was definitely insightful and interesting. I look forward to other future readings done by you. <3 Thank you once again, and take care~.

(Cool people that hang out here)

Miu aka Mii

P.S. Feel free to come in and hang out anytime.
There's usually always some one here, or lurking about.

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And we're open again!
L-chan X3 You know I'm always up for a reading... especially since I haven't had one in a while. XD

Name: Windy
Deck: your pick? =O
Spread(s): Horoscope, pleaseeee
Question (if needed):
Order Total: 300g

heart heart heart heart heart heart
Omg yay Windy-sama whee heart
Hehe X3 I haven't been on Gaia in a while..

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