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Welcome !

Welcome to my Pagan Shop!

Merry Meet! My name is Sera Cosmos. I am opening this little shop to, offer services, teach those who want to learn, and to just have some fun on Gaia. So please, enjoy your visit.

5-30-11: I am now accepting items/tickets/ and FISH as payment if customers don't have the gold!!!!

6-12-11: I have decided I am going to take on 5 more students, and these students are going to help run the shop. If youd like to apply, send me a PM.

1. Mitsu-Mitsuki
3. Krysania Eramos
5.Melancholy Wish

: When ordering via PM, PLEASE make sure that YOU keep on me if you do not recieve your service within 48 hours. I have a TON of business via PM, due to shops, orders, services, RPs, and much more, and PMs can/do get lost! Thank you!

3-12-12: Update for MY ACTUAL website. Feel free to become a member to have access to real live tarot readings/scryings/ and other product. Also, to have access to all kinds of information, a forum to post in, and much more! All members are currently being accepted. If you join the site as a member and remain active on it, send me your name here, and you will receive discounts and free services. Click the link to go to Triple Moon.
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Welcome to my Pagan Shop!

Here are the services I offer:

Spell Work

Pendulum Work

Tarot Readings

Customized Potions/Workings YOU can KEEP!

Prices Vary on which spread you'd like:

Spreads done for 5,000.

* Tradition Spread - a 1-5 card layout.
* Two Paths Spread - a 7 card layout.
* Love and Romance Spread - a 6 card layout.
* Enlightenment Spread - a 6 card layout.
* Money and Career Spread - a 6 card layout.

Additional layouts offered that have different pricing because of a longer time occurrence and a more difficult layout are:

* Celtic Cross Spread - a 10 card layout in the shape of a Celtic Cross. - 10k
* Astrological Spread - a 12 card layout in the shape of the wheel of the year. - 15k
* Prosperity Spread -a 6 card spread. - 7k
* Messages From The Universe Spread - a special layout with a wand,sword,cup,pentacle, and majors card. - 15k
* Decision Making Spread - a 12 card spread used in immediate decision making. - 25k

Mirror Scrying:
Shell Scrying: 5,000g
Smoke Scrying: 10,000g
Pendulum Scrying: 5,000g
Water Scrying: 5,000g
Crystal Scrying: 5,000g
Crystal Ball Scrying: 10,000g
Oil Scrying: 5,000g

Prices vary due to complexity of the technique.

Scrying is another form of divination. You may ask 3 questions, I will perform the scrying, and then answer it from what I have seen during the divination. WARNING: Be careful what you ask...

I will only allow this to be done is PAYMENT IS FULLY ACCEPTED. Unfortunately, I have had people start the trade, then cancel it once I was done with my part. So, please, complete trade first. Thanks!!

Pendulum work: 500g per question. Yes or No only. I will perform the divination and give you your answers.

PM or Thread:
Final Price:

[Once filled out form, immediately send the trade, so that I may PM you. All divination work can be done either via PM, or posted right on the thread.]


Tea Leaf Readings
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5,000g per reading.

I do my tea leaf readings much differently, then other readers. There is a traditional way, and
a personal way. And I was taught by my High Priestess to read them in a much more personal way.

When I perform a tea leaf reading, I will read 4 images in the bottom of the cup by swirling a little bit of water in the bottom of the cup. When normally Readers only use 1. I read the image and decide how it is affecting/ will be affecting/ your life. You are free to ask questions.



I will work with Colored Stones, that have been charge by me and worked with by me.
There colors will each tell me 1 thing about you. And each piece of information I will be able to elaborate on for you. Each personality trait will describe you in some way.



I will work with the Stars. I cast a circle outside under a clear night sky, call the elements to
help me speak with the Gods, Other Worldly Creatures, and Spirits. You may ask 1 question, any that you desire, and tell me specifically whom you'd like me to contact, and I will ask your question, receive an answer through meditation under the stars, and give you your answer.

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I will do the following spell work.

Luck - 2k
Love - (Not against Will) 5k
Friendship - 3k
Hope - 1k
Healing (emotional) - 10k
Protection - 10k
Light - 5k
Ward Off Evil - 10k
Ward Off Unwanted - 5k
Lust - 25k
Dream Work (nightmares) - 10k
Fortune - 2k


Assistance with a Need/Want (Detailed Reason) - 100k
Prophetic Dreams- 75k
Seasonal Spells (Sabbats) - 150k
Blessing Spells - 50k
Binding Spells - 100k
Afterlife Work - 200k
Career Work - 200k

If you want me to WRITE the spell myself for a specific reason, then perform it (other than the smaller spells). - 250k

Order Form:
Spell Wanted and Why:
Price and Tip:

I will write the spell and send it to you, then perform it. Keep the spell for the remainder of the week as a way to prove to yourself you believe.

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I will only be taking 3 people at a time for services I offer. If you need someone done immediately, I will do my best to get your order done in the same day, especially if its an emergency.

Tarot Services:

Scrying Services:


Pendulum Work:

Custom Workings

Past Customers:
i R e v e r s e P a n d a
Sahi Kati
Standard Issued Calculator
Catch The Stars
Scarlet Comet
The Lady Librarian
Twiligh Tsuki
The Saiyan Warrior
addicted to sin
Poetic Epiphany*
Hannah Yeager
xx Sweet Grass
Calla Ayden
Hakayos Gift
Azareas Aquarinus
Miss Luna 88
Soulless Blond
Irako of the Desert*
Lady Sume
Doc Goth
Sleeping Shrine Maiden
Leeches in my peaches
H3llo Kitt3n
Angel_candy me*
Rogue Cerise
Baby Kitty Mew
Laughing Pixie
Harlequin Raver
Anya Ozera*
Sounds Legitimate
Fieri Lux
Lolita Ciel Phantomhive
Sophronia Anna-Anwen
Melancholy Wish
Lady Apsara

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Custom Workings!

Welcome to The Pagan Tea Shop's Custom Workings!

For each item purchased you will receive:

1. The actual image to post on your profile, signature, personal site, thread, etc...
2.A detailed list of what is inside (or a list of what you choose to put inside.)
3.The outcome of what it is for/does.

You may also CREATE YOUR OWN item.

For Example:
You order an item already created. You keep the image with you, and what is listed
is sent VIA pm.

You order an item you want customized. You will pick which item you'd like, how it is going to
look on the outside (using the BASE images for containers), and what you'd like on the inside (using the BASE images for inside items).

Once you have decided on what you want, you will fill out the order form, start the trade, I will create your Custom Working, you will see it as a SAMPLE, you will finished the trade, and I will PM your custom working.

Keep the image so that the power of the working is always with you.

Prices for each item are listed with title and information.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!


For those who like to steal images, these items are blessed and made ONLY for those who order, stealing the image will only give you a cool picture to look at. No outcome will happen from simply "having" the image.

Order Form For Pre-Made Workings:

Total Price:

Order Form For Custom Workings:

Inner Items:
Total Price:


Pre-Made Workings:

Custom Workings:

Bottle Bases 1,000g per bottle.

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Extras: Looking for full time bumpers. Looking for Mods, to help keep everything running smooth. Become a Reg and get services for free! Let me know if you are interested!


The Real Zeszu
Irako of the Desert

Hired Bumpers:


Poetic Epiphany <3
Tarrien <3
Dotti600 <3
Scarlette Rouge <3
Anya Ozera <3
Kiyasama <3


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Hope everyone is having a blessed morning!!!
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So Missy... How did you start getting into all this stuff? Were you raised learning it or did you discover it later?

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