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Name: Edward Sledge aka Katica Locke
Age: 28
Occupation: Writer, Educational Assistant Substitute
About Me: I've been writing for nearly 20 years, I have my first published novel coming out later this spring (Magebound) under the pen name Katica Locke (I work at a school and I write gay erotica, I'd be an idiot to not have a pen name).

So why am I selling homoerotic/gay/yaoi stories on Gaia? I'm just finishing my latest novel and I'd like to work on writing short stories for a while, but I can never seem to come up with ideas that are small enough to be contained in a short story. My last "short story" was 17,000 words long. So I'm turning to you, people of Gaia, for inspiration, and for gold, because I'd like to revamp my avatar and all the really cool stuff is also hella expensive.

Intro ~ Rules ~ Strength/Weaknesses ~ Form ~ Samples ~ Wishlist ~ Progress
My Shop, My Rules

1. It's My Writing - You're paying for the creation of the story, not for the story itself. If you want to print it out and turn it in as a homework assignment, I can't stop you, but post it online as your own, or try to get it published, and I will hunt you down and kill you. It is also not yours to read exclusively. I will probably be posting any story I really like on my website, so if you don't want anyone else to read it, don't ask me to write it. I will give you credit for the idea, though, unless you don't want me to. I will not try to publish any of these stories, just use them to promote my other work.

2. Follow the Gaia TOS - Since much of what I write is way over the TOS, please use PMs or e-mail (katicalocke(at)ulmb(dot)com) to request anything over a PG-13 rating. If you e-mail, please post here or PM to let me know; I don't check that account very often.

3. Please fill out the form completely - requests with blank lines will be disregarded. If an entry is not applicable to your story, please put N/A on that line.

4. I Choose What I Write - Sorry, but I'm not going to force myself to write something I have no interest in and I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

5. No Fanfiction - I have nothing against fanfiction, I just feel like writing it.

6. Deadlines Are Flexible - I have a regular job and other projects that I'm working on, and while I will strive to write your story in a timely fashion, I make no guarantees.

7. Payment Due in Full When the Story is Completed - Once the work is finished, I will PM you and set up a trade for the agreed upon amount. Once I have the gold, I will send you the story. Why should you trust me? Seriously, I'm 28 and have better things to do than cheat kids out of pretend money.

8. Cancellation - If you change your mind, or decide that I'm taking too long, you may cancel your order as long as I haven't started writing (check the progress thread below). Post here or PM if you decide to cancel.

Intro ~ Rules ~ Strength/Weaknesses ~ Form ~ Samples ~ Wishlist ~ Progress
Strengths and Weaknesses

What I'm Good At: Fantasy, yaoi, romance, vampires, faeries, animals, hot M/M smex, angst, magic, anthro/furries

What I'm Less Good At: Comedy, yuri, Het, fight scenes, contemporary, horror, historical, hard sci-fi

If it's not listed, feel free to ask!

Intro ~ Rules ~ Strength/Weaknesses ~ Form ~ Samples ~ Wishlist ~ Progress

Please fill out this form, regardless of whether you're posting on the thread or sending me a PM or email. (Email to: katicalocke(at)ulmb(dot)com )

Your Age: (I don't write explicit stories for anyone under 16)
Story Rating: (PG-13 - Gaia Safe, M - Mature/Fairly Explicit, M+ - Nothing Held Back)
Genre(s): (Try to be specific. 'Gritty modern fantasy romance' tells me a lot more than just 'Fantasy'.)
Character 1:
Clothes (General Idea):
Species (Vampire, Were, Faerie, etc.):
Minimum of Three Personality Traits, Other, (and if applicable, are they Top, Bottom, or Switch)
Character 2: (repeat as necessary, no more than four characters)
Plot: (Please write as much as you can. The more general you are, the more liberties I will take, and the greater the chance that it won't be the story you want. If you want to be surprised, then a general plot idea is okay, but don't complain if you put something like vampire + Faerie in bathtub and it's not what you imagined it would be.)
Wordcount: (How much you want me to write. I will write no less than this, but not charge extra if I go over. And 1 page on MS Works equals around 400 words.)

My Rates: I write at 1g per word, 800 word/1000g minimum.
(Rates subject to change. Rate changes do not effect already requested pieces.)
For example:
If you request a 1000g story, it will be more than 800 words.
If you request a 2500g story, it will more than 2500 words.
If you request a 3000g story and I write 4500 words, you will only pay 3000g.
If you request a 3000g story and I can only write 2000 words, you will only pay 2000g.
If you hate your story, I will offer to rewrite it, or refund half of your money.
I will consider items in lieu of gold, but what I mostly want are evolving items, and thus worth more than any single story.

Intro ~ Rules ~ Strength/Weaknesses ~ Form ~ Samples ~ Wishlist ~ Progress
Writing Samples

Also feel free to check out my website for more samples of my work, including the first chapter of my upcoming novel, Magebound.

Exerpt From: Broken Wings

"Where's the fire?" Jak said with a laugh as Zaiden practically dragged him down the hall. "We've got almost fifteen minutes." Zaiden just grinned back at him.

They burst out through the double doors into a chilly blanket of fog, the mist hanging in the air, still and silent, the nearby trees and bushes nothing more than dark, formless shapes. Zaiden stepped off the walk, into the damp grass, and headed west along the outside wall of the teacher's apartments, away from the greenhouses, toward...

"Zaiden, what's out here?" Jak asked, glancing around. Aside from the stone wall, he couldn't see a thing. He slowed, resisting the fire mage's insistent tugging, and tightening his grip on Zaiden's hand. "Zaiden, where are you taking me?"

Zaiden stopped and turned back to him, a hurt look on his face.

"Do you think I'd drag you out into the fog and- and leave you here?" he asked, taking a step toward Jak and letting his satchel drop to the grass. Jak opened his mouth, didn't like what he was about to say, and closed it again. That's exactly what he'd thought. He was a mage, after all, and he was used to mages acting like mages. "Jak, I just didn't want anyone to see us."

"See us--" Zaiden silenced him with a soft, almost hesitant kiss, the fire mage's warm hands rising up to cup Jak's face, his fingers sliding up into Jak's hair. Jak drew back, breathless, and stared into Zaiden's bright, flickering eyes, flames dancing within their depths. "Are you for real?" he whispered. Zaiden just grinned and kissed him again, more confident this time, his lips parting, coaxing Jak's mouth open, his tongue slipping inside.

He tasted faintly of campfire smoke, that wild, outdoor scent that would linger for days on Jak's clothes after a family trip into the mountains. With a groan, Jak shrugged off his book bag and wrapped one arm around Zaiden's waist, drawing the slender young man tight against his body, his other hand rising up to tangle in the hair at the nape of Zaiden's neck. Great Maele he felt so good, so warm and eager in Jak's arms.

Suddenly, Zaiden stepped forward, pushing Jak back against the building. Jak shivered as the cold ate through his jacket, the stones hard and unyielding behind him. Zaiden's lips slid down to his throat, scalding hot on Jak's chilled skin, teeth scraping, biting. Jak gasped and tightened his hand into a fist, gripping Zaiden's hair.

"We should stop," Jak said, out of breath, his voice rough and hoarse. "You're making me so hard." Zaiden pressed against him, grinding his crotch against Jak's erection. "Oh, s**t, Zaiden--We gotta get to class."

"Just two more minutes," Zaiden whispered in his ear, his hands wandering down Jak's chest, teasing his nipples through the soft fabric of his T-shirt.

"I can't go to Herbalism with a hard-on," Jak said, his teeth clenched as he reluctantly grabbed Zaiden by the shoulders to push him away. Zaiden raised his head, his hands sliding down between their bodies, grasping the top of Jak's jeans, pulling at the button.

"I'll take care of it," the fire mage whispered, his lips brushing against Jak's.

Exerpt From: Broken Wings

More than a little uneasy, Jak stepped into the foyer and began digging through the pile of coats and hats. Zaiden's long, red coat was easy to find, and lying beside it was his and Izeri's. He grabbed them and jumped as the doors at the other end of the hall burst open, two young men spilling out into the corridor. At first glance, it looked like a fight, but after a moment, Jak realized that only one of them was throwing any punches. The other just cowered and tried to protect his face.

"Hey," Jak shouted, taking a step toward them. "Leave him alone!"

The one doing the beating paused to glare at him, his chest heaving.

"Mind your own business," he snarled, and then raised his fist to hit the other boy again. Before he could swing, something large and dark came barreling out of the party and slammed the attacker against the wall, hard enough to rattle the sconce on the wall next to Jak. It was Shadorak, his chocolate brown skin glistening with sweat, his teeth bared as he lifted the guy off his feet and threw him down the corridor.

The guy hit the floor with a sickening thud and screamed, his shoes scuffing across the carpet as he writhed in pain, clutching his arm to his chest, his wrist bent at an unnatural angle. Shadorak turned to the beaten boy, gently coaxing his head up. It was Moonsinger, the shy werewolf from Jak's Cooperative Learning class, blood running down his chin and from a cut above his eye.

"What happened?" Shadorak asked, his deep, rumbling voice filling the hall.

Moonsinger shook his head and winced, his eyes drifting back down to stare at the floor.

"I said no," Moonsinger said, his voice thick, like he was fighting tears. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause trouble."

"Don't be sorry," Shadorak said, running one large, dark hand through the werewolf's sandy hair. "I'm very proud of you."

"Really?" Moonsinger asked, his eyes bright as he glanced up, his expression heartbreakingly hopeful. Jak could almost imagine him wagging his tail. With the crisis over, Jak turned to go.

Exerpt From: Rayne's Story (Working Title)

Fifty bags of potatoes was a hell of a lot of potatoes. Rayne didn't know what his father was thinking. It was a bargain, of course -- less than three laenes a bag -- and if he could sell them for eight or nine -- the going rate for potatoes in their corner of the world -- they'd turn a fine profit, but that was only if he could sell them. Not that he doubted his father, but ... fifty bags was a hell of a lot of potatoes.

Rayne discovered that first hand as he unloaded them from the farmer's wagon. He had to get them out of the wagon and stacked beside the building before the farmer finished his drink in the inn next door. His father always bought a drink for the men he did business with -- kept them coming back, he said. Rayne sure envied them at that moment. He had half the bags -- at least twenty pounds each, they were -- off the wagon before he paused to catch his breath and wipe the sweat from his face. He counted himself lucky that it was late fall, with a brisk wind blowing up the main street from off the sea, instead of high summer. 'Course, if it was summer, he wouldn't have had to move the damn potatoes at all -- unless they were last fall's potatoes, and then three laenes a bag was too much.

He gave his head a little shake -- like he always did when his mind wandered -- and grabbed the waterskin sitting on the front steps of the shop. He took a drink and splashed some on his face, his skin prickling as the cool water rolled down his neck and under the collar of his sweaty shirt. He tossed the skin back onto the step and brushed his hair back out of his eyes, his fingers catching in the tangled curls, before clambering up into the back of the wagon again.

He reached for another bag, but stopped as something unusual caught his eye. A man was walking up the middle of the street, from the direction of the docks. Few travelers ever came to Traxen by ship -- merchants sometimes, and slave traders, but this guy wasn't either. His clothes were muddy and patched, and he carried only a single leather knapsack slung over one shoulder. His hair hung lank and dirty to his collar, blacker than anything Rayne had ever seen before, and his eyes were the dark blue of sapphires, shadowed by a fierce scowl. Rayne watched him approach, and felt his pants grow a little uncomfortable. This guy was hot, in an angry, mess-with-me-and-I'll-hurt-you sort of way.

Rayne licked his lips and wondered where he was going, what his name was, where he was from, what his mouth tasted like -- He grabbed the nearest bag and jerked the tie loose as the stranger trudged past the wagon. He heaved it onto his shoulder and pretended to lose his balance.

"Oh, damn it," he said loudly as potatoes rained down onto the packed earth below, some bouncing halfway across the street. The guy glanced at him, but didn't stop. Rayne jumped down, scrambling around in the dirt as he stuffed potatoes back into their bag, a stream of curses pouring from his lips. He looked up hopefully, but the guy was still walking away. He hefted a potato and considered throwing it at him -- just to get his attention -- but being beaned with a tuber was hardly what Rayne would call romantic. He decided to try a less violent approach.

"Excuse me, sir," he called. "Excuse me. Sir! Hey!" The dark man stopped and turned, scowling harder. "Could you -- uh, could you give me a hand? These damn things spilled all over the place and I've got to get the wagon unloaded before my father gets back or he'll ... he'll beat me." His father had never laid a hand on him and the stranger could either tell, or he didn't care. He started to turn away again and Rayne was again tempted to hit him with a potato.

Instead, he called out, "I can pay you." The man hesitated and Rayne quickly searched his pockets to see how much he had. "Two laenes," he told him. "Help me clean up this mess and finish unloading the wagon and they're yours." It was hardly a fortune, but it was probably two laenes more than he had. After a moment, he walked back to Rayne and dropped his bag next to the steps. "Thanks," Rayne said, beaming. The guy just started picking up potatoes, his scowl still firmly in place.

Intro ~ Rules ~ Strength/Weaknesses ~ Form ~ Samples ~ Wishlist ~ Progress

These are the things that I want and am working for, in no particular order. Will be added to.

Kelp o' the Loch
Aquatica -- Thanks, Tobaeus Ciar!
Any/All color Kachina Dancer's Wings
Inari's Beads (dream on)
Fallen Wish (again, dream on)
Picolitrosso's Urn
Yama no Tamago (thrice, dream on)

Intro ~ Rules ~ Strength/Weaknesses ~ Form ~ Samples ~ Wishlist ~ Progress
Request List and Progress

Stories will be written first come, first served. Progress will be listed below. Sorry, but I don't accept bribes.

* Lucky~9~Lives -- Writing

Waiting List
* Lady Ara of the North

* AisuKisaki
Okay, I think that's it. Feel free to bump or chat. I especially like discussing writing and M/M romance.
The excerpts were really interesting and well-written, I might add. I also write gay fiction occassionally when the mood strikes me. I'd commission you but I'm in the mood for some femslash that I don't think you're very comfortable in writing yet so I'll just stick around and help you bump the thread. wink
Good luck with your shop <3
Thanks biggrin

You're right, Vain Lavariel, femslash isn't really my thing, lol.
I'm not stalking you, I swear. The feeds brought me here. D:

Anyway. Because I adore/worship/whatever you, I might just have to order something in the near future. smile

Edit: Your sig! heart
Laiinny, you are so stalking me xd

That would be cool. I would love to write a story for you.

Yes, that sig is what happens when I stay up 'till 4 am writing man-porn. I had the irresistible urge to tek-tek everyone.
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