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It costs 2g per bump.
This will just be a temp shop run by 1 person who is trying to get her dream avis! whee
(You can see my dream avis at my quest thread below)

Come Visit My First Ever Quest Thread ^^
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I've decided to close the shop temporarily after the current orders have been completed.
There's just too much going on right now, I'll re-open shop once my life calms down a bit.

I am now the owner of another shop so after my current orders i'll only be taking on 1 slot at a time until 1. Exams are over and 2. I get the hang of running an actual bump shop!
Thanks in advance for your understanding <3

I've just started working at a bump shop so I'll most likely be accepting only 1-2 orders at a time.

School has started...yay D:
Because of homework, and all that fun stuff, I wont be able to be on as much as I would like to.
Thank you in advance for understanding heart

I will be away August 20th for ten days, so I won't be bumping any threads.
Thanks <3

Back from a long leave from Gaia ^.^

Exams are coming up soon so bumps will be slow. Sorry guys :s

First day of school is tomorow so of course ill be much busier.
I will only be having probably one slot at a time, unless your order is quite small.
So Please be patient as orders will be pretty slow.

Follow Gaia TOS.
Don't be rude.
After your order is accepted, send a trade labelled with your username, I will accept once and you will accept twice,
When your order is completed I will finish the trade.
I will not start bumping your thread until a trade is sent.
If you want to cancel or modify an order just quote or pm me and I will try to meet your needs as best I can.
I can add or delete rules as is needed

[b][size=18]BUMPS PLEASE![/size][/b]
[b]Number of bumps:[/b]
[b]Thread:[/b] (Plz make it a click able pic or url)
[b]Deadline:[/b] (Im only one bumper so please be reasonable)
[b]Tip? :[/b] (Not needed but loved)
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything else you wanted to add, requests)
[b]Can I put you on the waiting list?:[/b]

Erase the ( ) and the stuff in between and fill out the form!

Im open to suggestions of not just bumping __ amount of times and stuff!
Someone pm'd me asking if I could just bump over a certain periode of time and not a specific amount of bumps!
Make suggestions!
You can pm me any time smile
Bump Buttons

Looking for some new ones!
Will pay, just pm me :3

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[align=center][url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/services/magic-bumping-2g-per-bump-open-full-waiting-list-open/t.68892111_1/][img]http://i1187.photobucket.com/albums/z385/lemonemo/Gaia Stuff/MagicBump.jpg[/img][/url]
[color=darkcyan][size=10] //00 [/align][/size][/color]


Slot 1
Username: Reminicsing
Number of bumps: 505//1,000
Thread: Click
Deadline: N/A
Tip? : N/A
Total: 2,000
Other: Do not bump when others are bumping. Chat & <3 the thread please.
Can I put you on the waiting list?: Yes please.

Waiting List

Slot 1

On Hold.
Username: Tyni_Pengwyn
How many bumps: 147//as many as possible~
Thread: [x]
Deadline: No deadline~
Tip? : Yes, of course ^^
Total: Depends~
Others: I'll send a trade for 5k for every 250 bumps,
and after you finish one round, I'll send you another ^^
Only bump when the tank is glowing please~

Slot 2
On Hold.
Username: punieey
Number of bumps: 660//1000
Thread: boop
Deadline: doesn't matter to me. just get it done. emotion_awesome
Tip? : 5k?
Total: 7k
Other: pew pew pew o3o
Can I put you on the waiting list?: sureeeeeeee.
Past Orders

Orders: 20
Bumps: 6,863


Username: Sigma Blu
Bumps: 500//500
Deadline: Feb. 5
Thread: Mini quest

Username: squidly didly
Bumps: 220//500
Deadline: 3-4 weeks.
Thread: click
Other: Dont start till the 21st
{Shop closed}

Username: Lord_Roarke
How many bumps: 500//500
Thread: Gambler's Haven
Deadline: 3-4 weeks
Tip? : 1000
Total: 3000 g
Other: [Started Feb. 9]

Username: Sigma blu
How many bumps: 500 + 100 for ordering twice :3
Thread: http://tiny.cc/mDCwD
Deadline: whenever you finish
Tip? : ******** 10k
Total: 12k

Username: david2074
Bumps: 530//1000
Deadline: None
{Changed and Moved Thread}

Username: Pax Britannica
How many bumps: 500//500 for this thread.
Thread: new here
Deadline: WEEK
Tip? : Yes
Total: 2k
Others: [Started Oct. 26]

Username: w o n d e r l a n d beat
How many bumps: 90//2,500
Thread: Criminal Minds - onexone - Adv. Lit. Search
Deadline: No really deadline, just need to have someone post bumps regularly. I would like to try and keep it on the first page, or relatively close.
Tip? : 5,000
Total: 10,000
Others: Please notify me when someone other then a bumper or myself have posted. I need to know because this is a search thread. Also would like the first bump coding to be the bump used in my forum.
{Didn't need bumps anymore}

Username: Yanii Marie
How many bumps: 300//300
Thread: My Shoppe
Deadline: I don't particularly have a deadline. I just like my shop to stay within the top 10 threads on the Services forum whenever it can.
Tip? : 2k
Total: 5k
Others: If you would <3 my thread, that'd be great.

Username: Nestle Shadows
How many bumps: 168//200
Thread: Here
Deadline: At the end of this week would be nice
Tip? : Maybe depending on when they're done
Total: 400
Others: --
{Didn't need bumps anymore}

Username: L y k e 0 m g
How many bumps: 100 bumps for now, might come back for more if the job is well done.
Thread: Link
Deadline: Take your time :]
Tip? : 300g
Total: 500g
Others: Like I said, take your time. No deadline. Pretty much I just want my thread to stay on the first page of course, and if possible, no less than half of the first page.

Username: marcosiu
How many bumps: 30//300, once every 3-5 minutes
Thread: Click
Deadline: 5 days
Tip? : 2400g
Total: 600g + 2400g
Others: 3000g
{Thread finished}

Username: Obscure Sanity
How many bumps: 250//250
Thread: here
Deadline: n/a
Tip? : 500g + 500g tip
Total: 1k
Others: put me on the waiting list, thx.

Username: Obscure Sanity
How many bumps: 250//250
Thread: here
Deadline: n/a
Tip? : 500g + 2k tip
Total: 2,5k
Others: renewing my order : )

Username: Regine Masilang
How many bumps: 500//500
Thread: x
Deadline: none
Tip? : 500g sorry, I'm poor ; A ;
Total: 1500g
Others: talk to people if there are, and please use this bump code:
000 / 500
chat here.. if none, delete the the text between the color codes =)))

Username: Obscure Sanity
How many bumps: 250//250
Thread: here
Deadline: n/a
Tip? : 500g + 2k tip
Total: 2,5k
Others: renewing my order again : )

Username: tetsiculs
How many bumps: 100//100
Thread: (Plz make it a click able pic or url) [x]
Deadline: (Im only one bumper so please be reasonable) doesnt matter
Tip? : (Not needed but loved) 2k
Total: 3k

Username: Obscure Sanity
How many bumps: 250//250 + 100//100 complimentary bumps
Thread: here
Deadline: n/a
Tip? : 500g + 2k tip
Total: 2,5k
Others: renewing my order again : )

Username: Happy Nutella
How many bumps: 500//500
Thread: {x}
Deadline: No deadline, but as soon as possible.
Total: 1,000g
Others: Best of luck with your dream avatar! ♥

Username: Haligan
Number of bumps: 500//500
Thread: clicky!
Deadline: I'd love if you started as soon as possible but there's no rush to finish.
Tip? : 200 G
Total: 1200 G
Other: Thank you! 4laugh
Can I put you on the waiting list? : I'd prefer not...

Username: Obscure Sanity
How many bumps: 225//500
Thread: here
Deadline: n/a
Tip? : 1k + 4k tip
Total: 5k
Others: renewing my order again : )
{Didn't need bumps anymore}

Username: duskheaven
Number of bumps: 1000//1000
but if u have to do more/less ill be fine with that
Thread: Click
Deadline: 2weeks/but if your busy i can extend it
Tip? : 1000g
Total: 300g
Other: (after your done can u pm me so i can get more
Can I put you on the waiting list? : yes
{Trade not completed}
David2074's avatar

Playful Kitten

17,050 Points
  • Conversationalist 100
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Conventioneer 300
Username: david2074
How many bumps: 1,000
Deadline: (Im only one bumper so please be reasonable)
Whenever, I'm not in a hurry. I'd rather have them spread out than a ton of bumps over two or three days
Tip? : (Not needed but loved)
LOL! Yeah, probably but I tend to tip afterwards based on service received. smile
Total: 2,000 plus tip.
(Or if I'm doing this wrong and what you are really asking for instead of a tip is a bribe to take the order sooner - tell me.) smile

Suggestion -
Make part of your order form be what the user wants bumped. smile
In my case it is my booty grab thread here:

User Image

Also - please quote this post or PM me so I'll know when you got to it.
Sigma Blu's avatar

O.G. Hoarder

How many bumps:500
Deadline: 5 of feb
Tip? :1k
Total:3k i believe lol
Mini quest

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