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✖ Introduction

Hiring | Not Hiring | Full | Hiatus | Closed | Opened
✖ T.O.C

oo1. Introduction
oo2. T.O.C
oo3. Rules
oo4. Announcements
oo5. Ordering
oo6. Slots
oo7. Waiting List
oo8. Employes
oo9. Bumps
o10. Reserved
o11. Reserved
o12. Reserved
o13. Reserved
o14. Reserved
o15. Store Opens
✖ Rules

oo1. Follow Gaia's ToS
oo2. Don't order more than 1OO at a time. I'm one person. Gosh
oo3. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything..
oo4. Don't advertise in your post. If its in your siggy then it's fine
oo5. POST your request. Don't PM me it
oo6. If you have problems, POST it. But quote me or I won't notice
oo7. Be polite ti other customers
oo8. If you want to work with me, PM me with the PM titled 'You are stalked'
oo9. I'll add rules so check in often!
✖ Announcements

11/13 | Store is under construction
11/18 | Becomes a free shop
✖ Ordering
It's free. Just post your threadlink in your post and ill bump when I feel like it.

✖ Slots

Slot One
- Zilithion -
Thread Link | Shop
Bumper | StAlKeRcUpCaKeCaKe

Slot Two
Thread Link | Link
Bumper | Evladimira

Slot Three
Legit Story Bro
Thread Link | Link
Bumper | StAlKeRcUpcAkE
Extra | Bumps every 5-7 minutes

Slot Four
Thread Link

Slot Five
Thread Link
✖ Waiting List

Username | Order Page

Username | Order Page

Username | Order Page

Username | Order Page

Username | Order Page
✖ Employes

Hullo. So just PM me that you wan to work here with the max bumps you can do weekly. Easy as that.

✖ Pay

This is a free shop so you won't get anything from the customer but sometimes, I might tip you from time to time
1O Bumps = 500g
3O Bumps= 2k
4OBumps= 4k
5OBumps= 6k
1OOBumps= 20k

✖ Current Employes
1. StAlKeRcUpCaKe
2. Evladimira

✖ Bumps

The default bump looks like:

♆Bump #25 ♆

But when you order, you can change it into a different code/ pic. Just post it with your order
✖ Shop Opens! You can order now. ^-^

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