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            » Welcome

    My slots are:

      Open | [ Closed ] | Full

    What is this?
      This is a profile code shop. Basically, I write your CSS for you.

    Why do it?
      I love to code, so it's for entertainment as much as profit.

    News: Unlikely to re-open this, but PM me if you have something cool and I may be able to help.

                    Contents :: Welcome / Rules / Samples / Pricing / Orders / Slots / Freebies / Tips & Guidelines

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            » The Rules

    1. Make sure you have rights to your images:
      Don't bring me art from someone's DA page or something without their express permission. I'd like to know where you got the images before I use them, please. Note that this means that in all likelihood I cannot make you a profile themed on some sort of TV show or Anime. Gaia images are fair game, though. Reference this sticky for more information.

    2. Please be specific:
      I like to think that I have some skills in design, but I'm not a mind reader. This is where you come in. Please provide a (somewhat) detailed explanation of what exactly you want done and what effects (if any) you want, the more descriptive the better. Sketches of what you'd like are really useful. Pre-made layouts that just need code are good too.

    3. Don't ask for art:
      I cannot make you custom graphics. If it goes much beyond text and basic line functions, I can't do it from scratch, or it will look really bad. I can do very limited edits (typically to make existing graphics work better with a profile), but cannot significantly alter or add to the image. If you're unsure if what you want counts as art, feel free to ask.

    4. Credits:
      I'm pretty open about my code, but I'll probably put some credits in the source and I ask you to not remove them. I am normally ok with referencing and modifying my work, but copying it outright or reselling it is pretty lame, so please don't do it. I will not add my name anywhere on the actual profile or add it to the images.

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            » Samples

    These are some profiles I've done in the past.
    CSS is very flexible, so I can do a lot of other stuff too!

      User Image

      User Image

      User Image

      User Image

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            » Pricing

    My pricing is pretty flexible.
      Once we've sorted out what it is you want done, we can agree on a price.
      Most profiles start at about lol inflation, and go up depending on what is required.
      (At the moment gold isn't a huge concern, so don't worry about it going very high)

    More complicated code is more expensive.
      Complexity generally comes from certain effects, and sections with lots of stuff going on like comments.
      General V2 layouts similar to those produced by generators are the cheapest.
      Layouts with large amounts of detailed effects or internal section modifiers are more expensive.

    All profiles will be checked for compatibility in the current versions of Chrome, FF, and IE.
      IE10/11 is current, but I typically try to make it not look horrible on 8.
      Note that some effects, like transitions and rounded borders don't like IE, especially 8/9 much.
      If you discover a bug in any of my code, I'll fix it for free.

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            » Order Form

    This is the basic order form.
    We'll probably end up discussing specifics, but this helps give me a rough idea of what you want.
    Please do not ask for one just like one of the samples; I'll probably deny it.

    New: You may want to check this post for info on how to best format a pre-made layout.

    [quote="Horntastic"][size=24][color=darkred][b]CSS me![/b][/color][/size][/quote]

    [b]Profile version:[/b]

    Current / Classic / Either
    (If you're not sure, I'll pick whichever I think will work best. Choose current if you want to be able to add avis/images using the drag-and-drop editor, or if you want current-only panels like recent visitors, badges, or multiple medias.)


    Is there some sort of overall look you're going for?
    This should be more specific if you don't have a pre-made layout that just needs code.


    Which boxes do you want?
    If you have a pre-made layout, please specify which box goes where here or in a separate image.

    [b]Reference images:[/b]

    Put links to any pre-made layout images, images you want included, or sketches/drafts of what you want the profile to look like here.

    [b]Effects/Other stuff:[/b]

    Any effects, like things that happen on hover/click, that you may want. If you're not sure what is possible, just ask!
    I can do transitions (ex: fade in/out, grow/shrink, etc) and animations (movement, etc) - these may have limited compatibility on some browsers, especially IE.
    You can also put anything you want me to know that may not have fit above, like media player preference. (Youtube, Hypster, Billy, Grooveshark... I can do most Flash-based players)

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            » Slots

    Limited slots are open - I'll accept a couple orders at a time.
    I may be more or less picky about orders, depending on stuff like how much design work I'd have to do.

    Slots are closed until further notice.

    Current orders in progress:

    Current orders in waiting:

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            » Freebies

    There's some stuff I'll do for free. This includes but is not necessarily limited to:
      Very simple codes, such as scroll bars, panel color changes, etc.
      Profile debugging. Is it broken? I'll try to fix it.
      Profile rates and advice. Keep in mind that it's all opinion.

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            » Tips & Guidelines

This post will contain info that you might find useful when thinking about or making/buying your profile design.

Tips for pre-made layouts:
This is a work in progress, but hopefully it will help some people when making/requesting pre-made layouts for me to code.

There are two main parts to a layout.

1. The main background
The main background stretches across the entire screen on the profile.
I try to set this up so that it looks ok on various sizes of monitors - from small laptops to huge desktops.
These are some common types of main backgrounds:
    i) Solid color - exactly what it says, just a plain, solid color behind the content
    ii) Repeating pattern - a (relatively) small, tiled image that can be repeated seamlessly across the screen, regardless of screen size
    ii-a) One-direction repeating background - a background that only repeats in one direction, such as a gradient or other linear design. The remainder of the background is often filled with a solid color, but can also be filled with any other type of background.
    iii) Single-image stretch background - a single, non-repeating background that is stretched to fit the screen. This should be of sufficient size to not pixellate badly on large screens, but small in file-size to not greatly lag your visitors.
    iv) Single-image no-stretch background - a single, non-repeating, non-stretched background that is positioned somewhere. The uncovered area of the screen is then often filled with a solid color or repeating pattern.

2. The content background/containers
This is the portion most people think about when they think of custom layouts.
It contains artwork, special panel containers, stylized text, etc.
Because it is of a fixed size, it can't be used as the main background in most cases - rather it sits on top of the main background, and then the boxes sit on top of it. If you separate it from your main background, the profile will become a lot more flexible on different sized screens!

I can sometimes separate the two types of background myself from the image you provide, but sometimes its harder.
If you are making or commissioning the profile, try to see if it can be saved in two separate parts - the main bg and the content bg.
PNGs may be your friend here if this portion of the layout has shadows or other semi-transparent aspects that will go on top of but not completely hide the main background beneath it. Good graphics programs should be able to save semi-transparent PNGs.

Other misc. things:
- If you want clickable buttons, the buttons don't have to be separate from the layout but they can.
If you want the buttons to glow, it typically works better to keep the buttons separate and then give me the glow/non-glow versions.
If the buttons are separate I can usually add a simple glow effect myself.
- Careful when uploading to Photobucket, as it tends to re-size hotlinked images whether you like it or not.
Other image sites may also re-size, reduce quality, or change the file-type of your image, so pay attention to the end result.
- If your images add up to more than a couple MB in file-size, it's going to take some people a long time to load your profile.
This isn't a mandatory limit, just something to keep in mind.

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