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Jobs of Interest:
I make Pokemon Signature,Pokefusions,Pokemon Banner,s Pokemon Trainer cards and some tekteks

expected payments:

with a minimum of 2k and that would be anough too

Username: Nekoyuusha
Job of Interest: Bumper, slave/pet (RP or not ;3)
Experience: Experience in bumping.
Expected Payment: At least 1.5g per bump, slave/pet price will be discussed... might even get it free if you try hard enough ;3
Other: I'm very, very active. I'm online almost all the time.


Job of Interest:

I make sigs, avi art, Rpc, tekteks, I try at animations ,Claymation ,towns movie making, Pm and post Formats, Shops, Banners and signs

Expected Payment:

Avi art

Movies on youtube
Claymation of various things

Just Pm me what you want!! I log on Nearly every day. Pm Me if you want samples!

Username: AmeKisaki
JobS of Interest:
b) tekteking-like, give me a list of the items you have and I'll see what you can do without having to buy anything else

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

c) I'll advertise your shop or cause in my signature
Experience: Experience? xp
Expected Payment: I don't need much payment for bumping, tekteking would also be free (tips are nice, though), and for advertising-I dont post more than like, 5 a day, so 500 a week is great.
Other: I'm cheap and bored- PICK ME!

Team name: FaiRy TroUBle!
Link: not yet!
Looking for: Banner makers, artists, Bumpers.
Criteria: need to have over 2k and needs to do more than 40 bumps a day
Pay: Bm:200g
A: 100g
B: 2g per bump
Other: pm me fo appplication with this method:

1) subject has to say "JOB"
2) type this in this format; Username:
3: i will pm you back with a accepted or fail
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Added all up to this point, except...

Becca-ish, you used rainbow [against rules since it takes up a LOT of space], and you also need to send the gold.
Wickedwarren, you need to fill out the right form.
Katlyn-Bunny, you need to send a trade.
Chris Ender, you need to fill out the right form.
Leosean, you need to completely fill out the form. You can copy and paste the form on the first page.
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-Name- AlliBalli52

-Experience- Tekteking-Making dream Avitars-, Advertisment and writing! -Check out my Journal!-

-Expecting to get paid- What ever is fine with the boss!

-Other- I hope you have a great day!

Username: Zalsecutter

Job of Interest: RPer, RP character creation sheets (bio and everything), writer, trash collecting, bug catching, fishing person, I'll bump, and help with ideas for RP's and other writings.

Experience: I've been a writer and an RPer for two years. If you want to see my work PM me and we can work out something for you to see.

RP concept and creation

Writing detail:
A man dressed in an orange robe walks around in the slum area of Gia. With him is a female feline beastfolk, who is dressed in a pink brides gown. The man is carrying around a small metal disk that is attached to his robe, and carries a long sword. The disk has four slots to show certain events. There are at least thirty-two different characters on the disk that spins. The beastfolk fur is a little bit purple by her head, she carries around a red rose by her left ear, and she appears to carry no weapon. They entered the same building as Keith did. "Yoken, you have arrived and I see you brought Orexis," Nis said gleefully.

"Nis please refrain from using our title names openly," the man in orange spoke, "you should use our actual names. Now I see an apology for me and my lovely friend." "Pur-r-r, it is alright Chell, I don't mind at all. I prefer to be called Orexis then my actual name," the feline finished by moving her left paw under Chell's chin. "No, Makia...Chell's right. I used your title name openly in a civilian place." Nis apologized to her comrades. "Are there any orders from Cenik?" Nis acted professional in front of her fellow officers.

"Yeah Chell, what does my father want?" Keith said as he came down the stairs fully dressed in his armor. "Well I don't have the full details, but he wasn’t us to work together for this one," Chell finished speaking, he then cleared his throat. Nis was confused with this command, "All four of us? Kruz could be taken down with one Terror. Why four?"

"That is because Gonna and orb want Kruz as fast as possible. They don't want Myo and Vumi to interfere." A man dressed in green armor said as he walked in. On the sides of he arm bracers are eight, four on each side, green blades. "They want this to be quick and quite." Chell was surprised with the new guest, "Su Gam! What are you doing here?" "So," Su spoke, "Yoken failed to foresee something like this. I wonder it is time to replace him. Orb wants us five to take down Kruz. The only missing person is Gore, but he was assigned something else." Su Gam finished speaking.

"What about Taros? Where is she shouldn't she be here," Keith spoke almost out of place. "Well from what Cenik told me, Taros is in Myo gathering information. I don't know if I should believe that or not. Taros have been missing a lot recently," Su Gam's voice was filled with suspicion. Nis spoke to ease the tension in the room, "So what is the plan on how we're going to take down Kruz?"

"Well, Makia and I have been trying to persuade the crime bosses in each port town. Out of the six we been to, four have agreed to follow Zot and not show resistance. We were about to meet with the crime boss here to finalize the deal," Chell said. "Great," Su Gam, "in the mean time, Nis, Keith and I will observe some of the arena battles from Zot's box. Keith, that means you have to take off your armor again, sorry."

"No it is okay Su. I was starting to get hot in this metal can just now," Keith finished speaking. Chell and Makia walked out of the building and towards the main area.

Character sheets:
Name: Kael Van’ Brez

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Job: Black Mage

Physical Description: Kael stands about five feet tall and weighs about one-hundred pounds. His hair color is brown and long. The length of his hair comes down to the top of Kael’s upper-back. Kael’s eye color is an icy blue. When Kael smiles it is very warm and friendly. Kael is a bit skinny and sometimes it looks like he is malnourished. Kael’s attire is a simple cloak with some cloth clothing underneath. This shirt is a dull red with a black magical glyph. His legging is a black color. His cloak color is a green-blue, kind of like an ocean very clear and vibrant. On the hood, cuffs and at the bottom of the cloak are red lines that form zig zag patterns. He also has a bag that is filled with medical supplies and cooking materials.

Weapons: A six-foot wooden staff. At the mid-section of the staff there are two branches that twist up to hold a crystal. The crystal doesn’t have any magical purpose, but it is something to focus on during spell casting. The light axe he carries is a hatchet. Very small and light, Kael uses this to cut some fresh herbs in his recipes.

Magic: Kael only knows five spells. One novice level, two mid-levels, and two advanced levels.

Flame Wall
Novice level magic
Creates a wall of fire to hinder or to restrict movement of opponents.

Zephyr’s Thrust
Mid level magic
This spell creates a bubble of harsh winds around an opponent. The winds are able to cut flesh if they try to walk out of the bubble. The bubble can change size by the caster’s choosing.

Terra’s Grave
Mid level magic
This spell summons spires of earth from the ground. Depending on how the spell is applied. The caster can summon a wall of spires to stop enemy movement or focus the spires on a specific target for an attacking spell.

Torrential Spread
Advanced Magic
This spell calls forth water geysers to spout from the land. For a small effect, one geyser, a pinch of powered Aquamarine must be used during the incantation. For a large scale effect, four geysers, a hand full of powered Sapphire must be used during the incantation.

Vengeful Storm
Advanced Magic
This spell calls forth a storm of lightning. For a small effect, an isolated storm in a small area, a pinch of powered Sulfur must be used during the incantation. For a large scale effect, a storm affecting a large area, a hand full of powered Amethyst must be used during the incantation. A small area is a five foot diameter circle surrounding the caster. A large area is a fifteen foot diameter surrounding the caster.

Basic medical knowledge: Kael’s father was an ex-field medic. He taught Kael how to address wounds and administer antidotes.

Cooking Knowledge: Ever since Kael’s mother died, he had to learn how to cook. At first his recipes were off and tasted sour. But as time went by his cooking is very refined.

Staff Knowledge: Kael knows the staff movement and placements for spell casting.

Spell knowledge: Kael is excellent in the art of spell casting. This started out just like his cooking, at first spells back fired on him. But over time it is more of an art form.

Origin: Kaithul

Personality: Kael can be obnoxious at times. He would make sarcastic remarks about the situation or about a person very openly. Kael is timid around people when meeting them for the first time. Usually he would speak very little and try to avoid conversations altogether. Sooner or later he will open up to people. One of his greatest fears is not only death, but not being accepted in a party. Kael figures that no one wants to watch over a mage for the entire length of a battle and feels insignificant around soldiers, archers, and knights.

Background: Kael was born into a small family in the Kaithul region. His father, Zhov, was an ex-field medic for the army. He couldn’t serve due to badly broken leg. His mother, Eupe, was a professor at the academy. At a young age he was home schooled by his mother and was taught how to address wounds by his father. All would seem happy for him, but later he would meet death at a young age.

At the age of nine, Kael’s mother died from a disease. Zhov plunged into depression for a while for not noticing the symptoms of the illness. Kael was almost alone for the time being. He eventually taught himself how to cook. The first recipe he ever made was curry. That was disaster waiting to happen. Instead of the dish being spicy, it was sweet to sweet, and most of the rice and meat was under cooked. His father still ate the dish even though it tasted digesting, just to show Kael that he was fine and not upset with the meal. Kael continued to cook until the recipe was correct.

At the age of fifteen, Kael entered into the academy of magic in Kaithul. This was the first time away from his home. So naturally Kael was timid around the students. The classes for him were tough and hard. The first class he had to take was an element focusing course. This is an introductory course for all students. Kael had no problems manipulating most of the elements; the problematic element for him was fire. No matter how hard he tried Kael couldn’t bend it to his will. He started to make an observation about it.

At the age of twenty, Kael was a last year ranked student in the academy. By this time most students have mid-leveled magic, but Kael still had a novice, fire. To graduate from the academy, each student had to present a thesis on magical properties and uses. Kael took a controversial approach to this assignment. His thesis was that magic isn’t granted by the heavens, but magic is performed when the caster’s body vibrates in order to connect with the energy around him or her. In order to prove his thesis, Kael setup an apparatus to show that the body vibrates. He used two tuning forks and two elemental samples that are already visible, earth and water. He placed on tuning fork by him and another by a sample. Before casting Kael struck both forks, and both of them gave off a low hum. When Kael started to cast a spell the tuning fork rang in the note A, and the sample earth rang in A as well. He then repeated the example with the water. Kael focused on water the tuning fork rang E, and the fork by the water rang E as well.

The professors there thought this was an outrage. Casters bodied vibrating to interact with elements. It was a joke to them, almost a mockery to the years of studied magic. They expelled Kael from the academy. Kael went home to see his father in the worst shape ever. Zhov was suffering from the same illness as Eupe. Shortly after a few years, Zhov died. Kael left his home looking for work, but all he could do was cast magic and cook. Not great for resumes. So Kael started to wander around the country side looking for a job and a place to stay. His other mission is to get his theory published. His last known location today is Talpino Auberge, an inn in the town of Talpino.

Expected Payment: We can talk.

Other: I'm always on an IM and PM if interested
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I would like to make a change to my I WANT A JOB form for the price can you change it to "we can discuss it 3nodding "
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Lavish Ladykiller

Name: Peppermental
Jobs: Tek-teking, trash collecting, bug collecting, bumping, advertisement, and banners or icons.
Experience: I have done a few banners although they are usually for fun! whee
Payment: Tek-teking~Free but tips appriciated!
Trash~Atleast 1g per piece.
Bugs~Atleast 3g per piece.
Bumping,Advertisements,Banners,Icons ~ question negotiable...
Comments: For Tek-teking you can either give me a list of your items or a price range and I can make you an awesome avie! Also I am currently questing for my dream avie so please PICK ME!
Under 6,000User Image Under 10,000 User Image Under 20,000User Image
Banners~ User Image User Image Icons~ User Image User Image Bumps~ User Image User Image
I Would Like A Job

Username: x_valuable
Job of Interest: rp creation sheet, writer, banners and signs, tekteking
Experience: i've been making banners for two years and rping since I was nine
Expected Payment:
graphics - we'll talk
tekteking - 100g per tektek
rp creation sheet - 600g per sheet
Other: i don't have an advanced program like psp and edc to make graphics, but they are good anyways. [=


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HIRING a pet

my username: demon12214
hiring: a pet of any kind
expected experience: none just looks like an animal
payment: toys!

comments: i would like my pet to be a cat or a fox,
and be online alot

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